Michael Tse Not Capable To Hold The Fort On His Own; TVB Supports Wayne Lai & Moses Chan To Be TV King

It is now less than three months before the annual TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony《萬千星輝頒獎典禮》however the contenders who had temporarily been highly looked upon to be the new TV King and Queen, were indeed few and far between.

The highly regarded contenders for now were Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Michael Tse (謝天華), Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣). However, they were still, in fact, a far cry from the previous two consecutive winners, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥).

In order not to let the Anniversary Awards lose it’s shine, TVB immediately deployed some strategies including launching four blockbuster dramas helmed by their first line Siu Sangs actors and Fadans actresses in the remaining months.

The four blockbuster dramas that TVB pinned their high hopes upon were forensic criminal investigation drama, Forensic Heroes 3《法政先鋒 III》, starring Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee (張可頤), psychological thriller, When Heaven Burns《天與地》, starring Moses Chan (陳豪), Bowie Lam (林保怡) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), ancient periodic imperial harem drama, The Queen of All《萬凰之王》, starring former Fadan Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and current Fadan Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and last but not least, the comedy-drama, Detective Liza and Gods《荃加福祿壽探案》, starring popular veteran thespian Liza Wang (汪明荃) and the three fortune gods consisting of Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Johnson Lee (李思捷) and Louis Yuen (阮兆祥).

By releasing these four grand production dramas, TVB hoped that it would drum up the much-needed publicity for the striving of the TV King and Queen title and anticipation just in time for the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Since TVB was renowned for treading on stable grounds, it was known that in order to maintain the quality of their TV King award recipients, there was a huge chance that they would stick to their conventional past winners such as Wayne Lai and Moses Chan, thus leaving hot contender Laughing-Gor Michael Tse out in the cold and making his happiness all boiled down to nothing.

Changing strategies to boost out more hot contenders

[Caption: The TVB drama, “When Heaven Burns”, starring Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam and Kenny Wong (黃德斌) will be debuting in grand splendor in November]

In the month of September, only the undercover-police-triad drama, Lives of Omission《潛行狙擊》,  managed to be the pride of TVB by stirring up heated discussions amongst avid television fans and headlining the various newspaper and magazines out there. However, even though the other recent TVB dramas like Ghetto Justice《怒火街頭》and Yes Sir, Sorry Sir《點解阿 Sir係阿 Sir》had also received glowing reviews from the audiences, all of them still failed to make history for TVB and break the previous records left behind by their predecessors.

As such, the current contention for the TV King and Queen awards were fought between the likes of Michael Tse who has yet to secure his seat as a first line actor, Kevin Cheng who was a former TV King, Fala Chen and Linda Chung.

A backstage crew of TVB revealed, “Up till this moment, only Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng are the more outstanding ones. However, both of them do not have enough potential (唔夠料) to be this year’s TV King. As such, one of the senior management staff has voiced out that if either of them wins the TV King award, there wouldn’t be enough commotion.”

Not wanting to let their anniversary awards night look too dismal, TVB’s inner staff hurriedly strategized and devised a plan to release all four blockbuster drama series that already have their staple first line actors and actresses leading in them, in a bid to boost out more hot candidates running for the TV King and Queen awards.

Pushing forward for the last sprint

First up to fight the frontline would be Liza Wang’s and the three fortune buddies’ “Detective Liza and Gods”. It would be premiering on 3 October 2011 and broadcasting at 8:30pm.

As for Wayne Lai who has an opportunity to win the TV King award for the third consecutive time, his “Forensic Heroes 3” drama  which also co-stars Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee would be succeeding the 9pm time slot after “King of Chok” Raymond Lam‘s (林峯) Men With No Shadows《不速之約》has ended its run.

Directly after “Detective Liza and God”, the 8.30pm time slot would be followed up by “The Queen of All” which starred Jessica Hsuan and Myolie Wu. “Queen” had also been referred to as the hybrid version of War and Beauty《金枝慾孽》and Beyond the Realm of Conscience《宮心計》. “Queen” will premiere on 31 October 2011.

The drama responsible for delivering the final hype to the Anniversary Awards was none other than the cannibalism thriller, When Heaven Burns, which has a stellar cast of Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) and Kenny Wong. It would be premiering on 21 November 2011 and taking up the 9pm time slot of “Forensic Heroes 3”.

The banquet of endless copying

It is a well-known fact that TVB dramas have always been accused of plagiarism. In recent times, there was Raymond Lam’s “Men With No Shadows” which was accused of plagiarizing Japanese popular manga series cum 2006 film adaption, Death Note, and Hollywood film Meet Joe Black.

Whereas the four soon-to-be-broadcasted Anniversary dramas were all seriously lacking in originality. While “Forensic Heroes” and “When Heaven Burns” continued to imitate their western counterparts, “The Queen of All” and “Detective Liza and Gods” lifted ideas from the past TVB classic dramas.

“Forensic Heroes 3” said to have copied sensational American crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Leading actors of “Forensic Heroes 3” : Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee

“Forensic Heroes 3” portrays about how the police cracks cases from a scientific point of view. By capitalizing on their expertise, forensic experts assist the police in deriving the crux of the cases from analyzing crucial clues left behind in the scene like fingerprints, shoe prints, blood spatters, hair fragments and etc. While investigating the crimes, the male and female characters also get romantically involved with each other, totally resembling the plot out of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations”.

“When Heaven Burns” a replication of Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors

Leading actors of “When Heaven Burns”: Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Maggie Shiu and Kenny Wong

“When Heaven Burns” primarily focuses on the controversial topic of cannibalism, clearly inspired from the 1993 American film adaption of the 1974 book, “Alive”, which documented the chronicles of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571.

“When Heaven Burns” depicts of the immoral sin the four main leads committed while on a tour overseas. Due to being trapped up in the mountain in freezing conditions, they were being forced to practice cannibalism and feed on human remains to survive the ordeal. However, the conflicting matter was eventually exposed when the body of the human remains surfaced after bits of the snow capped mountain had melted away due to global warming.

“The Queen of All” was remarked to be a mixture of “War and Beauty” and “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”

Leading actors of “The Queen of All”: Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) and Joel Chan (陳山聰)

The past ancient periodic dramas,”War and Beauty” and “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”, both paint a vivid picture of the intense rivalry between the concubines in the imperial harem.

Since the previous success formula, where every female main lead is evil to the bone in both dramas, proved to be a huge hit with the audiences, it had been further replicated in “The Queens of All”.

In “Queens”, Myolie Wu would be acting as the evil empress who would resort to cunning schemes and trickery to harm Jessica Hsuan, thus leading to a open strife and discreet infighting between the two women, undoubtedly sounding like a carbon copy of “War and Beauty” and “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”!

