Jackie Chan’s Nephew Participated in “Idol Producer”

Relatives of superstars often leverage their connections to gain easy entry into the entertainment industry, and one example is the son of global star Jackie Chan (成龍), Jaycee Chan (房祖名), who landed a lead acting role with the help of his father and subsequently ruined his relatively established career due to his drug crimes in 2014. However, not all aspiring artistes take advantage of their connections to get their foot in the door. Take Jackie’s nephew Jeffery Tung (董又霖), for example. He wanted to gain recognition through his own efforts, so the young singer hid his connection to Jackie and joined the mainland idol survival show Idol Producer <偶像练习生> without being accused of exploiting his relationship with his uncle.

Born in Taiwan, the 25-year-old kickstarted his career by participating in China Jiangsu TV station’s idol reality show Be the Idol <唱游天下> in 2015. He officially made his debut the following year when he released his single “Don’t Be a Stranger” <不做陌生人>. Despite continuously churning out works over the years, Jeffery failed to achieve success in his career, so he eventually decided to start over by joining Idol Producer in 2018. Working hard throughout the show, he managed to make it into the top 20, successfully boosting his popularity and receiving more work opportunities.

With greater public recognition, he received multiple job offers in acting, modeling, and singing. Jeffrey even got to participate in Jackie’s upcoming self-directed and produced film The Diary <我的日記>. Although his work opportunities have lessened due to the pandemic, he proactively spends his time at home exercising, as opportunities only come to those who are ready. Through training, Jeffrey achieved a fit body with only six percent fat and eye-catching six-pack abs that had fans admiring with awe and love. Gracing the cover of fitness magazine Men’s Health, Jeffrey showed off his hard work and strong masculinity.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. And yet here we are, an article linking him
    with Jackie Chan. He should not be ashamed of it, if he is talented what’s wrong if there are family elder lending a helping hand. Take is as good karma from previous life.

    1. @sev2 agreed. and he’s accepting a role in a movie created by jackie chan. but I think it’s admirable that he at least tried to gain fame through his own means. those means must be diminishing and hence why he turns to JC now

  2. Good for him. He should be proud of himself for that. If i were him i would have done the same thing also. Personally if i were JC’s nephew i would NOT use his name or ask for help either because looks how he is treating his own daughter. SAD!!!

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