Mainland Actor Liu Ye Caught Urinating on the Streets

Golden Horse award-winning actor Liu Ye (劉燁) suddenly became a trending search online – it turns out he was photographed urinating on the street. That night, he was out drinking with friends late into the night. After Liu Ye left the restaurant with his friends, he sat in the passenger seat of the car while his friend drove.

Shortly after they hit the road, the car stopped suddenly. Liu Ye, who was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, a cap, and black sunglasses, exited the car alone. He walked towards the small forest by the roadside and stopped in front of it for a moment. It seems like he drank too much and had to pee urgently. Since there was no restroom nearby, the Mainland star had to relieve himself on the spot. After the incident, Liu Ye staggered back to the car. He appeared very drunk.

The Internet immediately exploded once the photos were published. Some netizens commented, “Public figures should pay more attention to [their action]!” However, a lot of people defended him. They wrote, “He’s just picking the leaves” and “You can’t see what he’s doing, I don’t think he can pull his zipper up and down so quickly, and he didn’t pee his pants.”

Others said, “It’s just his back, can you confirm he’s urinating?” and “I didn’t see him pee in those pictures. Is it true or is it a rumor?”

Source: Oncc

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  1. Goodness, I really am not interested if he peed or not. But this photos are enough to embarrass him.

  2. @hohliu You would think that they will take better care of their image since they are a public figure. Guess not, natural calls and there’s no such thing as embarrassment. lol….The French/Jewish wife seems to love him to death like he’s the most handsome asian male. Can we say opposites attract? haha lol….

    1. @wm2017 His is famous enough with a good management team. I bet they hacve quickly pull out all news and chats about this. And wait for this news to just disappear.

  3. This does not set a good example for China to follow. Too many kids already poop and pee on the streets right now. They need to learn better civil behavior.

    1. @coralie Their little kids wear a very odd underwear. You should google on it. It has a huge hole at the bottom so they can pee and poo anyway. That is how they toilet train the kids at a very year age. Some habits are hard to stop.

      1. @beto1111 A friend bought me one set as a gift. I was expecting a baby then, I was so puzzled by the design but it was never worn.. LOL

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