“Detective Liza and Gods” a reproduction of Old Time Buddies 2: To Catch A Thief

Leading actors in “Detective Liza and Gods”: Liza Wang, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee and Louis Yuen

This drama would be set in the 60s and described about how Liza Wang, who ran a detective agency, employed the three fortune buddies (Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee and Louis Yuen) and together they formed the formidable snooping team which cracked complex cases in their various state of disguises.

The background and gimmick of this drama was undeniably similar to the 1998 comedy-drama, “Old Time Buddies 2: To Catch A Thief”《難兄難弟之神探李奇》, which had starred Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) and Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee, especially since both dramas featured the important element of disguise.

Fala Chen could end up empty-handed

TVB’s change of tactic to welcome the TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony held in December, could meant that current TV King Wayne Lai might be able to retain his title and Moses Chan, who has been appearing in the entertainment news of late due to his passionate love life with Aimee Chan, could stand a chance to win the TV King award due to his recent increased publicity. This also meant that Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng may tragically suffer a reversal of fate and turn from the current hot contenders to being knocked out in the cold.

As for the TV Queen position, some sources pointed out that with Stephen Chan‘s (陳志雲) return to power, he would grant his approval to raise his “Stephen Chan camp” member, Fala Chen, up to the throne. However, it was known that during Stephen Chan’s entanglement in the corruption lawsuit, Fala had temporarily abandoned his ship and discreetly jumped over to lean on Virginia Lok (樂易玲) thus putting her initial chances of winning the TV Queen award at peril.

A crew from behind-the-scenes disclosed, “Fala Chen is an intelligent and prudent woman. Very unlike her fellow peer, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), who had blatantly drew a clear line with Stephen Chan back then. Actually, when Stephen Chan was in trouble and could’t even defend for himself, Fala had already switched over to the “Virginia Lok camp” and every time when Virginia gathered her camp members for a dinner, Fala would always give Virginia full “face” and attend those gatherings. Sometimes, even together with her boyfriend, Sit Sai Hang, in tow!”

Myolie Wu the Dark Horse

Through Fala Chen’s dependence on Virginia Lok when he was embroiled in the bribery and fraud charges, Stephen Chan already has a rouge gauge in his heart about the extent of Fala’s “loyalty” to his camp.

It could thus be said that Fala’s chances of clinching the TV Queen award this year, based on her role as Madam Jo, could be strongly diminished anytime now!

As for Linda Chung, her kneeling and shouting scene at Moses Chan’s Law-Sir in TVB drama,”Yes Sir, Sorry Sir”《點解阿 Sir係阿 Sir》, may have touched the hearts of several audiences but a source cited that the senior management staff felt that Linda wasn’t an ideal candidate as she didn’t command enough onscreen presence and wasn’t ready for the TV Queen award as yet (未夠火候) hence greatly reducing her chances of being TV Queen this year.

In contrast, Myolie Wu, who had always been criticized for her “gwing” facial expressions and average acting skills, has recently been highly applauded for her convincing turn as a vicious empress in the upcoming epic drama, “The Queen of All”,  which was said to be a huge departure from her previous mediocre acting performances. It was thus believed that Myolie could have an edge over her fellow contenders and might even emerge to be the dark horse on the awards night!

The backstage crew insider continued, “The director and those backstage crew that participated in the production of “The Queen of All” were talking in unison about how Myolie Wu had kept away all her “gwing” expressions such that her acting skills seemed like it didn’t belong to her but that of another person’s. However Myolie has been known to have little affinity with the audiences thus her chances of winning would have to depend on the overall reception from the audiences when the series is out and the tastes of the senior management staff.”

Predicting the top five choices of TV King and Queen

Every year for the Anniversary Awards, TVB’s first line Siu Sangs actors and Fadans actresses would strive to be more outstanding than the other, in a bid to win the  inaugural TV King and Queen awards.

This year, the current hot contenders for TV King were Kevin Cheng for his role as Law Ba and Michael Tse for his role as Laughing Sir. As for TV Queen, Fala Chen for and Linda Chung were both highly looked upon for their roles as Madam Jo and Miss Koo respectively. However, the contention will only get more heated and  intense with the addition of more candidates after the upcoming launch of the four heavyweight TVB dramas.

It was predicted that the following ten actors and actresses have the best chance to strive for the TV King and Queen award for the Anniversary Awards this coming December:

“Best Actor” (in no random order)

Kevin Cheng for his role as Law Ba in “Ghetto Justice”

Michael Tse for his role as Laughing Sir in “Lives of Omission”

Moses Chan for his role as Song Yi Lang in “When Heaven Burns”

Wayne Lai for his role as Po Kwok Tung (Jack) in “Forensic Heroes 3”

Bowie Lam for his role as Lau Chun Hung in “When Heaven Burns”

“Best Actress” (in no random order)

Fala Chen for her role as Madam Jo in “Lives of Omission”

Charmaine Sheh for her role as Yip Chi Yan in “When Heaven Burns”

Jessica Hsuan for her role as Consort Quan in “The Queen of All”

Myolie Wu for her role as Empress Shencheng in “The Queen of All”

Linda Chung for her role as Miss Koo in “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir”

Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee for her role as Chung Hok Sam (Kelly) in “Forensic Heroes 3”

Source: bbs.163.com, Next magazine, iHKtv

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Thanks for translating this. I’m shaking my head at this over promotion for Moses. His performance in YSSS is a trainwreck at best and HAE is not aired yet, and he’s already a top bill for Best Actor? Is this a halloween joke?

    1. This might be why the younger actors such as Typhoon Raymond and Bai Co Bosco are quick to raise their ‘white flags’ because they know this year TVB will raise another veteran again despite giving good performance or not. It’s no secret that TVB awards isn’t about performance of the year, but is most favoured of the year lol

      If TVB is that desperate for another winner other than Michael, why don’t promote Joe Ma in Relic or Roger Kwok instead of Moses? Is it because Moses know how to please the executives better?

      1. best performance this year should be bowie or ruco.

        moses for this pathetic performance this year is LOL

      2. Ruco will win most improved awards. If Bowie wins Best Actor I think it’s because 620 is asking him to come back and make WAB2

      3. I’d rather Bosco and ray be nominated over Moses and bowie.

        Moses could be nominated for best actor not for a series but in real life, for portraying the pretentiously shy boyfriend.

      4. @josie “Moses could be nominated for best actor not for a series but in real life, for portraying the pretentiously shy boyfriend.”

        LOL you are hillarious but true at the same time 😀

      5. Joe was really good in Relic must agree! 🙂 I really don’t like Moses much these days, especially after YSSS. However, if Moses win, his win will be based on WHB and not YSSS. Will have to see how he fares in there although Bowie in general has always been a better actor than him.

