Gregory Wong Faces Jail Time

Arrested in 2019 on rioting charges and for breaking into the Hong Kong legislative council chamber at the height of anti-government protests, actor Gregory Wong (王宗堯) has been sentenced to 74 months in prison (6 years and 2 months)!

Month-long pro-democracy protests back in 2019 made international headlines, and Gregory was among 12 who were recently handed jail terms of over four years to nearly 7 years for their participation in the protests.

The 45-year-old has taken part in various projects in over twenty years in showbiz, including Shanghai 1920 <上海1920> starring John Lone (尊龍). After graduating, he worked at his father’s company for half a year, before he was sent to relatives in Taiwan who had showbiz connections, kickstarting his career. After returning to Hong Kong, Gregory once earned praise from actor and singer Alan Tam (譚詠麟), who paired him with Bennett Pang (彭健新) for the duet Li Zhi Qi Rou (理直氣柔).

However, it was only in 2011, that Gregory’s career took off after starring in blue comedy Lan Kwai Fong <喜愛夜蒲> sent his popularity soaring. In 2015, his portrayal as Fai Ye (Lok Ka-fai) in the journalism drama The Menu <導火新聞線> aired on the now-defunct HKTV channel, cemented him as a male god.





Source: HK01

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    1. he trashed and vandalized the legislative chambers. remember what happened to those who invaded the congressional building on May 6 in DC

      1. Trump may still return to White House….I was not expecting it at all… I dont live in US so I am just a observer.

      2. @Hohliu as someone who lives in the US, it’s horrifying to see. I wish there were other feasible options but we’re stuck with these two senior citizens that should’ve retired a long time ago. There’s a minimum age requirement for President, but I wish there was an upper age limit to hold office.

      3. @lilseemonster to be honest, when I see Biden sometimes, it is obvious he is not suitable to be President. He is just not sharp minded as before. He is just a puppet.
        As for Trump… I am speechless.

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