“Night Beauties” Put Jacky Cai in Spotlight

Recently Jacky Cai (蔡潔) has been receiving a lot of attention for her role as Monica in Night Beauties <一舞傾城>, finally ridding herself of her image as an unimpressionable actress. Many netizens praised Jacky for her elegant line delivery and her convincing bed scene with Mat Yeung (楊明), as well as her jealous looks when seeing Mat and Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) together.

Jacky shared that she had actually gone through a lot of styling changes for her character. The stylists took inspiration from Cherie Chung’s (鍾楚紅) iconic wavy hair from the 1980s, but Jacky admitted to possessing a “pretty big head” and “the hairstyle looking like a helmet so we had to change it many times!” This was the first time Jacky had to drink so much alcohol while filming, but it was a fun and unforgettable experience. “The entire cast travelled to Foshan and we would drink and chat after work. It was like going back to our school days!”

When Jacky entered the industry, she decided on her English name choice since she is a fan of Jacky Cheung (張學友). She honestly believes that she has been very lucky in her career so far. She had experienced periods when money was tight, but she never struggled to survive. “I left the shelter of my parents for many years. Ever since I started working, I learned to be independent. From the start when I initially had no friends in Hong Kong and was clueless, now I gained a lot more friends and a sense of familiarity of this industry 10 years later. I can work with people whom I like–what more can I ask for? I am really lucky!”

The paparazzi recently reported that Jacky’s living standards have improved since she gained leading roles. She now drives a luxury car, wears a brand name watch, and has moved to Caldecott Hill in Kowloon. She often shares pictures of herself and her cat at home, which has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a balcony. According to current market data, a three-room unit in Caldecott Hill costs over $10 million Hong Kong dollars, with some units reaching as high as HK $17 million. Currently, a 955-square-foot unit is asking for HK $36,000 in rent.

Due to the pandemic, Jacky has been unable to see her parents for the past few years. “I’ve moved to a better place. I hope they can come visit when they are free, or I can go see them too. They always worry about me being alone. They nag me about eating too much takeout and tell me to sleep earlier.”

As for Jacky’s love life, Gregory Wong (王宗堯) was the only boyfriend she has publicly confirmed. However they split in 2017 after only seven months of dating. Jacky will leave it to fate, as it is impossible to plan too much when it comes to relationships.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I find her acting okay but average in terms of looks. Monica Chan is the prettiest in the group even though she is older than everyone else.

  2. She was outstanding in Miss Chinese International but didn’t even make top 5. I suspect it’s because her potential as an artist was already obvious, so the judges wanted her to act ASAP. She was nominated Best New Comer with her first film with Eric Tsang at the HK Film Awards. She’s not Ali because the roles she takes on are just not the same. What she has in common with Ali is that they can both do TV and film. Jacky is 34 while Ali is 40, so they are not that far apart so calling Jacky the next Ali is unfair to both ladies. Y’all are calling Ali old and Jacky non-unique.

  3. She was definitely one of the better front girl in Night Beauties. Money was another better one. KK on the other hand was sooooooooooooo bad in acting.

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