        Since the awards are in early December and WHB won’t be finished airing by the time, it is actually quite unfair to those nominated for the drama. Is WHB a filler anniversary grand production this year? 🙁

    2. I’m disgruntled that Myolie’s performance is overlooked by the media and they are hyping Fala instead. I watched Fala in LOO and I don’t see what’s so special about her performance that made her the top bill for Best Actress?

      1. Sometimes in LOO, Kate shows better emotions than Fala and I don’t consider Kate as a runner for this year’s award but Fala is getting the push to be the fiercest nominee.

      2. linda should be a fair winner but she will not win this year. tavia or myolie will depends on whose contract is about to expire next year ROFL

      3. @exoidus: None of them have contract expiry next year. Both signed contracts with TVB until 2017, 2018.

      4. The article didn’t seem to favor Myolie much. Is her acting really that bad? 🙁

  2. It’s hard to debate fairly until these last series start to air. But I doubt any of the actors f/ “when heaven burns” has a chance b/c the series releases too late. Plus the series has been warehoused 2 yrs so tvb must not have confidence in it.

    So far, I think miss Koo and law ba have the my favorite character award locked up.

    For best actress, fala doesn’t deserve to win for madam Jo.
    All the talk about myolie but I have a feeling Jessica might be impressive too. Just like how Sheren surprisingly stole the show in WAB back then.

    1. Jessica looks rather old for a concubine, especially if Myolie is the Queen.

  3. what did Moses bribe the executives with? Everyone should learn from him to score with bosses in real life ROFL

      1. Vivien,

        The order of her fav’s should be:
        1. LF
        2. Kevin
        3. Ah Mo
        4. Bosco
        5. Laughing
        6. Ron
        And so on…

      2. is ray still his fave after playing around with barbies made in china instead of her?

      3. Just b/c the guys flirt w/ her, doesn’t mean she owns them. Even Mr. Chan is not that possessive.

      4. @josie

        You forgot the women. There are Myolie, Kate and Linda her absolute favs. Tavia I’m not sure but rumours said she and Fala are SC camp. Recently there’s new rumour that Myolie also want to switch to SC camp so that she can get the award

      5. @josie

        620 cares the most about Charmaine and she also admit. Until now Charmaine left but she still got good relations with TVB

    1. Do not frame people with bribery accusation without any proof. You are worst than those reporters when you post such baseless accusations.

      Sorry Jayne. I do not wish to post in such a way but some of these posters are getting overboard in critisizing Moses.

    2. Ahhh don’t say bribe. Some say shoe shining but we malaysian say make satay, because when making satay the most important part is fanning the satay so the fire can be strong and cook the raw satay.

    1. LOL relax buddy its just fun talks. There were always rumours of top executives getting handbags you know…:P

      1. You are not deserve to be my buddy, so stop addressing me your buddy.

      2. I wonder did 620 let you lick hers for agreeing to defend her favourite man’s honour? Lighten up. It was just a joke. And vivien next time don’t use the word bribe. Got a lot of better words with better meaning.

      3. A Bribe By Any Other Name

        The Italian spintarella (meaning “a little push”) and the Greek fakelaki (“a little envelope”)chaqian (“tea-money” in Chinese)These expressions imply that the payment is inoffensive, a mere offer of politeness and hospitality. American (“under the table)

        and many more other examples.

  4. Vivien, lol,exoidus

    Pls do not badmouth any actors even if u not like him. By downgrading one actor will not make your idol looks any better or greater. Support your idol and leave others alone. Do not hurt his fans with your stupid comment. Pls respect others preference. I am sure you would not like it if your idol is being badmouth in such childish manner. Contructive comments are always welcome but not stupid comment. It only show how stupid you are.

    1. LOL, i rather be stupid than letting people telling me to stop expressing my views.

      just ignore my posts if you don’t like it period!

    2. @Annoying:

      I agree with you that it is not very nice to badmouth anyone in particular when you don’t even know him or her in person. A hatred must always be justified in some valid reason or another.

      I think @Vivien was just harmlessly making some baseless assumptions on this open platform and didn’t expect it to come off as a form of insult though of course it is always recommended to be sensitive to other people’s feelings when we comment.

      That being said, I trust you are one who respects others the way you want others to respect you so I don’t think it’s very appropriate to launch a personal attack on others by labeling them as not being very intelligent as it doesn’t really reflect well on yourself too yeah! 🙂

      Furthermore, there is absolutely no truth in the comment of Moses’ bribery as @Vivien was just purely speculating so please don’t get too upset over it k! 😀

      1. Ah K is right! Funn also right! I want to say shoe shining actually ROFL

  5. Thanks for translating all of this! 🙂

    I don’t think I really believe all of this though. lol. Will When Heaven Burns even be qualified for tvb awards? Also, I really can’t imagine tvb not awarding the tv king/queen to a signed tvb artist. They awarded outside of tvb-managed the past few years and I would think they would want to award one of their own to push up the status of their own siu sang/fa dan.

    For tv queen, I wouldn’t really call Myolie a dark horse. She has 2 of the top 3 series so far and though she seems to have a lot of haters, she also has a lot of fans. Actually, I think you can tell if someone is really popular if they begin to gain some haters. 😛
    Also, even though Tavia’s roles this year has not been too outstanding, I can’t imagine her not being nominated for tv queen.

  6. The title is right. But the list… some are not even broadcast yet.

  7. Too bad Ruco Chan is new; therefore his is forced with the improve artist award. I really like his portrayal of a lawyer over kevin cheng and should be a contender. It is sad that 3/5 & 4/6 contenders’ series didn’t even air yet. I have a feeling that Queen of All will be a bust.

    1. they probably should have at least mentioned Raymond Wong in TOT, since he got newcomers award already, but maybe TOO green for TV King award?

    2. I think it’s unfair, Ruco is hardly new in the industry, ten years is consider new. Tvb needs to get their act together and reward real talents.

  8. Myolie Wu has not had any improvement from very long time except she gets more beautiful (I do not think she is beautiful but rather than she has a unique look), compared to the time she’d just entered.
    Example, “Golden Faith – TVB – 2002”, she acted as a naive, somewhat, stupid – she did the job well. Her roles in new dramas, including Ghetto Justice is nothing special – same face expressions (angry, sad, crying, pretending)

  9. Oh please, Moses Chan in top 5? I cringed whilst watching him in YSSS…Even Raymond deserves that spot more than Moses (no offence to Moses fans) but seriously (for people whose watching mwns, you know what im talking about in Ray).

    All these awards are mainly based on actors with high rated series. Sometimes, i wonder why it’s called ‘Best Actor/Actress Award’…

    1. agree! think Raymond is acting out his character WAY better than Moses in YSSS

      was it Moses’ acting or his character in the show that required him to be so ……… ANNOYING

      definetly prefer Raymond acting over Moses acting on this one.

