Pang Ho-cheung Returns with All Female Cast for “Missbehavior”

Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung (彭浩翔) is back in the scene with a new comedy Missbehavior <恭喜八婆>, starring an all-female leading cast. The Vulgaria <低俗喜劇> director will return to his roots of doing satirical comedy, this time about a woman who ends up being a popular young adult writer after failing to make it big as an idol singer.

Missbehavior, Dada Chan (陳靜) plays a young woman who had dreamed of being part of a successful idol girl group. Though that didn’t end up working out, she did land on a writing job, and eventually becomes one of the most popular “sexy” young adult writers on the internet. Most of her works are based on real-life stories of her friends.

Dada worked as a model and an occasional actress before landing a pivotal role in Pang Ho-cheung’s 2012 blockbuster hit Vulgaria, which solidified the 29-year-old’s acting career in Hong Kong, making her one of Hong Kong’s most prolific young actresses in recent years.

Typecasted as a sexy actress due to her voluptuous figure, Dada tried to take on more serious and modest roles in the past two years. However, when Pang approached her for a role in Missbehavior, Dada immediately said yes. Though her role as “Big Ball Lin” is meant to be sexy, Dada does not mind showing extra cleavage for the movie. “I completely trust the director on this,” she said. “There will be good results.”

The film also stars Isabella Leong (梁洛施), Siu Yam-yam (邵音音), Jolane Koo (谷祖琳), June Lam (林兆霞), and Isabel Chan (陳逸寧), with featured appearances by Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅), Hanjin Tan (陳奐仁), and Patrick Tse (謝賢). The story starts with how a young office worker (played by June Lam) accidentally gives her big boss (Patrick Tse) a glass of breast milk that came from her controlling boss (Isabella Leong).

Missbehavior opens February 2, 2019 in Hong Kong.

Check out the trailer below!


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