Linda Chung’s Large Fan Base a Great Advantage in TV Queen Race

Last year, Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) portrayal of the popular Miss Koo in Yes Sir, No Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> failed to earn her the TV Queen award. This year Linda will be running for the award again with her portrayal of Hailey Kiu in the highest rated drama year-to-date, Witness Insecurity <護花危情>, which was a collaboration with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).  Linda already starred in 4 TVB series this year, and she has a good chance to challenge Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) to win the TV Queen award. With two more dramas, Forever Love <幸福摩天輪> and Big Wheel <巨輪> airing next year, Linda’s popularity is unstoppable.

The TVB Anniversary Awards will be held in December and the favorites for this year’s TV Queen are becoming more apparent. Last year’s TV Queen Myolie Wu had three series aired this year, including Wish and Switch <換樂無窮>, House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安>, and Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>. Linda had four aired series:  L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>, House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安> and Witness insecurity. Linda ‘s character in L’Escargot as Michael Tse’s (謝天華) lover received wide media coverage.

Great Advantage Due Popular Vote

As for her accomplishments this year, Linda felt very satisfied because her 4 series were well received by the viewers. “I am very happy this year; I had a chance to play different roles. As for winning the award, I feel this will depend on fate and destiny. I am happy to receive a lot of good responses from the audiences, so winning is not very important.”

As for challenging Myolie Wu to win the award, Linda said, “Tavia Yueng’s (楊怡) performance is outstanding, and Myolie also performed very well in Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭>. I don’t want to use the word ‘challenge’.” In Linda’s dictionary, there is no such word as “challenge”; She is already very happy to be nominated. As Linda believes that every actress has put in their blood and sweat into their performances, Linda felt that they should all support each other instead.

Due to her large fan base and the one person, one vote system, Linda has a great advantage to win the Best Actress award. When asked whether she has confidence to receive many votes from her loyal fans, Linda said, “I have confidence!” She hopes everyone will vote for her to win. Linda feels her fans appreciate her acting and her roles. However, Linda does not want to have too high of an expectation to win, so she will face the competition with a relaxed attitude instead.


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  1. I think Linda Chung is the most innocent actress among the top 5.

  2. So far, her image has always been good. Hope she will keep it this way.

  3. Although I quite like Linda but I think TY will win tis year for sure.

  4. Anyone besides Myolie please, it’s so undeserving. Her acting is nowhere near Tavia, compare their acting in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience and Curse Of The Royal Harem. How the hell did she win last year? Smh.

    1. If Myolie’s acting in COTRH is bad, so is Tavia’s crazy acting in BTROC with her shrieking and eye rolling. LOL

      1. Yeah Ty’s acting in BTROC is really overrated. Doesn’t feel any evil vibe from her at all, all she did was rolled her eyes big and glare at ppl with no evil vibe. She needs to do more evil role inorder to improve her acting.

      2. I agree with you Nicole, tavia also exaggerates when acting. like linda and fala.

        Everyone has their favorite, so could be just support the actress that you like more.

    2. Why are you talking like that??? you’re so arrogant as some people in this world. Myolie did a good role in Ghetto Justice 2. And I’ve seen how they act much improved and very different from other years.Tavia Yeung lately in these years the way that she has to cry in the scenes is exaggerating just as when people criticized Myolie.I can certainly confirm the new anniversary tvb drama she does and is doing. by the way, no atter what myolie and tavia ´s fans would definitely going to support their actress. when it is the award.

  5. Large fanbase? Not sure abt that relative to TYs. Assuming this a fact, the larger group will still lose out to the minority in a battle due to their fanatism.

    Who is the writer trying to fool here, TY wins for sure!

    1. it’s one vote per HK ID? The fanatic cult can vote multiple times?

      1. Im sure they will find a way. Buy votes or perhaps visiting hospitals & nursing homes to vouch for TY.

        Btw why do you assume TVB would play fair? The rules can be changed to suit their strategic planning i.e. TY’s turn this year and next Kate etc.

      2. Yeah, if the cult can provide them care, attention, snacks and most importantly LOVE then they will happily worship the Saturn Queen, LOL

    2. exoidus,

      Are you serious? No way! Altho TY has many fans, they’re all from like singapore or malaysia or someplace other than hk. As far as I know, her fanbase in HK is indeed smaller than Linda’s.

      1. It’s not just about fans though – there are many hk citizens who do not support anyone in particular, rather they base their votes purely on acting skills. If only everyone did the same, the awards give. Will truly be deserving!

      2. Sally – if it’s about acting skills, Michelle Yim is way ahead of these little fadans.

      3. It’s pretty obvious that the audience would give it to who they like. Bye bye to acting skills if tvb decides to let the audience decide. But still, i think they’re still gonna secretly give the award to whoever they want. letting the audience choose is just a cover up.

      4. Most ppl aren’t able to judge based on acting. They are affected by the whether they like the chac. or not.

        Extreme scenes that may have little to do with acting like getting raped might also affect their perception.

      5. Either way Txb or audience is bias. And Txb can change the poll without our knowledge. Overall its a strategy

      6. myolie and linda are definitely more popular than tavia in singapore!!

    3. I’ve a feeling that seniority plays great role in one’s winning result. TY has been longer than Linda and TY seems like someone who will fight back if she feels its unfair to her. Eventhough Linda is a better crier than TY imo, I think Txb is helping to push TY to be queen this year.. just look at how many series TY was in as compare to little series that has linda..

      1. I love Linda, but she needs to be a little more vocal and speak for her rights. That’s why she keeps getting stepped over by TVB for awards and good series. Can learn that from Fala and Myolie. They know what they want. When Nancy Wu wanted to join Strictly Come Dancing, it was Myolie who encouraged her to speak up to the executives to grasp her chance.