      1. Yah of course Raymond over Moses. The thought of Moses braindead acting in YSSS alone made me nausea and annoyed

    2. It’s just the “name” Sarah and I believe it’s inappropriate. It’s the fact that I don’t see any outstanding acting skill in the recent TVKings, at least for me. I used to like Wayner’s acting, but it’s from the past, not his recent way of act. And I would support Sheren to win with Ru Fei or Hilda in LFD. It’s like all the audience seems to mistake the character with the acting skill. And the award can’t be called “most favourite” either, coz in that case, no senior actors would have any chance to the young siu sangs with their large fan base.

      1. Agree. They should just call it ‘Actor/Actress Award with the highest rated series’ … -rolleyes-

        Because seriously, they’re just picking the main actors/actresses from the top rated series, despite even mentioning others who performed even better but have lower ratings for their series.

      2. Yeah! Even when the character is super boring, the artist acts well, he/she is still a good actor/actress. Like LF’s A Hou, I still think it would be more appropriate to let him have the TVKing and Ha Yu the Favourite Character, coz to me, HY’s character is more interesting than A Hou, but LF’s acting is more convincing than HY, LF could act with his eyes, HY can’t :). But, HY signed 10 years, LF 5 years, then the result could not be different haha…

        And till now, I still considered LF the best actor, especially after watching MWNS. Filming 3 projects at the same time and still can carry that spirit for his character, this man really have something!

      3. Hmn, i actually prefer Ha Yu to win over LF during the MR time. LF was good but rather… hmn, what’s the word? Bland?! He didn’t show much different layers of his skills… Not sure how to word this but if you compare it with MWNS, i think he is doing something different in MWNS compared to MR because the role gives him more layers to develop.
        For MWNS, Raymond has proved to show the audience that he can act in many different characters but TVB won’t give him any breakthrough roles with good plot/high budget dramas because they “love him too much” and is only using him as a promotional tactic (which i don’t understand why people are still saying he is over-promoted in the series field…like seriously?! Some people have 4-5 series aired in a year yet they’re still known as ‘unpromoted’. Oh please…).
        In MWNS, Raymond first portrays a cute, funny and naive devil but as we watched more, we can see his scary side as well. The way he acts out his inconsistent character of this devil is really what i call a great actor because he can make you smile at one time while scared and unpredictable at another time (not to mention, we still have another 10 episode to go so this is just a start from this unpredictable devil).
        Too bad a lot of people have already given up on MWNS and can’t watch Raymond present another him because the series is indeed quite a drag and people have already judged due to the first few episodes (which Ray didn’t get a chance to shine yet). In my opinion, he has already proven to me that he deserves that Top 5 Best Actor spot more than ‘some of the people that are mentioned in this article’ but i won’t name who.

      4. If Raymond won as Ah Hou that you, I would have disagreed. But, if Raymond has won for Mou Ching, I would have agreed with the win. Raymond act better in ‘The Four’ than in MR.

      5. If there is no LOO this year, Laughing wouldn’t be too hyped and Raymond would’ve gotten a better chance to win. I think Laughing should’ve win best character, because Laughing has become a hero icon to many mainland netizens.

      6. Ah Hou is bland. I would like him to win with Alfred or Mo Ching or even the current Typhoon. These roles show his acting skill better. Ah Hou isnt an interesting role and like Kingsley, he acted the role the way it is but the role itself cant capture the attention.

        If MWNS has better start, it’s different. The content dun suitable for a series. A movie might be better. However the role Typhoon is a role with a lot of layers and able to show the acting.

  10. you alreDY kno this aiint going to be the top 5 i highly doubt it because raymond for sure has to be in the top 5. i think tvb would make the top 5 be kevin laughing bosco raymond wayne

    1. Yeah, they need to give him “something” in order for him to stay so they can drain him 🙂

  11. Sick of these hyped up dramas. They better be good otherwise I’m going to have to change the channel on them!

    1. I want to see how Myolie will handle her villain role. I hope she doesn’t follow Tavia’s destruction path in BTROC. I’m crossing my fingers, but last time Kate mentioned that she heard Myolie is good. I think one of the editors must’ve told Kate.

  12. i think it’s quite offending the article didn’t mention steven Ma or Kenneth ma. they did really good in Life Of Sentinel. even Power chan did great as the king!

    if tvb really wanted to do something about publicity for tv king, they should include at least some award nominations for Sentinel instead of the boring always those few 5 series in the nominations. (usually the most ‘popular ones’ laughing, the devil series, forensic, queen of queens, law ba?)

    and what happened to ‘the other truth’?? sigh so sad its not in the tvb political struggles… NOT.. lol

    1. “i think it’s quite offending the article didn’t mention steven Ma or Kenneth ma. they did really good in Life Of Sentinel. ”

      Steven is leaving or have left TVB already remember? I have a feeling Bowie won’t win although he may get an honorable mention. WHB may only be included in the anniversary series, but they are also the last to air and by the time of the awards, it won’t be finished airing so it doesn’t do justice for the cast, and TVB has no intention of letting Bowie win. It’s probably a tease to see if Bowie will return to TVB.

      Kenneth Ma seems to be one of the most obedient TVB actors right now. TVB probably thinks he won’t be leaving anytime soon and his efforts can be rewarded later. Kenneth wasn’t too great as a villain in Sentinel, IMO. Everyone else mentioned in the article delivered a better performance respectively.

      1. Kenneth is better as upright characters. He’s too puppy eyed for all these villain roles.

  13. Would love to see Wayne Lai take the ‘King’ title again but I don’t think he will this year. My next vote/hope would be at least another deserving veteran – possibly Bowie Lam. PLEASE – anyone BUT those highly promoted so-called “artists” in the recent years. I would be disgusted with TVB if Ray Lam, Linda Chung, Myolie takes such a title and if this should happen, the King/Queen title is GARBAGE. My prediction: Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh – only because they lost it last year and they are so popular… (no idea what people see in them – they act the same in every drama!)

    1. Raymond Lam, Linda Chung and Myolie all “lost it last year” and “so popular”.
      I don’t see TVB promote Raymond Lam in series field, I don’t see him in grand production this year. None of his series this year is heavily promoted. TVB only push him in the Music field with EEG coz he seems to be the only TVB artist that succeeded in singing career.

      1. And of course, bring TVB money! I even have the feeling TVB is underpromote him in term of series. Fa Fa and MWNS are all small series (20 eps), it’s like they are using him to pull up the headlines. And everytime the rating is down, it’s his fault. Success? It’s others’ credit.

        Is there any promoted siu sang and fa dan who would film only 1 series each year?? That’s what he gonna do.

