Linda Chung Delivers Heartbreaking Performance in “Kids’ Lives Matter”


With TVB’s Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> airing its finale on November 22, the plot is seeing dramatic twists as the main characters confront the biggest challenges in their personal and professional lives. In particular, Linda Chung‘s (鍾嘉欣) heartbreaking performance is drumming up talk of a Best Actress nomination.

Although it is the first time Linda has worked with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), their onscreen dynamics are on fire.

At first, Jonathan (Kevin Cheng) does not understand why Eman (Linda Chung) wants to have artificial insemination surgery and become a single mother. Spontaneous and well-loved by his pediatric patients, Jonathan also has as serious side and admires the hard-working  Eman, who is a very optimistic doctor. As Jonathan’s feelings for Eman grow, he tries to increasingly take care of her.

Linda Delivers Best Actress Performance

When Eman experiences sudden abdominal pain, Jonathan performs an emergency operation hoping to save both mother and baby. However, the baby boy’s heartbeat stops. In deep grief, Jonathan regrettably tells Eman that the baby is a stillborn, but she cries out in shock and despair as she grapples with the loss of her son and blames herself for it.

The operation and stillborn scenes were very detailed and realistic. Linda and Kevin delivered outstanding performances in the pivotal scenes, which showed their characters’ deep anguish. Despite being capable doctors, they were unable to save the life of the baby closest to them.

Receiving great feedback for her layered performance, Linda thanked viewers’ for their support although being absent from dramas for nearly six years. “I’m very moved. I’m confident in my acting skills, since I’ve acted for over 10 ten years and starred in more than 40 dramas. There were many opportunities to learn and improve.” She is grateful for the role of Eman, a character whom she admires.

Regina Ho to Get Most Improved Actress?

Besides Linda’s story arc, viewers are also invested in Regina Ho’s (何依婷) character who becomes paralyzed. In a memorable scene, she breaks down in front of Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) character and questions whether or not she can still be a doctor despite her disability, to which Kenneth responds that she should ask herself whether or not she still wants to continue being a doctor.     

The heartfelt stories in Kids’ Lives Matter continue to touch viewers, and resonate on a more personal level than other TVB medical dramas in recent years. With the upcoming Anniversary Awards, Kids’ Lives Matter should easily dominate in many awards categories.

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  1. Despite many bad reviews, I quite like this drama. I think Linda’s scene where she was upset with Kenneth on the suture issue was well done. Kevin is ok and the part he broke down after Linda’s stillborn was touching. Him is great too with different facade in his characters. Kenneth and Catherine is really average here. I honestly like Catherine in the HKTV and viu series, but I think there was no development in her role.

    1. Yeah, me too….thought this drama is decent and getting better. Thought Linda Chung and Kevin were really good in their roles….more so Linda after having a long break. Am enjoying this drama and really deserves better comments and more attention!!

      1. Same, I’ve been chasing it every night now! The drama has some really impactful patient, family moments that really tugged my heart strings.

  2. Linda Chung crying is just another Thursday for her LOL. Been crying her entire career that I can’t find any drama where she isn’t seen crying haha. But she’s the best actor for these scenes, I can’t say there’s any other actor that can cry as genuine as she does, or even come close to her level, and that’s insanely great. Looking solid to bag the Best Actress for sure.

    As for Regina, can’t say much. Her scenes were less compared to Bowie in the series, but her acting is definitely a tier above Bowie’s.

  3. The series is not bad Kevin Linda and Kenneth bickering scenes was fun to watch and is it just me or Kevin doesn’t age well he looks a bit haggard

    1. Linda Chung singing the opening theme song????sounds like her…..impressive return from her long break

    2. Kevin is like almost 60 and repeatedly playing younger roles and like you say if it wasnt for the make up and cosmetic surgery / botox probably look his age.

  4. She did so well in this scene! I really like this drama, despite the rating not amazing, I would love this one to be best drama

  5. Oh! I think Gabriel as Dr Chow is good too. He honestly made me loathed Dr Chow so much – kinda remind of Dolores Umbridge :/

  6. I enjoyed this drama, it actually gets better with each episode and had a decent finale.

    i’m sure there will be a part 2 sometime into the future,

    getting the same cast might be difficult though with Linda in Canada.

    1. Kids Lives Matter is in the running for Best Drama this year IMO… other being
      Battle Of The Seven Sisters & Sinister Beings…

  7. This is one of the most boring dramas even though having supposedly a big cast . I watched a few episodes and lost interest. Whilst I like Linda Chung but she has had her day , she better off going back to Canada and staying there and just live nice life and being a mom. She never could act and still cant , sorry its true. She was popular back in the day as she looked pretty and different to the norm and spoke with a funny accent but its getting old now. She has always over acted scenes so I really do not know where this so called praise is coming from .

    1. TVB has been more than boring for a long time now. It’s like the same old series like Line Walker/Forensic Files remakes and they are not even good but keeps on making more and more because they just have nothing else they can think of. It’s very depressing. Totally agree on Linda Chung. She has always been a so so and sometimes very annoying actress esp crying scenes and and an even worse singer but then she actually has a singer contract and had albums right? HK sure isn’t picky that’s all I can say. lol haha

      1. This. It’s not HK that’s not picky, it’s TVB, pretty much all their actors can get a singer contract. Linda’s best roles were never her main roles. I won’t be surprised if tvb pulls a Natalie and let Sam win but since Linda is back for Christmas, she’s definitely going to the awards show and getting the prize.

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