Kelvin Kwan Gets Engaged to Girlfriend of 6 Years

Night Beauties <一舞傾城> actor Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀), 40, officially announced that he is tying the knot with his girlfriend of six years, Joann. Sharing the news on Instagram, he  announced, “She’s marrying for love, and I’m also marrying for love. She said YES!”

Known for being a doting boyfriend to his stewardess-influencer girlfriend, Kelvin allegedly once gifted her $200,000 Hong Kong dollars using one-thousand-dollar bills for Valentine’s Day. Although Joann previously expressed her wishes in getting married soon, Kelvin has been waiting for the right moment.

Last year, Kelvin was involved in a cycling accident which rendered him in the hospital. Because of the accident, his relationship with Joann matured further. Witnessing Joann sacrificing her time and making effort to take care of him while he was down, Kelvin knew he was ready to propose.

Keen-eyed netizens were quick to suspect the engagement after Joann posted a photo to her Instagram story with a visible ring on her finger while she and Kelvin were on a luxury cruise through Japan and Thailand. The couple finally made the engagement announcement on May 20. Sharing a photo from the scene of the proposal, the newly engaged couple was seen posing with a bouquet of 99 red roses, in which a diamond ring sparkled in the center.

Although their relationship is not a secret to the public, the two have actually never posted a photo together on social media. Sharing a couple photo for the first time, Joann happily wrote, “Thank you for your efforts and always wanting to give me the best. Thank you for always remembering what I like from day one. I loved everything about our proposal. Even though you’re not a romantic, you’ve done your best to be romantic for me.”

Congratulations poured in to Kelvin for being engaged!

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  1. Wut, giving her money can be romantic (at least if she’s practical.) 200,000 is 25,000 USD. And she can use it on whatever she wants. And that proposal is super romantic!

    She also posts a ton of PS, barbie-esque, influencer-type photos. Super plasticky.

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