      2. Raymond is becoming the next Louis Koo and Andy Lau and focus on movies. He’s the only one after Louis Koo from TVB who excel in movies and invited for grand production movies

      3. I don’t see how TVB promotes Raymond in the drama field either (like, giving him crappy roles, crappy dramas, just using him as a promotional tactic) and i agree that when the series fail, it’s his fault but when it succeeds, he is invisible.

        So glad he is signing a 1-series/year contract. Thank goodness, you made a wise choice. Stay away from TVB; you can show your talents somewhere else and at least, have others appreciate it (as HK media just loves to bash him for whatever he does).

      4. @Vivien: But at least Louis was 2 times TVking winner! I hope LF would follow Nick Cheung ^^

    2. Tell me who do you think should take the title instead of Myolie 😀

      Linda Chung and Myolie that you mentioned are the most outstanding out of the actresses competing this year so far

  14. Michael and Myolie or Tavia all deserve to win. They have been in the industry working hard for soo long and this is just an award it’s not only the best of the best only derserve it. whoever works hard can win. next year can be someone else’s turn. not like the end of the world…and every actors isn’t perfect.

    1. “They have been in the industry working hard for soo long and this is just an award it’s not only the best of the best only derserve it. ”

      If that’s the case, then it should be Steven’s turn. Michael entered later and contributed less to TVB compared to Steven.

      1. That’s not necessarily the case with TVB earning so much from the Laughing franchise.

      2. Steven is boring and stagnant. Michael is arrogant and over milked. They still don’t match to Wayne Lai’s acting and status.

      3. Wayne Lai is no god of acting, and he also got his status only after getting his first Best Actor award. Arrogance is something he has plenty of, too.

      4. After some long observation, I personally summed up that TVB and a huge part its “fandom”(yeah, the fans) place an important stake at artistes’ “seniority”, whether these parties realize it or not.

        Yeah, as per mentioned many times, the award titles should change. What does “Best Actor” means now? In my dictionary:

        Best Actor(TVB 44th anniversary): “an actor who gives the best performance”(within the timeframe included in the judgement)

        To TVB? Possibly: “An actor with an extremely popular character we would promote to make money? An actor we promise something to secure a contract? An actor who waited so long in TVB and it’s “time” for him to get it? “the list goes on..

        To fans: “An actor we love the most? An actor we love the character the most? An actor due to receive any ‘good treatment’ from TVB after being in the industry so long?” the list goes on..

        The title itself is too vague and clashes with my understanding of the term “Best Actor”.

        Thus why I placed more attention on film awards instead of TV awards(not just for TVB). Yeah, film awards may have disputes too and still can’t run away from the normal phenomenon of more popular, more nicely rated, more chance for award; but at least more credible than many TV awards, and less priority on “seniority”.

        I hope some can open up their mind and accept these “younger” generation instead of keep chanting that “Current artistes are horrible! The past artistes are much much better!”; but I guess everyone is free to have each own’s stand.

        Bwahaha…darn I make myself sound so serious. Sorry for the musing 😛

    2. Who dun work hard? Michael, Myolie, TY are just like all other artists. Dun use work hard as a reason to think they can win because they dun work harder than anyone else.

    3. Yeah, even supporters work hard too coz they have to run around filming different roles at one time.

  15. I cant believe they have Jessica & Sunny Chan in the same series AGAIN! I’m so tired of Sunny chan & his awful facial expressions & shrilling voice!

  16. Wow!!!I think i vote for…..i don’t know yet the tvb anniversary is in december and there is more series coming up so lets wait to december!!!

  17. I personally think Bosco is a good contender this year. I never really liked Moses and his ‘stupid’ characters. I liked him as ‘cool’ like in Gem of Life. So, if he doesn’t act well in WHB, he will def not win. And for girls, Charmaine will not win as she is no longer tvb. So, im rooting for linda as fala’s performance was okay. Ruco and Wong Ho Yin both deserve an award for their dramas.

    1. I don’t think Bosco has any chance since he’s “too young” (all-time reason from TVB)and his contract will not end until 2017 or 2019, as I rmbed.

      1. Bosco is still green. He will only get it after Raymond also no matter how improved he is. It’s also weird if he get it because that would mean he’s same level as Wayne Lai which is ABSOLUTELY NOT rofl

      2. Nah, Bosco doesn’t stand a chance no matter how much he shines…

        Top 5? Maybe.
        Best Actor? Nah, maybe a few years time & most definitely after Raymond.

      3. Yes although Bosco shines this year he’s definitely not up for the award yet. Not the right time and yes certainly not before Raymond. He also keep saying he doesn’t really want it. Top 5 is fine.

      1. Like what other ppl said I think Linda will win Most Fav only :P. So you can’t laugh ROFL too bad

    2. Lol. Reporters bombarded him yesterday about some rumors of TBB thinking Michael and him not up to the level yet, and TBB will support Wayne&other established veterans instead, and he outright admitted that he’s “not there yet” and support Wayne instead..haha. His spontaneous response are always good. Great EQ.

    3. But..to be honest, with this kind of “prestige value”(or the lack of it), will the winners feel honored to win? They might just treat it as some “bonus” from TBB..as previously said, this is just “employee appreciation night” 😛

  18. Kevin Cheng and Michael Tse were both outstanding in their specific roles which seemed specially tailored for them. They effortlessly slipped into their roles and became the characters that they played. Kevin stood out in his portrayal of a down-and-out lawyer, Law Ba, in Ghetto Justice. Likewise, Michael, in his undercover role in ‘Lives of Omission’ was unforgettable. Both were far superior to the other actors that I have watched.
    Whoever said that Kevin’s career was ‘resurrected’ in Ghetto Justice is wrong. It is opinion and not fact. It’s a case of the wrong use of the word, ‘resurrected’. Kevin Cheng has never fallen from grace, and neither has the quality of his acting been questioned in any of his series. All along, I thought, in all his series, his performance was sterling.
    Michael Tse, is on a par with Kevin Cheng. He was fantastic in his portrayal as the suave Laughing Gor. I particularly like his scenes with Fala. The seduction of Mdm Jo by Laughing Gor gives us a clear idea and indication of Michael’s brilliant performance in the series. Do you remember the yearning way he looked at Fala, the nuances of his smiles, his patronizing and self-satisfied smirks, his penetrating glances, his sexual innuendos, the subtle raising of his eyebrows, the seductive, sexy smiles, the quivering curve of his lips, his conspiratorial whispers, the modulation of his voice – sometimes soft, silky and caressing and sometimes strong and macho, his charming, sardonic and mocking manner, his supercilious laugh? All these speak volumes for his acting. His character is so endearing, and refreshing and appeals to the feminine audience.
    These are the only two who should be competing for the much sought after TV King title. I hope TVB will not try to pervert justice and do wrong to these two great stars. I hope they will not be robbed of their title.

