Myolie Wu Seizes One Hour To Shop To Her Heart’s Content In Venice

Invited by famed director Johnnie To (杜琪峯), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) had the honor of attending the inaugural Venice Film Festival which was held yesterday in Venice. It was known that Myolie even used an hour to shop to her heart’s content there!

Besides that, Johnnie To had also brought them [Myolie and Sean Lau (劉青雲)] out to enjoy scrumptious seafood and red wine.

It was no wonder then that although Sean Lau professed that he does not deny wanting the award, he was also fine with leaving empty-handed in the end too!

Myolie and Sean attended the 68th Venice Film Festival last night. The movie that the duo starred in, was the last Chinese movie to be screened during the festival. Myolie who was donned in a short white mini-skirt for the festival, showcased her well-toned legs in that outfit. This was Myolie’s very first time attending an event in the capacity of a moviemaker thus she was undoubtedly excited about it.

Did not have the affinity to see any Hollywood stars

Myolie expressed in a long distance phone call, “I didn’t expect to have such a chance as I am after-all not a moviemaker. I’m just riding on the coattails of Johnnie To’s fame.”

Myolie also revealed that Johnnie To had brought them to a famous local restaurant for some delightful seafood and red wine last night and said, “I even used an hour of spare time to shop to my heart’s content and splurged a sum of five digits on three pairs of shoes. I was thinking that since I had this rare opportunity to come here, I should buy something to reward myself especially since I normally work so hard.”

After that, Myolie went to Piazza San Marco, which is also known as St. Mark’s Square, to buy the triangle or rather triangel doll that appeared in the 2003 TVB drama, Triumph In the Skies《衝上雲霄》. [re: A Triangel doll is a porcelain and clothed doll from Italy. It is said to be able to bless you and your beloved. It piqued an interest in the audience right after it was featured in scenes from “Triumph In The Skies”]

Myolie also implied that she would be holding a lucky draw over Weibo much later to give the triangle doll to her fans. Because their movie was screened at the very end of the Venice Film Festival, Myolie sighed in disappointment about not being able to see any Hollywood stars during her trip here.

On the other hand, Sean Lau expressed that he has been in Venice for quite a few days now as he had previously just toured Rome with his wife. Sean laughed and said, “Of course I hope to win an award. However I also wouldn’t  mind if I do not receive any award in the end.”

Johnnie To felt a pang of guilt towards his cast

In other news, a glamorously dressed Myolie Wu, Johnnie To and Sean Lau attended the press conference of their new movie yesterday afternoon (Venice time).

Johnnie To, the director of the film, professed that in the year 2008, he suddenly thought of shooting a movie that did not involve any guns and furthermore, since that was the year of the financial tsunami, such a concept for his movie was then created.

However, Johnnie expressed that he felt a pang of guilt towards his cast as he had made the main plot difficult for them to grasp due to his constant amendments to the script while they were filming.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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    1. That’s some weird dress and hairstyle and don’t look good on her

    2. Did she copy the hair style from the Moses girlfriend? forgot her name.

      When I first glance at the picture and not the headline I thought it was Moses girlfriend.

      What an ugly dress, agree with Vivien hair and clothes look weird on her.

    3. Myolie really needs a stylist. Maybe that bikini top is supposed to be worn under the lace dress, not outside. Either way, the dress is still ugly and inappropriate for the Venice film festival.

      P.S.- that tri-angel doll still freaks me out, after all these yrs.

  1. Saw this dress on another website and discovered that she’s not wearing a dress but a top and white bubbble lower-thigh length skirt – the whole outfit is completely hideous!

    She looks dramatically better in long, flowing evening gowns, which would’ve been a much better choice for a grand event like the Venice Film Festival.

    1. Other than the bikini top which would have been more appropriate and safer if she wore it inside, I don’t find the dress hideous.

      For the red carpet, she wore a long floral gown in nude color, which I suppose is more appropriate for your taste?

  2. Did anyone notice that Myolie’s face has turned prettier compare to her first appearance on tv? Is it the effect of Makeup again?

  3. Facially I find Myolie prettier than she used to be. Maybe its the trick of the cameras or different type of make-up. I almost didn’t recognise him at the photo above with Sean Lau. Didn’t like her hair style either but must admit she looked prettier in that photo. Poor Sean hasn’t aged well though.

    1. Sean Lau looks good for a 47 years old man.

      People like Raymond Cho is abnormal. Don’t use him a standard.

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