Jackie Chan Suffers Pain From Old Injuries

A video clip of 66-year-old Jackie Chan <成龍>, where he expresses emotionally that he feels he is truly getting old, has been circulating online. The video features a montage of scenes from his movies, while the star narrates his feelings about aging. Seeing his friends leaving him one by one, Jackie encourages young people to be in a constant state of self improvement.

When he was younger, he had big dreams to make a name for himself so that people in Hong Kong, Asia, and eventually the entire world would know who he was. Fame had a big price to pay, as Jackie revealed, “I was very busy filming. Every day, I would jump through fire with my brothers. Today they would break their hands, and tomorrow I would break my leg. Back then, I didn’t have time to feel sad. By the time I was living the life that I had wanted and finally achieved worldwide recognition, I was living out of a suitcase, and would often wake up not knowing where I was and then be snowballed with a huge pile of work.”

Old Injuries Haunt Him

Jackie shared that he would feel lonely in the middle of the night, “When it is night time and everything is quiet, I would think of my seniors, my brothers, and friends. I would think of the days when I was looked down upon and my seniors encouraged me, and the days when I didn’t have enough money for food. Who knew that would be goodbye?”

Aside from feeling emotionally old, Jackie’s old injuries are catching up with him. On New Year’s Day, Jackie attended a promotional event for upcoming Chinese-American animated film Wish Dragon <許願神龍>. Though in good spirits, he was stooping over, limping, and needed to be supported by two younger actors. He stood to talk for the event, but would take frequent sitting breaks. Even though he appeared to be in a lot of pain, Jackie remained composed.

According to sources, Jackie’s old waist injury came back to haunt him, but he decided to fight through the pain in order to attend the event. Filming many high impact action movies and stunts without a body double since debut, Jackie accumulated many injuries that have bothered him for years.

Source: Hket

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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