South Korean Drama “The Red Sleeve” Breaks Record on Streaming Platform

Historical drama The Red Sleeve starring Lee Se Young and South Korean boy group 2PM’s Lee Junho ended on a high note as it topped the records on South Korean streaming platform Wavve.

Based on a novel of the same name, the drama tells a love story between a court lady (Lee Se Young) who strives to live without restraint, and King Jeongjo (Lee Junho) who prioritizes his country over his love.

The Red Sleeve was a huge hit with the audience and was the most streamed drama on Wavve for six consecutive weeks. In addition, the drama’s finale set a new record for being streamed by 325,000 simultaneous viewers and surpassed the 316,000 simultaneous viewers record previously held by 2021’s melodrama Penthouse 2.

Most impressively, the popularity of The Red Sleeve garnered renewed interest in dramas relating to the historical life of South Korea King Jeongjo and pushed 2007’s drama Lee San, Wind of the Palace back to the charts.

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  1. Really enjoyed this drama despite its flaws. I started looking forward to it after being attracted to one of its posters and that the leading actress Lee Se Young is likeable and ended being impressed by Junho’s acting. Some netizens didn’t watch it due to the looks of the leading cast but I thought they are charismatic and most of the cast acting, main and supporting is good.
    The last episode is bittersweet though others may not agree and I totally understand the king’s insecurity towards her feelings for him even though her actions have already spoken a thousand words and why she held back verbally expressing her love for him. It was an ending that lingers for days after watching it.
    Been a long time since I hope for certain pair up in dramaland but I do wish badly to see them together in another production again, this time with a good ending, haha.

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