      2. Btw, Linda had A lot of series. Daddy Good deeds, L’Escargot, WI, House of Harmony and Vengeance. She just doesn’t have any large productions, because she’s too meek.

  6. I don’t think this is Linda’s year. Although WI did well in ratings, her character didn’t stand out.

    1. Yup good series her character was pretty bland Mrs Koo seemed to have more personality then Hailey. If this drama aired near the anniversary awards I think Boscos chance of being TV King would’ve been higher as Hui Wai Sum was really well liked.

      1. oh dear god, i could not stand bosco’s crying scene. boy needs to work on that a bit more, there weren’t even any tears lmao

      2. hui sir just stood around the whole time. cripple co was a more outstanding character for bosco.

      3. Yeah, i felt LF’s portrayal of a cop was better than Bosco’s.. Bosco was too cool, his crying scene wasnt well done too..

      4. The storyline is too draggy for me, basically got bored half way through >_< and the love story isn't grasping enough either, and the ending, though easiest way to end all the problems, but seriously wth.

      5. I like Bosco’s acting in general, haven’t watch WI yet. He’s quite natural to me, actually many HK actors are natural to me. Perhaps I’ve seen much worse acting, example the younger Mediacorp actors and Malaysian actors who act in Mediacorp dramas, those are really fake. They couldn’t even deliver neutral lines naturally.
        I can only differentiate between the really bad or exaggerated and average+good ones.

      6. Yeah, cripple co was def a more outstanding character compared to that of Hui sir. He was so ‘wood’ in that show. I feel that Paul chun stood out the most in WI.

      7. In my view Bosco can act but he lacks the emotions on eyes. His facial expressions are good but his eyes dun talk.

      8. I actually think he played Hui sir really good. In my eyes then Bosco used to be this guy who always play funny playful guy, with this boyish look of him. but when he played Hui sir he showed me that he can act serious too, and get this more mature look. IMO then his role had a lot of inner acting too, it was part where he didn’t say anything, but by using expresion then he could actually show what he felt,which is not always easy to do. But I agree that cripple co was a more outstanding character, but I also think Hui sir is a character you fall in love with.

      9. I disagree that Bosco lack emotion in his eyes. The thing that made me like Bosco when I first saw him in ‘Find The Light’ is his expressive eyes. I remember commenting ‘this guy can really talk with his eyes’.

  7. in a previous article, she said it was really this year she discovered she has a real passion for acting, which to me means she hasn’t given her best ability in acting. Although I am her fan, I don’t think she’ll win this year. I hope she does in the future !!!

  8. She can’t possibly withstand the storm if she wins. Tavia/Kate fans will riot.

  9. Too soon for Linda..she still don’t had any dramas which is memorable for her part in any series. Her performance is just average. For now I think she’s better Kate Tsui but not better than other lead fadans. Sigh, tvb suckz…:(

    1. However she’s is very lucky, tvb gave her a lot of different characters for her to try…..

    2. yeah her acting’s def better than kate’s. But i dont think tvb has given her alot of diff characters to try cause she was always given the ‘goody-two-shoes’ type of character to portray.

      1. I think Kate is getting more natural with her acting than Linda. Linda has same expressions for roles even with different characters. Kate shows she can act more types of role.

  10. eric tsang said before that linda is the nicest person he has ever met in shoqbiz.

    1. I believe him. She’s like the girl next door with the sweet and innocent image. I don’t think she will win this year but will definitely win in the next few years.

  11. I really wabt her to win but i agree her characters this year doenst really stand out.

  12. Linda is unpretentious, genuine, well grounded and tries her best to keep out of tabloids…based on these qualities in addition to her acting ability, TVB and most viewers will rate her in the top three as long as she continues to act.

  13. well yeah everyone thought gillian was innocent till the photos came out so don’t believe everything you read.

    1. Yeah but until something come out from Linda’s side you still can believe her.

    2. nah, gillian was more of a fake-cute-innocent rather than real innocence. You can see their personality from the way they act. Look at the way she creates trouble on weibo all the time. Linda doesn’t do that.

      1. Nobody thought Gillian is that fake before the photo incident.

    3. meaning what? she can have sex with EDC and take pix…nothing wrong with that…

    4. I’ll still give her the benefit of the doubt until further notice.

  14. Well to me, she was always a better actress than Myolie…

    Oh and also I liked the old name “Blissful Ferris Wheel” a lot more. Forever love??? Seriously???

  15. I wonder if she still keep in contact with Steven. Also, she as always is a sweet girl, but to be in the entertainment world, I hope she keep it *Just like what Steven says*

  16. “Linda already starred in 4 TVB series this year, ….”
    because of that factor alone, she does not deserved to win the TV Queen coz over exposure makes people grow tired and fed-up of the same people acting. two dramas in a year is suffice

    1. But Myolie had appeared a lot last year and she won, Linda’s acting this year is just so so but fans dun care so she might win.

  17. I remember Monkey also has some mental problem in AGWTC1. She’s the lead female and also a policewoman. Is the scriptwriter using back the same plot?

    1. Sorry, post the above at wrong place. If can, please remove this, Jayne.

  18. I would love to see Linda wins but based on performance…Tavia deserved more than her…I dont mind any of them wins.. haha.

  19. Linda Chung is pretty on the inside, has the sweetest voice and a charming smile. I’m sure she is like that in real life, except those tears. She deserve to be the first lady of TVB this year.

  20. well I am a huge fan of Linda but I think she should win it next year or something because she still has many things to be exposed too! I have to admit her acting is fantastic, she’s sweet and humble which is why I’m a fan. I support Linda always! if she wins it, I’ll be really happy but if she doesn’t, I understand too esp since Tavia has so much more experience!

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