Five Interesting Facts About Yang Yang

Hotly airing C-drama You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> has been raved about by fans for its realistic romcom plot and sizzling chemistry between lead cast Yang Yang (楊洋) and Dilreba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴). Here are five things you may not have known about Yang Yang!

1. Masculine Yet Sensuous
Enrolled into People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art at just 12 years old, Yang Yang was the first student to be labeled as the academy’s “school hunk.” Talented at dancing, Yang Yang trained exceptionally hard during dance sessions as he was a self-financed student.

Watch Yang Yang’s Solo Dance in 2007:

2. Funny Hashtags Trending On Weibo Searches
While big-name stars often trend on Weibo search rankings, Yang Yang often appears on Weibo searches in a variety of weird hashtags, including how he fell while rushing during work, got pushed out of a frame prop onstage by his own fans, had his advertisement board hung on a pillar, and spilled champagne on himself when sipping from a glass. Responding to questions about the nonsensical hashtags, he asked, “Why are my trending topics all so hilarious?” and admitted self-deprecatingly that those were undeniably his behavior.

3. Won Viewers Over in a String of Hit Dramas

Starting out in 2010’s The Dream of Red Mansions <紅樓夢>, he won Best Newcomer award for his role as Jia Baoyu, and thereafter got everyone’s attention with his steady performance across diverse dramatic genres, including fantasy wuxia The Four <少年四大名捕>, sweet youth romance Love O2O <微微一笑很傾城> and suspense thriller The Chronices of Town Called Jian <繭鎮奇緣>.

His role as Xiao Nai in 2016’s Love O2O <微微一笑很傾城> also gave him a big popularity boost as his character Xiao Nao is not only the most good-looking in university, but was also a gaming genius who built a startup with his own talent and resources – making him the definitive perfect male in the eyes of female viewers. Achieving four billion views within five hours of going online, his recent drama You Are My Glory outdid other Gu Man (顧漫) productions, and propelled Yang Yang to yet another career peak after Love O2O.

4. Refused to Go Onto Variety Shows for 5 Years

While he had done pretty well in terms of dramatic output, Yang Yang refused to go on variety programs for as long as five years, after an unhappy experience on 2015’s Divas Hit The Road <花兒與少年2>, where there was much catfighting and conflicts between the five female and two male celebrity guests during their travels, akin to a modern palace drama. Fatigued from being sandwiched in the middle, Yang Yang was even left to roam the streets once as the group accidentally left him behind during one of their outings.

Going on 2016’s Star Soldier <星兵報到>, celebrity stars including Yang Yang had to stay in toxic caves as a punishment. Though there were four members on the team, only three protective masks had been provided. Yang Yang chose to let his teammate have the mask, almost passing out and turning purple in the face after staying ten minutes in the cave as instructed. The experience left him with a perennial cough, and fans were understandably upset by their idol’s suffering.

After two such consecutive, traumatic experiences, Yang Yang refused to participate in variety shows for as long as five years after that. He finally took on 2020’s The Irresistible <元氣滿滿的哥哥>, where he showed fans his adorably foolish side in more light-hearted games.

Yang Yang’s Unhappy Experience On Reality Show:

Yang Yang in A Laughing Fit:


5. Carried Olympic Torch at Rio Games

The airing of You Are My Glory coincided with this year’s Tokyo Olympics, and some fans discovered that  Yang Yang had also been an Olympic flame torchbearer during the Rio Games! As the male lead of microfilm 70 Years, I’m the Protagonist <70年,我是主角>, he held the Olympic Torch representing China, looking the very epitome of youthfulness.

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