Shiga Lin Had 19 Boyfriends in 4 Years

Growing up in a broken family led Shiga to crave affection.

Currently in seen new drama Life After Death <那些我愛過的人>, Shiga Lin (連詩雅) plays a gynecologist who develops a relationship with Mark Ma (馬貫東). Known for her amazing 42-inch long legs, Shiga’s entertainment career has been overshadowed by numerous personal scandals since her debut. Growing up in a single-parent family, the 31-year-old actress has admitted to feelings of loneliness and that she yearned to get married early. During an interview, she spilled that she once dated a total of 19 boyfriends over a period of four years.

Intimate Photo Scandal

Although she had been promoted with an innocent girl image, Shiga allegedly started her partying lifestyle when she was only 15. Debuting as a singer in 2010, Shiga gained fame after starring in the movie Lan Kwai Fong <喜愛夜埔> in 2010. That same year, her intimate photos with rapper K-Chek (曲赤) were leaked and made the rounds on the Internet. At a teary press conference addressing the scandal, Shiga broke down and insisted that only K-Chek had the photos, indirectly admitting that she had sex with him when she was still 16.

She also admitted having captured intimate moments with other ex-boyfriends, but trusted that these photos would be kept private.

Embroiled as the “Third Party”  

After attaining fame, Shiga had been spilled to be the third party in Wing On Department Stores’ heir Kwok Wing Seon (郭永淳) and wife Miki’s (楊愛瑾) marriage. Shiga admitted to having dated Kwok for a few months, but it was before she joined the entertainment industry and she was only 17 back then. She also emphasized she only found out he was married after the breakup.

Under the same record label as Pakho Chau (周柏豪), the two collaborated frequently, leading to rumors emerging. There were also dating rumors between Shiga and actor Vincent Wong (王浩信) back in 2012 when the two worked together on duet “Never Exhausted” <愛你便愛>.

That same year, she filmed Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜愛夜埔2> in which she had many daring scenes with co-star Kelvin Kwan (关楚耀), including intimate bed scenes and a shower scene where he touched her chest. The two reportedly developed affections off screen as well. This led to tension between Kelvin and his non-celebrity girlfriend Megan Lee, and the couple eventually broke up. Later, Megan pointed the finger at Shiga in her Weibo posts, describing her as having a “problematic personality”.

Tries to Rid Materialistic Label

In 2014, Shiga was immediately labeled “money-loving Hong Kong Girl” when she started dating “mahjong prince” Anthony Shek (石恆聰), the current boyfriend of Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍). Shiga was reportedly pampered by Anthony, and stayed at a rented Beacon Hill luxury apartment in Kowloon Tong. In 2016, Shiga announced the end of her relationship as the two spent more time apart than together.

Less than six months later, Shiga was spotted to be dating Chinese singer Terry Chui (徐浩), but broke up with him later as she rekindled her romance with Anthony Shek. In 2018, Shiga resumed her relationship with Terry again, revealing while dating that she viewed him as a marriage partner. In April this year, Shiga spilled that she has called it quits with Terry, and broke down tearily during an interview.

Less than two months later in June, rumors surfaced between Shiga and 33-year-old actor Carlos Chan (陳家樂) when he was seen visiting her home late at night, though both artistes refused to comment on their dating rumors.

In 12 Summers <12個夏天>, the variety program she co-hosted with Carlos, Shiga tried to steer viewers’ impression of her as the stereotypical Hong Kong girl by showing her professionalism during filming. Not only did she personally try her hand at activities such as harvesting kombu, farming abalone and feeding cows, she also continued filming despite getting injured during stand-up paddling.

Source: HK01

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Shiga Lin May Be Secretly Dating Carlos Chan

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    1. @wm2017 That’s statutory. These grown men took advantage of her young, impressionable mind. Culture wants to blame the girls, but it is these men that should be blamed.