  19. I have not finish reading this article, only halfway. But, I find the article writer to be talking nonsense. Her/his ‘analysis’ does not make sense at all. The only good thing about this article is, it tells me what series will be aired in the coming months.

  20. how kevin cheng once managed to be tv king is a complete joke. i’m rooting for michael tse.

    1. Totally agree with u!! the series he got it for was ridiculous too!!

    2. I am not sure if KC can win for TVB king. But He did a hell of job in BU BU Jing Xin (mainland drama). Just hope he can get something in mainland TV award. His fan base grew like crazy if you follow any chinese web.

  21. Finish reading the article. Still find the article writer to be talking nonsense.

  22. I thought Fala Chen had a striking resemblance to Chow Yung Fatt in the 2010 photo that showed her holding her trophy.Their smiles seemed similar.

    1. Hee hee, how can Fala (a woman) resemble Chow Yung Fatt (a man)? But you said the smile… ok.

      Fala always seemed to be a shrewd, beautiful lady who knows how to present herself whether low profile, soft, womanly, sexy, and she has this great, beautiful, sparkling smile with dimples and her twinkling eyes. I agree in this current stable of actresses, she has potential. I can feel she has ambition.

      Doesn’t channel innocent vibes to me.

  23. ““When Heaven Burns” primarily focuses on the controversial topic of cannibalism, clearly inspired from the 1993 American film adaption of the 1974 book, “Alive”, which documented the chronicles of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571.”

    Let me guess? That will be the focus for tops 3 episodes. The rest will be about the guys going after women, or one woman.

    “In “Queens”, Myolie Wu would be acting as the evil empress who would resort to cunning schemes and trickery to harm Jessica Hsuan, thus leading to a open strife and discreet infighting between the two women, undoubtedly sounding like a carbon copy of “War and Beauty” and “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”!”

    Isn’t Jess a tad too old? Why can’t she be the villain? Myolie never looked good in ancient costume roles. Jess… sorry to Jess fans but I think she is a one note actress. Really want to be interested in this but I just feel the casting is all wrong.

    “First up to fight the frontline would be Liza Wang’s and the three fortune buddies’ “Detective Liza and Gods”. It would be premiering on 3 October 2011 and broadcasting at 8:30pm.”

    Always thought The 3 Gods could stand on their rather than fanning on Liza’s ego which they do in every show. Can someone just tell Liza to stop singing because her voice has lost it? Can someone tell her don’t hog the limelight and just let the 3 guys get the limelight?

    P/S Is Sunny Chan now officially the most hardworking veteran actor besides Wayne? I see him in every series and he can permanently not regrow his hair. It seems Qing series, go to Sunny.

    1. “Forensic Heroes 3″ portrays about how the police cracks cases from a scientific point of view. By capitalizing on their expertise, forensic experts assist the police in deriving the crux of the cases from analyzing crucial clues left behind in the scene like fingerprints, shoe prints, blood spatters, hair fragments and etc. While investigating the crimes, the male and female characters also get romantically involved with each other, totally resembling the plot out of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigations”.”

      Just don’t give me preachy lines like “You know you’re wrong to murder don’t you?” uttered by poor Bobby or Charmaine suddenly appearing and the series all about her. And please no flash flash sort of effects! But I am sure we have the stars giving monologues about science stuff and even parents who talk science with their children. Just throw away the pretentiousness and just don’t follow the trash called CSI or any of its spin offs.

      1. P/S Fala won’t win. Myolie won’t win. Linda will, for the right role.

        As for the men.. Bowie to win since … is he leaving or not? If he is, he won’t be in the list.

    2. ROFL so its not only me who never think highly of Jessica. I always think she lacks something compare to her amazing peers Ada, Esther Kwan, Flora, Kenix

      1. Jessica had her ups and downs. She did a good job in DIF4, 天地男兒, 天地豪情, 流金歲月. Over the years, she has become somewhat one noted. I was looking forward to her collaboration with Michael Miu and Felix Wong but she didn’t carry the series well. Her mind seems to be drifted off to somewhere else … maybe it was Gallen Lo that was able to showcase her.

        In terms of her ranking with her peers, I would rank them in this order: Esther Kwan, Flora Chan, Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan, Marianne Chan, Nnadia Chan, Kenix Kwok, and Maggie Cheung HY.

        They are all very good actress though, the range from the best to least best is very small. I think I also love them a lot after seeing what I’m stuck with right now.

      2. I like Ada, I think that her small face and slim frame looks good. She is one of those girls who look good with short hair.

        Flora… not bad as well, although of late she looks mature in the series with Joe Ma. Was shocked at how much she aged. Altough when she was young, she looked great playing lawyer types. She has that professional, clean cut and tough, but still kind look.

        I also think Kenix is pretty. Small boned and slim size.

        Sorry, I have to agree that Jessica is a one note actress (Funn’s term) although her sunny vibe and personality seems ok.

      3. Tavia looks uncannily like Maggie Cheung HY, especially when she first debuted in Moonlight Reasonance.

        Not knowing Tavia well at that time, I kept wondering whether it was Maggie, how come she looked younger and prettier?

        Of course, now Tavia’s looks have shifted slightly.

    3. Let me guess? That will be the focus for tops 3 episodes. The rest will be about the guys going after women, or one woman.

      The accident part will be portrayed by younger actors, not the leads themselves. The series will be flashback weaved into current timeline format.

      Last year, a TVB editor commented on weibo that she watched the whole series. She said that the concept is very different from usual TVB family fanfare and would not sit well with housewives taste.

    4. @FunnLim: Liza thinks she’s still young (teenage??? LOL), look at her costumes, they are for the 16s!

  24. I hope Linda wins as I still hope Michael Tse wins something for his Laughing role.

  25. When Heaven Burns is kind of a crazy series – it might get lot of complains but I’d love to watch it

  26. Jessica has never really captivated me in any of her acting gigs… I find her to be bland. Of the ladies, I probably like Maggie and Linda the best. Of the males, Bowie and Steven. I hope Kenny Wong gets promoted more!!

    Also… not sure if TVB is capable of taking on a topic like cannibalism in When Heaven Burns

    1. No doubt capable as it is for shock value. The rest trust me will be family drama.

    2. I know this is a bit off topic but you mentioned that you are not sure if TVB was capable of taking on a topic like cannibalism.

      I am watching The Conqueror’s Story, which must be an old TVB series on Xiang Yu, Adam Cheng as Liu Bang, etc, and I am really quite disgusted and disappointed at the way that TVB treat our interesting Chinese history and heritage.

      In the series, Liu Bang is portrayed as good for nothing who indulge in wine, wealth and women, and his achievements are a result of luck, and due to his advisor.

