Regina Ho Responds to Hurtful Rumors Over Her Posh Lifestyle

Just as Regina Ho’s (何依婷) career is rocketing, the 27-year-old Miss Hong Kong beauty is facing hurtful rumors that she is leading a luxury lifestyle far outside her means.

Appearing at A Love of No Words <十月初五的月光> promotional event with the cast yesterday, Regina was pressed for answers over tabloid reports that claimed she has moved from an old condo in Prince Edward into a luxury home with an ocean view, is being driven around in a HK$500,000 car, and has spent HK$20,000 to hire a personal assistant.

It is said that Regina’s new residence is a luxury development in Hung Hom district famous for its fireworks views of Victoria Harbour. The units start at 1,400 square feet in size, and sell for upwards of HK$30 million.

Only a Rental

Eager to protect her privacy and defending herself, Regina said, “I feel that it shouldn’t matter where an artiste lives. At this point, I don’t have the ability to buy a home so I am renting right now. When I am finally able to afford a home, I will definitely tell everyone. As for the car, I’ve talked about this for many years now. Everyone knows that I bought it second hand at a really cheap price. When I bought it, it was already six years old, now it’s eight or nine years old. I feel that the recent news are just trying to drum up interest for the drama.”

She denied hiring a personal assistant for the exorbitant amount of HK$20,000, and said the woman is actually her friend. “She gave me a discount based on our friendship, and is helping me because she knows that I’m really busy when filming dramas. I always tell the crew that she takes care of me like a half sister and mother, so I feel unhappy that she is now all over magazine covers.”

Many of Regina’s friends had messaged her about the news and expressed their concern. Since A Love of No Words is currently airing, she understands that news and gossip will be more rampant. However, Regina is unhappy that this implicated her family and friends. “They don’t work in this field, and I don’t want them to become after dinner gossip. This is happening because I didn’t do a good enough job.”

Acting is Criticized

Cast in Charmaine Sheh‘s (佘詩曼) role in a remake of classic drama Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光>, Regina had big shoes to fill in A Love of No Words. Despite the drama averaging a healthy 23.5 viewership points in its first week of broadcast, some viewers have criticized Regina’s raw acting and high-pitched voice.

“There’ll always be people that like you and those that don’t. The most important thing is to always try your best. I will take the criticism seriously, and see where I have room for improvement. If everyone around me just kept singing praises, then it’ll be hard to see my flaws so I am thankful for the criticism,” Regina said calmly.

Cast Thrilled Over Positive Reception of “A Love of No Words”

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