Shaun Tam, Kelvin Kwan and Rebecca Zhu to Lead TVB’s “The Stuntmen”

On Friday, TVB’s upcoming action drama The Stuntmen <特技人> held a costume fitting press conference in Tseung Kwan O, introducing the cast and characters to the press. The Stuntmen stars Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), and Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀) in his first TVB drama since his debut in 2006.

The Stuntmen’s main storyline centers on Shaun and Rebecca, professional stunt performers for the movie industry. Rebecca plays Kelly’s stunt double, while Kelvin plays a director. The Stuntmen is Rebecca’s first drama as a leading actress.

“The producer said there’s going to be a lot of high falls,” said Rebecca. “I mainly play as Kelly Fu’s stunt double, so there’s going to be a lot of action going on, such as flying cars and glass breaking. There’s going to be a lot of dangerous stunts, that’s why I’ve been trying to save as much time to work out and train myself.” (Are you worried?) “I’ve purchased insurance already! But I’m sure the company will be taking care of our safety.”

Rebecca expressed that one of her goals for this drama is to help the audience understand the hardships that many behind-the-scene crew members have to face. “This is definitely something different for me. I’ve always been just an actor but everything I’ll be doing for this show is what many of our behind-the-scene crew members and stunt doubles do for us. I hope after seeing the show people can understand that they’re very hard working too. Let’s all support them some more.”

Shaun, also a stuntman, plays an important figure in Rebecca’s life. He introduced, “My relationship with Rebecca is quite emotional. It’s a bit like [Chow Yun-fat’s] All About Ah Long <阿朗的故事>. I practically took care of her and raised her.” For his role, Shaun plans to earn a motorcycle license. “But rather than just focusing on the stunts, I really want to do well in giving a moving performance.”

Excited to film his first TVB drama, Kelvin said he expects to lose sleep over the next few months. “Many people have told me how hard it is, and they keep asking me if I’ll be able to handle it. I won’t be able to know until I try.”


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  1. Oh gawd! I read this news from other sources earlier and was honestly kind of ticked when they tried to compare the series to All About Ah Long (it wasn’t just the actors who compared — the producer of the series came right out and said this will be similar to that classic movie). Geez TVB, come up with your own ideas for once instead of constantly trying to “remake” classic movies with a way inferior cast than the original! Sorry, but Shaun Tam and Rebecca Zhu can’t compare to Chow Yun Fat and Sylvia Chang, plus All About Ah Long is such an iconic classic, I hate to see TVB messing with it, even if indirectly. This is another series that I will definitely be skipping!

  2. Hold on, this series has so many laughable holes.

    1. They’re stuntmen yet they’ll need stuntmen to do their stunts which they’re supposed to do those stunts for the series actors/actresses. Lol. WTF. If they’re gonna do it, use real stuntmen to “show hardship.” It’s a low and ironic and so darn fake jab.

    2. How is Rebecca and Shaun anything similar to All About Ah Long. Have he ever seen the movie? Sure they both ride bikes but CYF was never a stuntman. He was a washed up biker who took work over love and then raised their son as single father. Their romance was matured like fine wine, going from naive love ar firar sight to grown to love til death. Unless this article is missing a big chunk of info, there is no similarities. IF ANYTHING, TVB had a series with Noel Cheung and Felix Wong. It was about she had a kid with Felix besties. She left them to married a rich dude played by Cheung Kwok-keung. Felix raised the kid for them then she came back for the son. They fell in love, and the rest is history.

    3. I haven’t been impressed with Rebecca so far her to said to hope to do someone else’s job justice when she hasn’t done her own job in acting properly is laughable.

    4. Why is that dude next to her in the pic above looks like Raymond. Oh gawd, is he a wannabe? Idk these “leads.” Is this gonna be that Young Charriott series where it was just an airspace waster.


    1. @jjwong Yea, TVB is obviously grasping at straws trying to get people to watch their series by comparing to old classics. This is the fourth time in less than a year (that I know of) where TVB (and/or the media) has made reference to some part of a series “paying homage” (aka indirectly copying) to a previous classic, whether movie or TV series. Just a few days ago, Bet Hur got compared to gambling parody movie All For the Winner (and of course we all know that series is essentially a “reboot” of The Shell Game). A few weeks back, the producer of My Unfair Lady compared the ending of that series (the part with Vincent and Natalie separating and “reuniting”) to the romance classic An Autumn’s Tale, claiming once again that they were “paying homage” to that movie because it was one of the producer’s favorite movies (ok so I guess that means Vincent was technically Chow Yun Fat and Natalie was Cherie Chung?). Earlier in the year, the series Burning Hands was compared to yet another classic HK movie, Once A Thief (again starring CYF alongside Leslie Cheung and Cherie Cheung). Sure, I understand that the entertainment industry has been in a “nostalgia” phase this past year, but honestly, this is too much. There are ways to “pay homage” to classics without “remaking” or “rebooting” them….wish TVB would get the picture….

      P.S.: The guy next to Rebecca is Shaun Tam. I actually didn’t see the resemblance to Raymond until you pointed out….I think it might just be that picture. I actually think Shaun looks more and more like his dad Tik Lung now that he is older and more mature. Can’t comment a whole lot on his acting yet though, since the last time I saw Shaun in anything was like 15 years ago (when he played Jacky and Anita’s son in the movie July Rhapsody)….I’m sure his acting has matured now but I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

      1. @llwy12 Yea, TVB needs to stop. They’re tainting and ruining the classics by comparing and connecting them with unrelated and subpar quality stuff. I know they do it for attention but it doesn’t make it any less stupid and irrelevant. Ugh.

        Wow, I don’t see Tik Lung in Shaun Tam at all. Bad pic. It took me a second to remember Tik Lung’s real surname, lol.

        On an unrelated note: the blind legal drama with Vincent Wong isn’t all that bad. You should give it a try if you have some down and bored times. The cases don’t have much depth but they’re different topics and shine a better light to some controversial ideology/trend now a day. There are still some bad TVB habits, e.g. same flashback over and over again, unfitted love song every time the to-be couple is together, and the likes. Though the males are better in acting than females, I’ve enjoyed all their acting too, surprisingly enough, lol. If you do check it out, we’ll discuss more 🙂

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