Dilraba Cast in CCTV Drama with Liu Ye

With much public interest in China Central Television (CCTV) productions every year, the station’s upcoming heavyweight drama Prosecution Elites <公訴精英> raised the most hype. Hot rising Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) is slated to play female lead in what would be a career-boosting role for the actress, who started out in a CCTV drama, nine years ago.

Comeback CCTV Drama

Netizens’ talk around the drama’s cast has been rife, and other names said to be part of the cast include actresses Yao Chen (姚晨), Yuan Quan (袁泉) and Jiang Xin (蔣欣). This surprised many–if it were true, it meant that the 29-year-old has surpassed three more experienced A-listers, to snag the meatiest leading female role.

Dilraba’s very first drama had been 1995’s CCTV-produced A Na Nhĩ Hãn <阿娜爾罕> which also aired on the station. Besides its refreshing storyline of being the first ever female prosecutor-themed production, Prosecution Elites will also be the actress’ next drama to be aired on CCTV after nine years.

Rumored to be joining the star-studded female cast is Best Actor-calibre Liu Ye (劉燁), rousing yet further anticipation from fans.

Adaptation of A True Story

Besides the female prosecutor-centric storyline, Prosecution Elites is said to be adapted from a true online crime story of  a high school student, who joins the prosecution office after her return to the country. Faced with many challenging cases, she collaborates with the head of the criminal police unit to uncover the truth, showcasing the myriad angles of criminal investigation.

Helmed by director Chen Kunhui (陳昆暉), who was behind The Eloquent Ji Xiaolan <鐵齒銅牙紀曉嵐>, Records of Kangxi’s Travel Incognito <康熙微服私訪記> series and My Fair Princess <還珠格格>, it is no wonder that the drama has raised as much interest.

Source: HK01

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  1. Oh nah! The Chinese govt is known for persecuting Ugyhurs,looks like they are using her to play a persecutor to wash their image.

    1. Ugyhur extremists massacred hundreds of innocent Han, Muslim and Ugyhurs across China and Xinjiang in the mid 2000s. China should’ve followed the US example in dealing with terrorists by bombing the crap out of their communities and country instead being lenient placing them in re-education camps

  2. Anarhan was broadcast in 2013. Dilraba was born in 1992 so she would have only been 3 in 1995 hahahaha

    Excited to watch more Dilraba dramas!

  3. Someone up there really like Dilraba… Maybe she will do well in this drama… it is good not to be typecast.

  4. Wow, I hope it’s true bcuz she really needs to try out different roles. I’ve always wanted to see her play a character in an action/police drama.

  5. That’s a really big win for her. I have been trying to catch up on old dramas and wanted to watch a couple of Liu Ye’s, but finding English subs or the right language dub has been a challenge.

  6. Ehh, another boring serious type role. Hasn’t Dilreba been in enough of those? I’d rather someone with more seniority who can handle the weight of the role – like Jiang Xin. Dilreba, with her limited acting scope, should focus on idol stuff

  7. Dilraba is either gonna shine or get overshadowed. Liu Ye can be matched by talented or experienced actresses. Dilraba is a talented performer with limited experience, that’s very different. We are talking Shakira versus JLo at the Superbowl half time in the past. JLo is a performer with experience while Shakira has talent and experience.

  8. not surprised she would take on these boring serious roles as she’s turning 30 soon. At 30 everybody expects actresses to transition from historical idol dramas to these type of roles, even yang zi is starting to do the same.

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