Linda Chung, Philip Ng Avoid Each Other at Grace Wong’s Wedding

At Grace Wong‘s (王君馨) Hong Kong wedding banquet, ex-lovers Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Philip Ng (伍允龍) were brought together once again. Although the pair were standing only a few feet from each other, they avoided eye contact and chatted with the press separately.

In stark contrast to ignoring Linda, Philip was seen chatting with Moon Lau (劉佩玥), whom he was previously romantically linked to. Philip even uploaded a photo of the two on Instagram. When asked about being in the same room as Linda, Philip said he will say hello if they ran into each other but urged everyone to focus on the wedding instead.

Moon said that she recently saw Philip in his adaptation of the popular movie, Birth of the Dragon <龍之誕生>. However, she said they have not seen each other ever since Philip started working in Mainland China. Moon expressed, “We had a lot to talk about. We even took photos – he took pretty good ones too! When it was pointed out that Philip said his love life is rather dry, Moon said, “You win some, you lose some – I hope that both things [love and career] work out for him in the future.”

On Philip and Linda’s lack of interaction during the wedding, Moon added, “They are both adults. I know that they are still friends. We’re all big boys and girls now, I’m sure they know how to handle it. Linda’s already married with a child – as long as she’s happy now, the past should be left behind.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. @anon LMAOOOO that cracked me up. Right, where he at?? He’s probably gonna be mad that Linda didn’t invite Kelly to the wedding to see her “father.” *eye roll*

      1. @lyu310 hahaha. both you and @anon crack me up. Probably still at the mental institution or maybe in jail. When the person gets out, and is allowed near a computer, Linda will be cussed out for not bringing little Kelly to the wedding to meet her “father” Lmaooo.

      1. @bubbletea Haha, the only way to deal with nonsense is to laugh at it. Waste of breath getting through to a troll, I have tried.

      2. @lyu310 You are right. We should all join together and snuff this troll out by mounting a satirical comeback against her vicious comments thrown at Linda, her baby, her husband, Wong CL and his wife LL.Let us have some fun with her mean and pathetic comments. Let us join together and make a positive out of a negative. Two things will happen

        (1) She will realize we are banded together at debunking her crap while having fun and she will stop.

        (2) She will get mad and take it out on these celebs or us and continue to attack, which will cause us to defend each other and the celebrities even more.

        What do you think?

      3. @bubbletea well its hard to shut mental patient up. I’ve got this idea. We dont need to care what she is going to talk crap about celebrities anymore. Let her be and let us have some fun together here lol. If she stops attacking, its kinda good but @anon will have nothing to say lmao

      4. @happybi @bubbletea @alicesky

        Agreed. I have a great interest in true crime (mostly because of the psychological aspect of serial killers, and the need to raise awareness/change laws to prevent these things from happening, not because I enjoy murder itself), and most of the time, people with severe mental disorders cannot be fixed/rehabilitated. I’m talking about schizophrenic tendencies, antisocial disorder, and narcissism. Those are THE worst. She/he (not even sure we’ve established the sex but I’m guessing it’s a female) is just going down a rabbit hole. Soon she will show up at Linda’s door or something crazy. Or you know, prevent WCL and Leanne’s baby from being born. Yes, that’s going to happen, discreditor, whether you like it or not.

      5. @lyu310 good points. The way this woman hates Linda, Leanne and Cho Lam, she will try to hurt them physically. I will not put anything past Miss Crazy.

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