“Life After Death” Airs Finale

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“Life After Death” Airs Finale


Yuk Sin and Laura are separated by death as the drama, which was premised on a fatal car accident, ends on another.

TVB drama Life After Death <那些我愛過的人> aired its finale episode on July 10. The previous episode ended with Eden (Kyle Li 李任燊) hijacking the car which Sherman (Shiga Lin 連詩雅) was on. The emotionally unstable Eden drove haphazardly, blaming himself and seeking death as flashbacks of the fateful day of the accident ran through his mind. He ended up in a car chase and collision with Yuk Sin (Frankie Lam 林文龍), Laura (Priscilla Wong 黃翠如) and Hay Son (Mark Ma 馬貫東).

Yuk Sin Sacrifices Himself in Accident

Although Hay Son bled continuously from the neck, he called on Sherman to tend to Eden first, as the later appeared to be in breathing difficulties. Sherman worried about her husband but obeyed his instruction, treating Eden on the spot. With his leg pinned down by a rebar, Yuk Sin is immobilized in his driver’s seat. Realizing the danger they are in, he tells Laura to move away from the car. A flustered Laura tells Yuk Sin to stay conscious, and that she would come back for him. Unfortunately the car ignites into flames just as she is some distance away, causing Yuk Sin to lose his life.

Hay Son and Eden are saved in time at the hospital, and Laura’s daughter Hang Yi (Grace Wong 黃芷晴) also underwent a successful operation. However, Laura fell into a coma following the accident. A flashback style is used during her comatose state where she “revisits” her younger self and also her late mother. In touching scenes in her dream, Yuk Sin puts the ring he has bought on her finger and the two view the sunrise together. Laura later awakes, only to discover the truth that Yuk Sin is no longer around.

Pulling through a near-death event together, Sherman and Hay Son’s relationship is strengthened. Hay Son learns diligently to be a better husband, and cares for Sherman in matters big and small. She gives birth to their child safely, and takes care of the baby while pursuing studies in cardiology. The trio enjoy a blissful family life.

As for Laura, she finally learns to put the past behind her, appreciate the present moment and cherish her loved ones, starting a new chapter in life.

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14 comments to “Life After Death” Airs Finale

  1. bubbles23 says:

    All in all a bittersweet, touching and sometimes funny drama. It’s plot is melodramatic, so I think it’s to be taken philosophically instead of what is literally happening. Don’t know if it’s true that it was supposed to be 30 eps but got cut down to 25, but I think it would be a much more well developed drama (albeit slower pacing). I just wished they spent more time on Laura at the end and how she overcame what happened- this part was glanced over. Also omg I cried when Hung Yee was crying for her mom t.t And the other thing is, wouldn’t Dr. Koo blame himself for not saving YukSing? All he cared about was Eden so that was a major character inconsistency.
    Sabrina for BSA this year!!

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  2. ledge says:

    Personally enjoyed the drama overall. As well as a different storyline to the usual TVB dramas, I really liked seeing a different supporting cast for once!

    I thought definitely Yoyo did really well in supporting and I liked Mark Ma’s performance too. Sad about the ending but made sense I guess as a melodrama.
    Priscilla was really good, I don’t mind a nomination for best actress- she’s been good in these sorts of dramas before like Swipe Tap Love which I still adore.

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  3. gnomageddon says:

    I teared up big time in the final episode. I enjoyed the series but thought it became a drag the last 5 episodes. The part about Eden seeking revenge felt too forced. And it absolutely didn’t make sense for Priscilla to chase after him when she saw him at the hospital when she was so afraid of him the entire time. How could she leave her daughter in the hospital and go on this car chase?? And Frankie’s character dying was also not necessary but I understand it’s to illustrate Priscilla’s growth and self love. And it def didnt make sense for Dr. Koo to not even check up on Priscilla and Frankie, but run to his wife and tell his wife to save Eden. All in all, I enjoyed this series more than I thought I would. Priscilla’s acting has improved quite a bit. She is good in emotional scenes. But her speaking is starting to bug the crap out of me. I really enjoyed her travel shows and her voice never bothered me too much in the past, except being shaky. I think in this drama, she was trying to work on her voice, so she pushed her voice down, and instead caused her to talk like she is always exerting a lot of air each time she delivers her dialogue. I was quite annoyed with that. Really hope she gets a voice coach.

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    • starstar replied:

      @gnomageddon I fully & totally agree with your comments! Some of the scenes really makes no sense. The part where Laura and Yuk Sin ran after Eden and one thing lead to another. I know that they want to make the drama more “exciting” with the dangerous car chase and all …. but then, the storyline must come with some “common sense”. For a start, i wouldn’t bother with Eden if i saw him and court trouble with him. And i also agreethat Priscilla Wong’s intonation when voicing out her words in some scenes. It kind of make it sound as though someone is squeezing her neck and end of breath to speak it out.

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  4. exodus says:

    You could almost just watch episode 1 and 25 and skip the rest of the series 😛 But I agree overall it was pretty decent, and not as boring as I thought it would be.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Are you the same exodus that used to go on here? If so, missed you so much and welcome back!

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  5. It was a tale of redemption– Eden’s deceased girlfriend had a rod pierce through her leg and same with Frankie’s character. Sherman ends up saving the “bad guy” and redeems herself as a doctor. Laura goes from always sad to a smiling beauty. The message of the drama is the title: keep on living for those who once loved you and are no longer with you. I thought Frankie character’s heart was going to be donated to Laura’s daughter for a little full circle, but overall satisfying. The ending should have been 2 episodes and not rushed into 1 while the whole Eden mystery could have been shorten by 1 episode.

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  6. pompidur says:

    I never pay much attention to child actors, but Grace Wong definitely stole my heart.

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  7. mulder99 says:

    I thought it was a great series, best TVB series this year So far i reckon…
    I,m still peeved that Frankie’s character had to die

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  8. triple888 says:

    The final (episode 25) of TVB drama “Life After Death” was very disappointing! It should be a perfect happy ending if Frankie Lam & Priscilla Wong get together & married each other! After all, Frankie already bought the wedding ring & was ready to propose to Laura after the successful operation of Laura’s daughter. Why must Frankie died in the car crash?! Eden (Kyle Li) should be the one dead for good! He was always the most hated “trouble maker”! Let’s hope Priscilla Wong win an Award for Best Supporting Actress OR Best Actress in a Leading Role! (at least nominated for both) Thanks for your support! GodBlessYouAll.

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  9. triple888 says:

    I tried to “Edit” my comments but I couldnt, so I am forced to use this box! I wish to edit Frankie (Yuk Sin). ThankYou.

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  10. triple888 says:

    Dear JayneStars.com, after we have posted our comments & we tried to “Edit” something (within 5 minutes) but we couldnt “edit” them! Please improve on this & do something about it. ThankYou.

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    • megamiaow replied:

      @triple888 We used to be able to but it has been a few months where we couldnt edit.

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  11. meilin says:

    Enjoyed this drama and especially yoyos character haha! Not a bad bittersweet ending .. seems like tvb don’t like to do 100% happy endings nowadays which is fine, more realistic I supposed HOWEVER, greatly disappointed with the WAY the result came. (Not the result tho)

    I do not think it is reasonable or realistic at ALL how Sherman save Eden before even thinking about her sister in the other car. Eden was trying to kill your sister!! Why are u saving him before your very own sister! Makes zero sense.

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