      Xiang Yu is portrayed as a simple minded and rash warrior who carries out the ambitions of his advisor, Second Father (who is that in history?).

      The nobles and brave warriors following Liu Bang are portrayes as low class, uncultured people, flirting with palace maids (Liu Bang flirted inappropriately with a low level and insignificant palace maid too).

      Having watch epics like Red Cliff, and even China historical dramas, and having a high regard for the brilliant minds of these great historical figures, I am dismayed and saddened by the vulgarization of TVB handling of these characters.

      Even though I am not an expert and because my Chinese is poor, I only read translations or comic versions of these Chinese teachings, but I know enough to treat them with respect because they are part of our Chinese heritage.

      TVB is good in many ways, but on this particular series, I am ashamed, dismayed and embarrassed by the way they handled the subject matter.

      1. Liu Bang was indeed a lucky dude with his low class attitude such as breaking his word and rather seeing his parents die.

        Xiang Yu on the other hand is one of the greatest hero ever lived in China. Too bad he wasn’t as cunning and manipulative as Liu Bang. He should have killed him a long time ago.

      2. Second Father (who is that in history?)

        Xiang Pak.

        Liu Pang in the history is even worse. He even pee on the king cap when he is over drunk. Liu Pang is named as a “little person (siu ren) in the history.

        But it’s all from the outside. Inside, he is crafter than anyone. Xiang Yu is just a good warrior, his head is smaller than Liu Pang many times.

        In this series, the same Liu Pang is made, or even more human than the Liu Pang describred in the history. The Liu Pang in the series is a good person, might be craft, greedy, etc. but he is still a good person. Liu Pang in the eyes of Chinese history is a worser person.

        I dun think TVB made bad on Chinese history in this series.

      3. Xiang Yu can’t be a good king. He thinks by his strength more than his head. His actions are just make the citizens run to Liu Pang more. He is also too naive, too straight-forward and only think for the short term.

        Xiang Yu is born to be a warrior, Liu Pang is born to be a king.

        Never ask a politician to be straight-forward. They all need to be cunning and manipulative to climb higher and live in the world of politician. To think that a straight-forward person can be a good politician or think a politician is straight-forward, it’s a naive thinking.

      4. yeah Xiang Yu wouldn’t be a good king he was prolly to ignorant of other people. However i do admire him and he reminds me of Hercules.

        Just don’t like the fact that the low life won the battle in the end LOL

      5. The Conqueror’s Story happen to be one of my favourite TVB series.

        The series actually show Liu Bang in a better light than he actually was. Yes, Liu Bang in history was smarter and more cunning. But, he’s also more selfish and less noble. He threw his young son off his carriage numerous time so that the carriage will be lighter and can run away from enemy faster. It’s his loyal subject (I forgot who) who keep grabbing the kid back.

        Xiang Yu was a great strategist and general, but, it’s also written in history that he’s not good at using the talents he has with him and that’s why they defected.

      6. Ooh… this shows what happens when you forget your Chinese history studies and relies on comic book translations… I mean myself.

        Fox, hm… I am impressed. A lawyer and you are well versed in Chinese history too.

        Ok, maybe in The Conqueror’s Story, Liu Pang will show his true colors in the later episodes, that he is not really a good for nothing… I shall wait and watch.

      7. One part in the history is used in this series: The one who died for Liu Pang (look like him), told Xiang Yu: “Do you know the name of Xiang Chang’s son (Xiang Yu’s cousin and also the best general of Xiang Yu)?” Xiang Yu said: “Why I need to know these small detail?”. This person said: “This is the difference between you and Liu Pang”.

        Liu Pang is smarter than Xiang Yu.

        Hercules is a hero – but a lonely hero. He do everything himself by his own strength. He doesn’t have someone to take care for, like a team that need his lead. He only needs to care for himself. So I think Odyse is more of a hero than Hercules.

      8. @Canto: Reading is my childhood habit.

        Actually, history still has a bit of bias view from the one who write about it. They tried hard to avoid but still has a little opinions on it.

        As for the novels, of course, all has biased mind of the authour. Such as 3 Kingdoms, the author is kinda biased toward Liu side, to build it better than the two other sides. Hehe, I think Liu Bei is also a cunning craft fox. He is way smarter than wat he showed out.

      9. I don’t like Xiang Yu burning down the Qin’s library and caused a lot of knowledge to disappear. Qin Shi Huang burned a lot of books to curb the thoughts of the masses, but, he kept a copy in his own palace library and Xiang Yu burned it down.

      10. perhaps odysseus shares more similarities with XY than hercules besides his great strenght.

        i think hercules is considered the greatest hero in the greek mytology.

        LB was emperor while history still have bad news of him so obviosly he was indeed a low life and perhaps even worst written in history.

        and i agree that we don’t know if “history” as we know it is the truth!

      11. @Kidd: It’s also a proof to see that Xiang Yu dun think much, only do things he wanna do and dun think for the long term.

        @exoidus: Watever, Liu Pang is the winner and Xiang Yu is a loser.

        As for Hercules, the description of hero to the western ppl is different.

      12. “In the series, Liu Bang is portrayed as good for nothing who indulge in wine, wealth and women, and his achievements are a result of luck, and due to his advisor.”

        His greatest achievement was him able to have so many smart people fight the battle for him.

      13. yeah having many bright many working for him only to killed them like flies when they are not needed anymore LOL

      14. @Kidd,

        To be able to inspire so many talented people to fight for you, so that your path becomes easier and smoother, that in itself is a great accomplishment too.

        Agree with you on the burning of books… wealth of knowledge. Must have set back China’s glorious history for years, that’s why the west can over take China easily for such a long time. China was then knowing as the sleeping dragon.

      15. To have many talented guys work for him is a talent. Do you think that the talented guys willing to sell their life and contribution to a idiot?

        The smartest guys isn’t the one who can do everything but the one who can use other smart guys to do everything for him.

      16. in the ancient time i think its possible for talented people to work for a moron out of gratitude. Ancient people were willing to give up their own life for their friends.

      17. Liu Pang isn’t a guy with good background. He is a normal guy in the village. Xiang Yu has better background.

        Any period is the same. Can use right talents of ppl under you will make you become the winner.

      18. Admittedly, I would prefer they show a smarter and more capable Liu Bang in the series. But, overall, the series is good. So, I’m able to let this pass. I just take is as another POV on history.

        I actually think they downplayed on Chen Ping’s capability and intelligence.

      19. The Conqueror’s Story was a joke. If Liu Bang was as portrayed, no one would want to work for him, he wouldn’t have been emperor that created a dynasty that lasted I believe 400 years. Credit must be given. I do not believe he listened to his wife and became great. That man must be able to use good people, attract good people, listen to good advice, something Xiang Yu being a military man was incapable of doing. Moreover yes he was shrewd. He had to be, if not how could he ever be emperor?

