Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam’s 12-Year-Old Daughter is an Overachiever

Retiring from acting, Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) has dedicated her time to raising her daughter. With Tania turning 12 years old, Kenix and Frankie Lam (林文龍) threw a sweet party at home to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

An Overachiever

Kenix is very proud of Tania’s achievements, as her grades are outstanding. Placing first in her class three years in a row at her elementary school previously, Tania also won the Outstanding Performance award for her Chinese class last year. Currently, Tania serves as the class monitor for her middle school class.

Tania has inherited Kenix’s and Frankie’s gorgeous looks. Even though she is still a pre-teen, Tania is almost as tall as her mother, who is 5 feet 5 inches.

A Memorable Birthday Party

Despite the pandemic, Kenix wanted Tania to have a memorable birthday and invited eight of her close friends to their luxury complex for the occasion. Setting up the party by herself, Kenix installed a balloon arch in their garden and put up decorations with Tania’s name. Kenix ensured that everyone at the party took precaution and kept all their masks on.

“Wishing my lovely daughter, Tania happiness, health, joy, and positivity! Super grateful! Because of the pandemic, we made sure that our guests were sanitized from head to toe! Everyone was super cooperative! After eating, everyone automatically put their masks back on as well – both school and parents taught them well – they were all very disciplined on this. I’m glad that they all had fun while staying safe!” Kenix shared.

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