Regina Ho on Learning to Deal with Criticism

TVB actress Regina Ho (何依婷) is ushered in as the station’s new rising star after winning Miss Hong Kong 2017 first runner-up and has already landed her first leading role in A Love of No Words <十月初五的月光> – a remake of 2005’s classic Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光>. Under the spotlight, Regina’s acting gets compared with Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) acting in the original series and this forces Regina to quickly learn to adapt to being under the public’s eyes.

When Regina first debuted, the actress was often the target of negative press as the media painted her as “money-hungry” and “likes to flaunt her wealth.” Faced with the criticism, Regina confesses that it took a toll on her health, “I get an upset stomach when I am unhappy and I have been relying on stomach medicine for a long time. I hope that as I get more mature, I will take less medicines and my stomach and emotions can be stronger. It will be great when I no longer need those medicines.”

In A Love of No Words, not only is Regina faced with a lot of pressure in being compared to Charmaine, Regina is often criticized for her brash portrayal of the character. Responding to the comments, Regina shares, “First, the story has changed. Second, if it’s exactly the same as the original, there is not a lot of purpose in filming a remake and we might as well just watch the original.”

Regina continued, “I wanted to add something new and make my character a little different. The original character really relied on her brother and mother. Now it is 20 years later and there isn’t a girl like that in this era. You need to update the character and make her more independent.”

Becoming Mature to Deal with Criticism

Under the mounting criticism, Regina grows tougher and chooses face them heads on. Regina reveals that she does not have any regret in filming the remake, “I haven’t done anything wrong so why do I have to care so much. When I was filming the drama, I already tried my best. I have room for improvement but I don’t have any regrets.”

Even as the media continues to print negative rumors, Regina learns to move on, “Honestly, the media says a lot of things that are not true and so it doesn’t affect my personality. Maybe I feel wronged in the face of rumors but it’s ok, I can bear it.”

Thankfully, Regina can always rely on her family for support and she hopes she can one day repay her family, “My parents treat me very well and they didn’t place any financial pressure on me. I usually buy gifts for them but they never ask me for money or to contribute to the living expenses. I wish I could save more money and use the money I never gave them to buy them a property.”

Source: HK01

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  1. I don’t mine Regina,
    She had 3 roles to portray in this series.

    She’s pretty in some angles and so so in others.

    At least tvb is trying to promote newer actresses as it’s boring watching the same ones over again.

  2. In retrospect Regina actually can act better than Charmaine at that point of the time lmao. Charmaine was HORRENDOUS when she started acting. Chicken voice, stiff acting, she was anything but watchable in the first few years. Even now I find her severely overrated, together with Myolie Wu. One of the most versatile actors from her period of time that are around their age is still Tavia Yeung, who climbed from being an extra to BA.

    1. I agree! I remember thinking this character was annoying in the original Return of the Cuckoo too. I had a hard time watching Charmaine when she was in that Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain with Sunny Chan. I actually think Regina Ho is not bad for a new pageant winner entering the industry. There’s definitely still a lot of room for improvement, but I think she’s off to a decent start.

  3. I liked her as the twins better than the present character. There are some parts where she’s good but there are other parts where she is annoying as hell. It’s interesting but she’s not terrible

    1. I actually agree with you, the twins part was handled well,

      Her present day role gets annoying but that’s more the of the result of the script writers making her character that way…

  4. I actually think she’s doing a pretty good job portraying 3 characters in this drama. Her acting has been quiet versatile thinking about the other dramas that she’s been in. People may think she’s annoying but that’s because of her character, who is naive.

  5. The article has an error. Return of the Cuckoo debuted in 2000, not 2005 like the article said.

    Charmaine’s acting didn’t really hit stride until around War & Beauty. Even her staunchest fans would not call her acting flawless at any point in her career, but she had a lot of charisma that can’t be explained. Her presence in a series makes the whole series better. Hard to explain to non-fans who would call her annoying.

    Regina is pretty, but still pretty raw. I like how she tried to make this character hers instead of just copying Charmaine’s version. Looking forward to more of her works.

    Edit: The worst casting in this series is Hebert Wu. Coming from Chilam to him is too much of a jump.

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