Michael Tse Red-Faced After Getting Caressed By Female Fans

To promote his new drama, Michael Tse (謝天華) appeared at a mall and went up close and personal with his fans, taking photos and signing autographs for them. In the midst of it all, he was also caressed (from the back) on the shoulders and arms by two warm female fans. Michael Tse professed that the two females made him go red in the face.

TVB Artists Michael Tse, Fala Chen (陳法拉) and the other cast of their drama, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, went to a shopping mall in Mongkok to promote their drama. The event attracted many Hong Kong citizens who crowded around to catch their idols in action.

In the midst of it all, Michael Tse and Fala Chen walked close to the cordoned off area to sign autographs and to take photos with fans. All of a sudden, two warm female fans appeared behind Michael Tse and put their hands on his shoulders and arms. This made Michael embarrassed and said, “They made my face get red!”

After that incident, Michael expressed that he didn’t mind and said, “I understand that all the fans wish to see us in the flesh so it’s perfectly normal to be touched by them!” (It’s even okay with you to be bitten by them?) “Well, I have to be notified in advance. (What’s your thoughts about being caressed?) “It’s not a problem however if I’m mentally tired and distracted, it might scare me. It would be best to request or to ask for permission first as doing a surprise attack wouldn’t be nice. However, those two females were courteous and gentle when they touched and did not startle me. They even helped me to sweep my back.”

Has Confidence To Be TV King

At the venue, Michael Tse announced that the highest rating for Lives of Omission peaked at 33 points. Asked whether he has the confidence to snatch the TV King award this year, Michael replied, “As per usual, there is still quite a long way to go before the TVB Anniversary Awards. I will be confident if we can garner higher viewership and more support from the audience.” (Do you wish to become TV King?) “It is every parent’s wish for their children to become Number 1 in their exams; it is the same case for us. From an artist’s perspective, of course everyone  wants to get good results.” (So you are confident?) “I’m confident in every matter.”

Fala Chen was also busy diligently promoting the series as well. Despite her fallen camisole strap, she continued to  sign autographs for the audience. Fala Chen revealed that her boyfriend, Sit Sai Hang, would make it a point to tape her shows and watch them. She also mentioned that her boyfriend would also give her his opinions after watching, “He said that I managed to grasp the look of a police madam very well.” (Are you as autocratic as your character in real life?) “No, I’m not. We always discuss things nicely with each other.”


Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Since TVB always based winning on popularity, Michael has the highest chance to win with his accumulated fanbase of Laughing character who’s already familiar by the audience, this is why he’s confident although the series only released 9 episodes so far.

    Or maybe there’s a secret deal already between him and TVB to make him continue playing Laughing and let TVB milk Laughing until the last drop.

  2. I can see Michael likes the caress so much from a pretty female fan!, this shows Michael’s popularity from the role of laughing gor in hk is still pretty much famous.

    Fala looks slim there in a short shorts!

  3. I think Michael enjoys the adoration of female fans (who wouldn’t) despite the fact he went red in the face. I also think that deep down he is a pretty shy person and maybe feels he has to put on a show to keep his fans happy. Oh, I really hope he wins this year as the role of Laughing Gor seems to be tailor made for him only. Good Luck Michael.

  4. I would probably caress Michael Tse if given the chance too. I would target his strong arms! 🙂

    Although some commentators have mentioned that Michael is quiet and shy in real life, I do not detect that aura in any of his performances. He comes across as a very confident actor, even in his early TVB days.

    1. Haha jayne, u perv!

      Actually I think most guys don’t mind if girls “pick a little water” as long as it’s not aggressive ‘fei lai’. Like michael said, politely ask first. 🙂
      I think he initially got scared b/c maybe he thought it was a guy touching him.

  5. These two girls are my friends. They were spending their holiday in HK =D

    Vicky from Holland

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