Chloe So Does Not Mind Filming Revealing Scenes

The airing of Life after Death <那些我愛過的人> brought fame and popularity to Chloe So (蘇皓兒), who portrays the teenage daughter of Frankie Lam (林文龍). Netizens praised the 26-year-old actress for her pure looks and long legs. Sharing her filming experience in Life After Death, Chloe stated that she is willing to take riskier roles in future productions and does not mind revealing more skin in bed scenes.

Before meeting Frankie, Chloe felt very nervous but her discomfort soon dissipated after realizing how nice the older actor is on the filming set. She said, “He would talk to me and run through lines together, so that I was not as nervous when we started filming. Once, he asked how I would react if he changed a certain line. Luckily, I had studied the script beforehand and was able to answer. I had to be prepared as he has a lot of experience. Through this opportunity, I have learned a lot from him.”

Getting her lucky break in the entertainment industry after starring for a lemon tea commercial, Chloe’s sweet looks reminded fans of Vivian Chow (周慧敏). Chloe was a member of the now-disbanded girl group, As One. After training in South Korea, As One debuted in both South Korea and Hong Kong. As her long hair limited her opportunities to only “good girl” stereotypes, Chloe has since kept her hair short.

Attending acting and singing classes, Chloe hopes to have a diversified career in entertainment. Life After Death was her first drama, and she subsequently filmed a web drama with Terence Tsui (小肥). In the drama, Chloe plays a model and even appears in lingerie in one scene. As long as it is fitting for the role, Chloe does not mind filming risqué scenes and is willing to reveal her buttocks, though she does shy away from full-frontal exposure.

Source: Sing Tao 

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  1. very pretty girl but honestly tvb to needs to stop casting people in roles that r decades younger than their age.

  2. So…long hair means a good girl? Nasty people never have long hair?? These producers need to be updated in their ways of thinking. The “Jade girl’ image of the 90’s is so out.

  3. Does anyone know, is Chloe the sister of Cecilia So who starred in the movie Guilt by Design?

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