These Three Actors Only Date Hot Girls

Physical looks are definitely a contributor to attraction, but these actors definitely know how to win the hearts of them all.

Actor #1: Joey Law (羅天宇)

Known as TVB’s “goddess killer”, Joey Law has dated a plethora of young and popular TVB actresses. His first high-profile (and perhaps most well-known) relationship was with Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), but that didn’t last long. His longest relationship was with rising actress Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), but after being together for four years, the couple finally announced their breakup in early 2018. It is currently rumored that Joey is dating Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), and he has had dating rumors with stars such as Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Angel Chiang (蔣家旻).

Actor #2: Gregory Wong (王宗堯)

At 39 years old, Lan Kwai Fong <喜愛夜蒲> star Gregory Wong has dated a plethora of actresses much younger than him. His current girlfriend is Chloe So (蘇皓兒), former member of the girl group As One, who is currently 24 years old. Gregory has also dated Dada Chan (陳靜), Carol Yeung (楊梓瑤), and Christy Lai (黎紀君), all who are popular models and at least 10 years younger.

Action #3: Justin Cheung (張建聲)

OCTB <反黑> star Justin Cheung is the industry’s new rising star to watch, and just like his memorial performance as Cocky Chiu, his love life is also attracting media attention. According to reports, Justin and model Kelley Chen (陳嘉莉) used to be in a relationship, but after their breakup, he started dating “basketball goddess” Jessie Fong (方詠琳). Soon after reports of their dating surfaced, they announced their split.


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  1. What an article! lmao. Do we expect men to date ugly girls? Some are not hot anyway. For example Angel Chiang….

    1. @jimmyszeto Pretty sure the author had meant “hot” as in “up and coming”, more so referring to these women’s popularity rather than appearances. A lot of times, words and phrases get lost in translation.

      At least, it would make more sense if that were the case, lol.

  2. Those horndog three again.. Men like these when they marry, if they ever do, end up with scheming, lying, cold, ruthless, manipulating wives with loose characters because they cannot see past her body, including her face. Men like these set out to find the prettiest of women because they cannot “get up” otherwise. They think having a beautiful woman makes them a man. Of course nothing wrong with dating beautiful women, it is natural for men to seek out attractive girls. With these three, the woman can’t be beautiful enough, so they have to find one prettier than the last one. That is where the problem is. A tall, handsome thirtysix yr old just married his girlfriend of over ten years in Europe. She is what society would call RFU, or fugly, but he must see something beautiful in her to marry her. Add the fact that she is older than him a good few years. He can have any woman he wanted. I find these guys in the article are shallow, very vain, narcassistic and shallow. While men are not expected to go looking for ugly girls, these three don’t have anything for the beautiful ones they seek out. They see them as a beautiful trophy, and many not have any respect or patience for these women’s minds, well being, (except in the bedroom), their hopes, , dreams, goals and so on.

  3. I don’t personally know these 3 guys and have never watched any of their dramas.

    However, these 3 actors are obviously very attractive men who are surrounded by actresses who are also very attractive. It makes perfect sense for them to be attracted to women who are visually appealing. People tend to seek out people who are of the same level of attractiveness.

    Now if i knew them on a personal level and had inside knowledge of their character, then i would comment. But as i dont, i won’t assume and make negative comments about their character or them as people.

    These 3 guys have every right to date attractive ladies, they are pretty hot themselves. We dont judge Brad Pitt or George Clooney for dating attractive women. Furthermore, if the article was about 3 attractive actresses who only date attractive men. That would be more acceptable??? They are obviously not as shallow..

    1. @dramafan I agree with your comment. However, just because you don’t know of their characters, it does not mean that there are those of us who don’t. The gender of the individuals who seeks out hotter- than-the-one-before has nothing to do with the situation, or at least it shouldn’t. Why bring Pitt and Clooney in, as they have both dated women that are not that attractive, Yes, these three guys have every right to date pretty women. The problem is the shallow way they go about doing the dating.