  1. i wouldn’t consider her going the innocent girl route after watching Lan Gwei Fong. she basically went all out and promoted a promiscuous image therefore.

    her, dada, and that samuel guy (i think), couldn’t be unseen

  2. Eh, if she wants to have that many boyfriends, that’s perfectly fine. Best to explore to know what you really want in life.

  3. Yeah. Another child who didn’t have much of a father figure in her life, searching for security through all these other men. No judgment, just seeing how it all mapped out for her.

    Wish her the best of luck with finding herself through these relationships. Despite the heartbreak that usually comes with relationships, sometimes these help us a lot to reflect on ourselves.

  4. Shiga is definitely not the innocent girl per the movies she’s filmed, but she does seem like a good friend who is willing to go the extra mile. Hope she’s able to find her way in life and meet good people.

  5. The article and Asian people in general are funny and oppressive. I come from a traditional Chinese family, but even I understand there’s no such thing as innocence after 13 or 18? This has nothing to do with sex, it has to do with life experiences. I think the public and even the women involved are equally toxic if they really thing they have to uphold some sort of “jade girl” title. In no way am I saying anyone should date 19 boyfriends in 4 years, but let’s say she was exclusive with each guy for about 2-4 months but they didn’t work out, does that really mean she is promiscuous? Because she actually considered each one a boyfriend and not just someone she’s sleeping with? People label Natalie Tong a good girl because she dated Amigo Chui for 5 years and he constantly cheated on her plus beat his ex physically. Does that really make Natalie a good girl? And she only chooses smooth talkers.
    Loneliness doesn’t mean sluttiness. FYI, Natalie Tong’s mother passed away early in her career too. So, yes, she seeks validation from men, but I feel like people paint her under a better light because of the innocent characters she portrays. It’s just unfair to Shiga that’s all.

  6. Doesn’t surprised me that she has 19 bf in 4 years I saw on the news somewhere that she has princess tantrums a and she threw it on set while filming an advertisement or something….trying to go for an innocent image look doesn’t suit her from day one when they debuted her she gives me that vibe that she another spoiled brat ***** look…..just saying

  7. 19 bf in 4 years doesn’t surprise when they debuted her from day one she gave me a vibe that she not a innocent girl …..nothing but a party girl whom dreams to be marry into a rich family

    1. @sherla1019 What’s innocence after the age of of 13? Do people not know what they are doing? Or are people waiting for sex until marriage? Can it be she simply considered every guy she dated her boyfriend because they were exclusive and not casual hook ups? I think people should really watch the camping episode where Pakho and Ben go camping and invite Shiga Lin to their talk. Pakho says “Shiga looks like a sports car on the outside, but she’s a stable economy safe car. She’s one of those really caring and loyal people that had me doubting if I was a good friend ever.”

  8. All I can say is What a wild woman!!! Carlos Chan deserves better than that because he seems like a good and sweet guy similar to Kenneth Ma.

  9. What a sad excuse (growing up in a single family/loneliness) for being slutty! There’s plenty of girls from a similar background that aren’t wild like her.

  10. Dude, where are articles about THOSE men who supposedly hook up with her while they’re attached to someone else already or while she’s super young?? And do anyone think those men stopped their wild ways after her?? Pfft.

    I’m not saying she’s all clean and innocent, but it takes 2 to tango. So if it’s shame on her, shame on him/them as well. It’s like that saying, you can’t force an ox to drink if it doesn’t want to.

    She sounds more naive then promiscuous. Live and learn, kiddo. Stop trusting so freely.

    BTW, just bc you film frisky film, it doesn’t mean you are sl utty in real life. That’s lile saying all those people who typecast as villain, murderer, rapist, bad apples are bad people in real life.

  11. Notice her only from this drama Life After Death and watch her recent variety shows and interviews. From my personal view, Shiga is very simple down to earth girl that just hope for the true love or a man who can take care of family. Also simple girl that easily cried when touch on family values or love. Very simple girl that easily laugh as well. Too bad she been labeled as “HK girl” or materialistic. Power of media. Ppl just been too judgmental or biased based on her past. Support her ..

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