Why Does TVB Want Their Actors to Do Naked Runs in Dramas?

TVB has been critiqued frequently for their repetitive ideas in their dramas, which led viewers to feel that the scriptwriters lack creativity. For example, a contrived plot device TVB likes to use is have their lead actors run naked in dramas. Many viewers actually find these scenes to be quite embarrassing and cheapens the image of Hong Kong dramas.

Vincent Wong

Thirty-five-year-old Vincent Wong‘s (王浩信) physique was exploited by TVB in Over Run Over <EU超时任务>. In the drama, his character had to save his mother, which led him to run “naked” on the streets in a pair of briefs. Luckily, there were not a lot of people on the streets when they were filming. The crew were hoping that his naked running scene would spark news and increase views, especially among his female fans.

In the same year, Vincent continued the trend in My Unfair Lady <不懂撒娇的女人> where he had to run outside with only a towel to find his drama love interest, Natalie Tong (唐诗咏).

Kenneth Ma

In comparison to Vincent, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was comparatively well-covered up in his naked running scene in 2013’s Season of Love <戀愛季節>, in which he wore happy-faced boxers while running a dozen rounds during filming.


In 2017’s Bet Hur <賭城群英會>, Raymond Wong (黃浩然) was pranked by Carlo Ng (吳家樂) and asked to strip down. Carlo humiliated Raymond further by writing words on his body and destroyed his car, forcing Raymond to walk home embarrassed.

Ruco Chan and Louis Yuen

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), and Gill Mohindepaul Singh (喬寶寶) had a naked running scene in 2012’s TVB comedy, No Good Either Way <Chok氣一族>. The three men removed their clothes and were enjoying massages when triad members suddenly barged into the parlor to seek revenge. Wrapped in towels, Ruco, Louis, and Gill raced down an alley to escape from danger!

Kelvin Kwan and Jack Wu

Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀) and Jack Wu (胡諾言) had their own scenes of naked runs in 2018’s The Stunt <特技人>. Similar to most actors stripping down before the camera, Jack felt a sense of pressure. He said, “At the time, I worked out four to five times every week. I hope to reveal [my muscles] to the best effect. Since I normally like to run, it was easy to slim down. The days leading up to the scene, I only ate one meal per day. Before filming the scene, I did push ups to make my muscles more pronounced.”

Owen Cheung

Rising Actor, Owen Cheung (张振朗) had a naked swimming scene in 2016’s The No No Girl <全職沒女 >. In new drama Al Cappuccino” <极道怪咖>, Owen was asked to do a naked run but luckily he only had to run on a small street. The scene definitely seems gratuitous, as Owen claims that he doesn’t know why he was asked to do this scene when talking to reporters.

Sources: QQ, Ming Pao, twoeggz

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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