“King the Land” Drops Sizzling Kiss Scene

Despite its cliched plot, King the Land hit the jackpot with the casting of Lee Junho and Yoona, whose chemistry sizzle.   After furtive looks and escalating tension, the romcom reached a small climax in its eight episode, which reached 12.3 percent in ratings after airing on July 9.

In the episode, Prince Samir continues to flirt with Cheon Sa Rang (Yoona), which makes Goo Won (Lee Junho) extremely jealous. Back at the hotel, Goo Won pampers Sa Rang as he gives her slippers, a suite, and free room service under the guise of employee benefits. She declines his generosity, but he  stops her.

With the encouragement of others, Goo Won decides to confess his love to Sa Rang. He invites her over to dinner and tries to cook her a meal, but. as a rich second generation he has never cooked a day in his life. He accidentally sets the kitchen on fire and triggers the automatic sprinkler system. When Sa Rang drops her glass in shock, Goo Won holds onto her and the air is thick with tension. He takes the chance to confess his love and gently asks for permission to kiss her. After looking deeply into each other’s eyes, he slowly wraps his hands around her neck and they kiss passionately for almost two minutes.

The episode was well received as netizens excitedly expressed, “ I can’t believe I saw two second generation k-pop band members kiss;” “These two were rumored before–the kiss was way too real;” “This is the over-the-top romantic dramas I love watching;” “Of course, the drama will follow the kiss at the eighth episode plan” and “Lee Junho’s hands are so sexy.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Have never watched JunHo before, but I’m loving him in this drama lol. He’s soooo adorable, and they have great chemistry together. And the kiss is indeed very hot. All in all, it’s a light hearted, very enjoyable drama to watch. JunHo is cute, Yoona’s character is great, I love her grandma and her friends, the casts do feel like long time friends, the music is superb. My only complaint: I have to wait every week for just 2 eps!

    1. I enjoy JunHo’s other dramas…to me, Junho is one of SKorea better actor of his age group. He picks quite good dramas. I was so excited to see him lead in this drama…

    2. lmao same. I watch Taecyeon, his bandmate, but I haven’t gotten into any kdrama in recent years. Oh, I’m so happy someone talked about the music. I forgot which ep, but they played Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang!! <3

      1. I have a extremely soft spot for Taecyeon….but his acting skills just just a note level then Junho… But I enjoying watching Taecyeon on reality shows…he is such a darling.

    3. This show does cheesy romcom tropes so well. I’ve been enjoying it also! Junho is an excellent actor that I forget about his idol roots. There’s been many idol turned actors, and definitely some have an innate talent for acting such as Park Hyungsik, Im Siwan, and Junho. Then there’s some others that still need a lot of honing…

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