    1. @mangotango There are a some hot guys whose wives are not hot at all by society’s standards. I have a problem when a man has the mindset of I have to find one prettier than the one before to have as my arm candy. Guys like that have deep rooted security and self esteem issues and are shallow, vain and narcissistic.

  4. I only know the guy on the left. Yes, he’s cute. The middle guy? Not sure who he is Awwwww….I dont find him attractive at all?? He looks like that veteran guy who’s name was Ah Chan??? haha Lol…. No clue who the right one is but he looks ok.

    1. @wm2017
      Wow. Your taste is horrendous and it looks like you watch nothing but TVB. Hail TVB loyalist! The guy on the left is nothing but a glorified TVB extra who does not need the money but you recognise him and think he is cute. The other 2 who are much more famous and will be stars for years to come, you do not recognise. You are saying Gregory looks like Ah Chan ‘Liu wai Hung’? That is the ultimate disrespect…

      1. @jimmyszeto Jimmy, dude, that’s quite an overreaction to an innocent comment purely based on personal taste. It’s not like she insulted your family. Also looks have nothing to do with success.

        They’re all okay looking in my opinion but it’s not like they’re prime Louis Koo either and none really stands out looks-wise.

      1. @jimmyszeto How about try not being an ass about it? She sounds young. I mean unless you’re Gregory Wong then in that case take all the personal offense you want.

        People here judge the looks of actresses all the time and even more maliciously so I don’t understand how her offhand comment warranted such a hostile reply?

      2. @peanutbutterjelly
        She sounds young and old enough to know who Liu Wai Hung is, who has part retired for a couple of decades? Looks like you are plucking assumptions out of thin air. She sounds more like dedicated TVB fan who has been watching TVB and ONLY TVB for decades. I am straight with my words and opinions on every post. This isn’t an offhand nor isolated comment from me so not sure what you are trying to imply…

      3. @jimmyszeto Regardless of age, do you honestly think her comment warranted such a hostile reaction? You sounded more rational in other posts but I guess I was wrong.

        “She sounds more like dedicated TVB fan who has been watching TVB and ONLY TVB for decades.”

        Now who’s the one making assumptions?

        The ‘offhand comment’ was referring to her and not you.

      4. @anon it’s not about who’s the better actor here. YouR opinions on Lucy Liu’s looks won’t change even if she won an Oscar so I don’t understand why you’re even bringing this up.

      5. @peanutbutterjelly

        GOOD acting GENERALLY involves a higher level of recognition and popularity which is why I brought it up since @wm2017 doesn’t know who the other 2 actors are.

        You’re right, just because Lucy Liu won an Oscar, it doesn’t mean she’s attractive TO ME.

  5. Actually, I don’t find these three to be that attractive. They are ordinary looking, in MHO

  6. Actually, I don’t find these three to be that attractive. They are average looking to say the least. y eyes might be horrible or horrendous, but that is my humble opinion.

  7. this is so funny, hot in one’s eyes does not equal in the others…. so what even if their exes are hot? some people are just attracted to good-looking people, what’s wrong w/ that? there are other ones that were not surfaced b/c they aren’t known.

  8. So far I only know Joey Law because he reminds me of Edison Chen changed girlfriend so many times I don’t find Samantha, Roxanne or Jeannie hot at all maybe Christine Kuo is the only one that I see hot from his previously one.

  9. The only one can be consider “hot” here is Gregory. Joey Law? I always think his head is too big, kinda disproportionate with his body and height. Justin cheung? Dont know who is he. They can afford to date a young and pretty girl now. But story will be differrent when they hit 60.

  10. Well, the po po can get away with any and everything that mere mortals can’t get away with. Thats Babylons boots for you, kekeke.

  11. I thought childish children could not be po po. Boy was I wrong. Look no further than here to see that they are.

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