Gregory Wong Rumored GF is 15 Years Younger

38-year-old Hong Kong actor Gregory Wong (王宗堯) has had his fair share of young girlfriends. Over the years, he’s confirmed to have dated models Christy Lai (黎紀君) and Jacky Cai (蔡潔), respectively 15 and 11 years younger. He has also dated models Carol Yeung (楊梓瑤), who is 10 years younger, and DaDa Chan (陳靜), who is 11 years his junior. Chapman To (杜汶澤) once made a comment about Gregory’s ex-girlfriends having an average age of 22. It was a statement that Gregory didn’t disagree with.

Though it’s only been a few months since his breakup with Jacky Cai, Gregory has already moved on with a new relationship, this time with 23-year-old As One member, Chloe So (蘇皓兒).

Gregory and Chloe were quick to deny the relationship, but the rumored couple have been spotted together on numerous occasions. A few days ago, Gregory and Chloe were photographed shopping and eating lunch together. They left behind some photographic evidence on their own Instagrams, though they did not share pictures of them together. Gregory has also been liking almost every one of Chloe’s Instagram updates.

“We’re only friends,” clarified Gregory in a phone interview. With his tendency to find a younger partner in a relationship, Gregory was asked if he had no interest in settling down. He said, “I’ve once dated a girl who was in her very late twenties, but the one who didn’t want to settle down wasn’t me. A person’s maturity or immaturity doesn’t have anything to do with age.”

Though Gregory did not specify his name, the actor seemed to be describing Jacky Cai, who broke up with him last January. Gregory did not know about their split until he read the news.

Source: Mingpao

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    1. @anon Yea, I don’t see why this is news either. At the rate that Greg has been changing girlfriends, the media would be really busy if they had to cover each one, lol! But then again, the past week has been kind of “slow” in terms of news-worthy stuff in the HK entertainment world, so not surprised that these kinds of articles are being used to fill the time…

  1. I have no idea who they are but I think the girl from the picture above looks a little bit like Vickie Zhao.

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