Regina Ho Pegged to Win Most Improved Actress?

Ever since Regina Ho (何依婷) won first runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 2017, her career has been on the fast track. Starring in prominent roles, the 27-year-old is the hottest contender to win Most Improved Actress at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

Given countless opportunities, from hosting Sidewalk Scientist <學是學非> to her head-turning role as a paralyzed doctor in Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫>, Regina’s acting has noticeably improved.

Feeling grateful for the compliments, Regina said, “I received a lot of sympathy messages lately in regards to my character’s situation [in Kids’ Lives Matter]. Thank you for everyone’s approval, but I don’t think my character’s condition will heal.” As to whether she has delivered an award-winning performance, Regina is not too concerned, as she “needs to improve whether or not awards are involved.”

Countless Opportunities

Viewers can continue seeing more of Regina’s acting in upcoming drama, A Love of No Words which is a remake of Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光>, when it airs on November 22. Commenting on the pressure of her first leading role, she said, “I didn’t think much about it, but I was very lucky. There are so many veterans in every drama, so it is really a blessing just to be a part of it.” 

Partnering again with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in her new drama Legal Spokesperson <法言人>, Regina will be playing a secretary at a law firm. Many netizens find Regina to closely resemble Korean actress Park Min Young, who also played a secretary in the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim <金秘書為何那樣>. In response to that comparison, Regina said, “I feel grateful to be playing such diverse roles. I’m also thankful that people find I look like Park Min Young, but of course she is a lot prettier.” 


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  1. She’s really starting to grow on me. She seems to act very naturally, wonder if she went to tvb acting class? At first, she didn’t really leave an impression on me in Miss HK and she just seemed very skinny/typical HK girl but I noticed her when I thought she acted really well as the annoying girlfriend in Airport Strikers. She seems to be quite natural in this new series too.

  2. i didn’t think much of her at first but I do see her improvement. She is a naturally pretty girl and she is the type that the older generation will like as well. She does stand out in the newer generation of actresses in TVB. I hope she wins.

    I will tune in next week to see Regina, Hubert and Joey in Return of the Cuckoo next week. I heard they will tweak the story a little bit and I can’t wait for it. I heard Hubert’s version of the themesong and his voice and the tragic nature of the song suits perfectly.

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