        Xiang Yu is too romanticised. Didn’t he order some how many was it to be killed? If he had shown mercy, he may have been emperor. History was kind to him because of his achievements for such a young age and he did have China’s most beautiful woman by his side. But I admire Liu Bang for the reasons why Xiang Yu ended up dead. Liu Bang was shrewd, practical and he listened to advice. Both could be blamed for tyranny but in the end it was Liu Bang who became the victor. I didn’t like The Conqueror’s Story and the way it portrayed Liu Bang.

        And don’t forget, sometimes history is written by the harshest critics who wished to have a bit of romantic ideas. Caocao was always portrayed as the villain, but in real life he was very educated, very poetic and had loyal men by his side till the end. Unless we lived in those times, history can sometimes be very one sided. But I agree there were tyranny. Which emperor became emperor without tyranny? The basis was always tyranny. The only that wasn’t was the Yellow Emperor and those of mythical times that China has yet to dig any evidence. I am sure it is there.

      20. I love The Conqueror’s story. It’s one of my favourite ancient series

  27. Sorry, I don’t speak Cantonese, but can someone explain to me what does “gwing” expressions mean, when the article speak about Moylie’s acting as “gwing”?

    “Chok” I can try to guess, based on your descriptions of Raymond Lam acting “chok”.

    But “gwing” confounded me there. Don’t think it is something I can google too…

    1. You can watch Twilight Investigation to find the description of Gwing.

      I think Kenneth Ma has Gwing face more than Myolie.

      1. P/S: Here is word Gwing: 囧 . See it and you can imagine how is Gwing face.

      2. @Fox and Claimine

        I watched the video and see the Chinese word!

        They say that “gwing” is a facial expression used to describe one’s mood. It can be helpless, shocked, stunned, frustrated, depressed, strange, speechless, etc.

        So for example in sentence construction:

        Sentence 1. Your “gwing” expressions are very good, you shd consider becoming an actor!

        Sentence 2. His face is very “gwing”. You can tell what he is feeling by looking at his face.

        Correct usage!?! 🙂

    2. if you google “myolie wu 囧”, you’ll see Myolie’s gwing look. Gwing is a good example of Chinese pictographic characters.

      As to your e.g.,Gwing is not used as a flattering word. Look at the character again. Inverted eyebrows and a squarish mouth as a facial expression, then look at the myolie’s gwing look. If you still don’t get the gwing look, then I can’t help you.lol!

      1. Myolie is not gwing anymore. I find that it was rude that netizens keep calling her gwing 囧 🙁

      2. @lol,

        Me too. I think Myolie is a decent and good actress. Maybe not the best, but definitely not bad. I recall there were many criticisms for her acting in Tai Chi, but I didn’t watch that one. However, I think she delivered well in her dramas so far this year and was very cute. 🙂

      3. I think the character Myolie has in Taichi is more annoying than her acting.

  28. From the airing time, I dun think Heaven and Dwelling (rumoured to aired at 8:30 after the Jessica-Myolie series Curse of something) will be nominated :).

    1. Even IF WHB is nominated, it’s just to hype up the TV King/Queen race. If TVB are serious in making WHB a contender in the race, they will be leaking some juicy bits to media already.

      WHB don’t really stand a chance in TVB anniversary award (coz TVB would rather promote its own managed artists, so it’s kinda expected). Plus, I think the execs already foresee that the genre of the story will not be suitable for family series, so won’t expect too much from TV ratings.

      1. That’s right. WHB and Dwelling won’t stand for a chance. However, 3 of Linda series in a row, TVB is planning wat?

  29. I want the Best Actor and Best Actress award to come from the younger generation artists this year. Best Actor/Actress award is like a glass ceiling now for these actors. They were nominated every year, but, were always ‘too young’ to get the award.

    So, I hope this time, one of them will break the glass ceiling so that in the future, other actors from their generation have a chance at it too.

    Competition is stiffer in the Best Actor Category. So, I hope that Myolie or Tavia will win Best Actress Award so that Raymond can finally get his in subsequent year (if this year he didn’t win).

    Btw, people seem to have forgotten Maggie Cheung Ho Yi. She’s the female lead of FH3. But, the media just talk about Wayne Lai and ignore the existence of Maggie Cheung.

    1. My prediction: Myolie will win this year and maybe LF will win the second year like wat happened to the Most Improved award :). But with his new contract and 1 series per year like now, I doubt that he’ll win in the next year.

      Maggie Cheung won’t stand for a chance because her bond with TVB isn’t as tight as Wayne.

      1. Same prediction. I predict Myolie will break it too this year and starts the younger generation cycle(just like how Most Improved started)

      2. @ Fox

        “But with his new contract and 1 series per year like now, I doubt that he’ll win in the next year.”

        His managed contract is one series per year? That’s pretty flexible.

      3. Yes, maybe that’s why he signed again? He has a good offer from Hua Yi and also EEG.

      4. Ah, forget to mention that he also has the right to choose series and role to act due to the new contract.

      5. Fox, that does seem like a good contract deal. Only one TBB drama per year, plus ability to choose role and series; means that he won’t be too tied with TVB and have ample areas to develop further outside.

      6. I guess the good deal is the reason why he signed another contract. From the recent interview, I think he now wanna work in movie field more.

    2. “I want the Best Actor and Best Actress award to come from the younger generation artists this year. Best Actor/Actress award is like a glass ceiling now for these actors. They were nominated every year, but, were always ‘too young’ to get the award.”

      Same here! 🙂

  30. “In contrast, Myolie Wu, who had always been criticized for her “gwing” facial expressions and average acting skills, has recently been highly applauded for her convincing turn as a vicious empress in the upcoming epic drama, “The Queen of All”, which was said to be a huge departure from her previous mediocre acting performances.”

    Err, this series hasn’t even aired yet, how are they to know whether she did a good job (no offense to her fans)? How to applaud when no one has seen her acting yet? Is the reporter physic? Personally I think Myolie looks better in modern dramas and she’s a pretty decent actress.

    Linda did a good job in that crying scene in YSSS but seriously, that one good scene is not enough to win the Best Actress award. She has the stuff but not for that series and not now, she will win later in her career.

    Honestly at the moment, I can’t see who might win simply because no one has done a good enough job and is not a serious enough contender.

    1. “Err, this series hasn’t even aired yet, how are they to know whether she did a good job (no offense to her fans)? How to applaud when no one has seen her acting yet? Is the reporter physic?”

      That’s why I said the article writer is talking nonsense. Her analysis doesn’t make sense.

      1. Haha yea exactly.. haih, funny articles these HK ‘reporters’ write sometimes..

  31. So far, Laughing Gor characters are well written, second is Ruco in The Other Truth

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