Jackie Chan Spends 66th Birthday Without Son Jaycee Chan

Due to the recent epidemic, Jackie Chan’s (成龍) work has been temporarily suspended. On this rare occasion, Jackie is finally spending time at home in Hong Kong. Moreover, when he turned 66-years-old on April 7, he was able to celebrate his birthday with his wife Joan Lin (林鳳嬌). However, his son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) was nowhere in sight.

It turns out Jaycee flew to Los Angeles before the pandemic got out of hand. As the situation became more serious, he was worried about the high probability of contracting the coronavirus on the plane, so he chose to stay put in Los Angeles. Afraid to go out, Jaycee stays at home every day.

Although he is on the other side of the world, he still made sure to wish his dad a happy birthday right at midnight. When a reporter asked Jaycee what he talks about with Jackie, he said they have very normal conversations.

“Now that everyone is staying at home, he’s connected with me,” Jaycee shared. “And like me, he likes to stay home and watch a lot of good things. We started talking about movies, as there are a lot of great movies recently.”

In fact, period drama The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty <成化十四年>, which was Jackie’s first time producing a web drama, just aired on iQiyi. However, his other project did not see the light of day. This past Chinese New Year, Jackie’s new film Vanguard <急先> was supposed to premiere in theaters worldwide, but it has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Jackie Reportedly Has Coronavirus

As for the rumor that’s been circulating online that Jackie tested positive for the coronavirus, Jaycee clarified, “That’s fake. People who are spreading fake rumors are really bad!”

He shared that Jackie rarely goes outside in Hong Kong, except for several times to record two epidemic prevention videos – one in Chinese and one in English. From April 3 onwards, Facebook and Weibo consecutively played the epidemic prevention videos, in which Jackie spoke for 45 seconds.

Jackie said in the video, ”I know it’s a very difficult time for everyone right now, and we all face the same problem: the coronavirus. It’s very important to stay at home with your family and follow the rules of your government. If you have to go out, please remember to wear your face mask and wash your hands frequently. Protecting yourself is protecting your family. Stay safe; stay strong. I firmly believe there is a bright future ahead. Let’s work hard together!”

To reciprocate the love, nearly 50,000 netizens liked Jackie’s birthday post on Weibo, and 7,000 Internet users left him birthday messages.

Source: Zaobao

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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