Jackie Chan to Consider Using Stunt Double after “Police Story 2013”

The first Police Story <警察故事> film, which was released in 1985, was already filled with injury incidents, with members of the stunt crew entering the hospital nearly every day. Lead actor Jackie Chan (成龍) was even sent to the hospital when he coughed up blood after filming until six in the morning. Now, almost thirty years later, he is ready to unveil the franchise’s sixth installment, Police Story 2013 <警察故事2013>, which will open in theaters on December 24.

Now nearing 60 years of age, Jackie is known in the entertainment industry for performing all of his film stunts himself. However, he revealed at a recent press conference that he would likely have to use a stunt double in the future. “I hope everyone can forgive me,” he said.

As a result, Police Story 2013 may be one of the last films in which Jackie works without a stunt double. Amid the many action scenes and ensuing injuries, Jackie recalled a day when they filmed him being kidnapped and escaping. “I didn’t want it to be like in other films, where you spit out a steel wire and use that to undo the handcuffs,” he explained. “I wanted to design something that would convince the audience.”

In the end, Jackie used brute strength to pull apart the steel wire, which unfortunately cut into his hands and caused him to bleed. However, he looked at the situation with humor, joking that his recklessness was due to a set visit by his son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名). At first, Jaycee was unimpressed by his father’s plan, so Jackie plotted to “teach him a lesson” and show him up.

Onscreen Daughter Impressed at Jackie’s Crying Scenes

In Police Story 2013, mainland Chinese actress Jing Tian (景甜) will portray Jackie’s rebellious daughter, Miaomiao. This character was created because director-screenwriter Ding Sheng (丁晟) noticed that many cops were fathers, and that their children were mostly female.

The father-daughter dynamic also leads to a great deal of crying scenes in the film. Jing Tian praised Jackie for his superb acting in this area and remarked that he would often already be in tears while she was still preparing to enter the right mood. Jackie attributed this to his filming experience, adding, “As soon as I think of my father lying on his sickbed, I will immediately be able to cry.”

After Police Story 2013, Jackie is expected to begin filming a collaboration with well-known director Zhang Yimou (張藝謀). “I can’t talk about concrete matters,” Jackie shared, “but Zhang Yimou and I have been talking about collaborating before Hero <英雄> was filmed. This time, I can only say that when the news officially comes out, everyone will be very surprised.”

“Police Story 2013” Trailer

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Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Zhang Yimou and Jackie? Quite excited only because hopefully Zhang Yimou will make a better actor out of Jackie.

  2. Another Police Story. SERIOUSLY, they’ve milked the franchise to death. This is exactly what is wrong with lots of pop culture these days, a total lack of originality. They should call this Police Story: Tales from the Nursing Home.

    Stick to the original 3, the rest tarnish the Police Story name.

  3. RIP JC

    Your films has been all garbage since the Rush Hour series.

    1. You can’t compare his HK films with those garbage hollywoood jackie chan films.

      Hollywoood make a garbage out of him, and half-yank people like you reinforces it by watching it.

      No doubt he is not a good actor, and his fighting styles aleady mundane, but he did bring HK action to full explosion on the big screen.

      1. All his HK/China movies post-2000 has all been garbage. Regardless of what Hollywood made him out to be. They’ve mutually benefited one another. He’s only in it for the money, and will accept whatever script that’s given to him. You’re the one that needs to up your standards when it comes to judging films. Whatever exposure and credit that he’s gained for HK in the last few decades is down the drain now, mostly because ofthe garbage movies he’s been in for the last decade or so. As for his character, everyone in the entertainment industry in HK knows what kind of sleazeball he is behind the screen. He should’ve done the industry a favor and retired years ago. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Jackie.

    2. “You’re the one that needs to up your standards when it comes to judging films. ”
      So you think you are one great movie critic and knows a good film when it is one, eh?

      You are one atypical yellow yankee, brash and think highly of yourself. No shame, thick skin, look down upon Asians, despite being yellow banana yourself.

      His Hollywood films are all garbage, including Rush Hour which you love so much, hear?

      Of coz Jackie’s in it for the money, you think other big time Hollywood actors are in it for charity? Get real, small boy.

    1. LOL, The Police story with Daniel Wu and Nicholas Tse was awful. You guys need to watch his older films.

    2. You’re taking that crap over the first two original? Something’s wrong with you.

  4. Seems interesting. Will there be lots of corruption depicted and plenty of kidnapping? Or is it going for the whole glorify China without any flaws role.

  5. Yea a action movie with Jackie Chan! I hope someone can take Jackie place in action movies cause Jackie getting old for these big stunts and action.

  6. Jackie looking kinda old and chubby for some reason in this movie.

  7. I just hope Jackie Chan will just stop making this kind of movies. It’s a pain watching him. The style is old, used & plain boring.
    He should retreat to the back & use his money to finance some really good stuff.

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