Jacky Cai Films in Cold Rain for “The Ringmaster”

In currently airing TVB anniversary drama The Ringmaster <拳王>, actress Jacky Cai (蔡潔) plays capricious and overbearing rich girl Gong Ka Ching, who often snapped at Brian Chu’s character (朱敏瀚) Danny, despite the latter giving in to her time and again. As the story unfolded, she gradually revealed her forthrightness and naivete, which managed to endear viewers, and her portrayal earned their positive reception online.

Filming in Wet Weather Late at Night

On December 10’s episode, she decides to confess to Cheng Lam (played by Owen Cheung 張振朗), whom she has long harbored feelings for, and rode her bike in the rain as a delivery girl in order to help Cheng Lam hit his ‘target’. As most of the rainy scenes in the drama were shot during the winter season, the cast including Jacky, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) and Hugo Wong (黃子恒) had to be drenched in the cold during the wee hours of filming.

Despite this, Jacky felt warmed by the crew’s efforts, sharing that they had ‘wrapped’ her in plastic cling to keep her warm. “They wrapped me very fashionably, I couldn’t resist taking a photo as memento, there was also a [temporary] room for us to hide from the cold, I felt very warmed [by the gesture],”

Differentiating The Way She Spoke

Despite having to raise her voice every time she spoke on set due to her character’s brashness, what vexed her the most was having to keep snacking. “My character loves eating, I snacked on potato chips and peanuts so much I got a sore throat. But compared to the guys who couldn’t eat, I felt I had special rights,”

The 32-year-old added that as she was rather introverted and spoke softly in real life, it was thus a challenge for her to keep getting mad and raising her volume on set.

“Don’t think only they are tired out from boxing, I’m not a weakling either. This character has very high energy levels, but I’m happy that friends who know me saw that I put in a lot of effort [for the role], especially in the way I speak.”

Resemblance to Ali Lee…?

Jacky Cai (left) and Ali Lee (right).

The Shaw Brothers artiste won Miss Melbourne Chinese pageant in 2012 and represented the city to take part in the TVB-organized Miss Chinese International pageant the following year. Said to resemble actress Ali Lee (李佳芯), she is set to take on first female lead role in popular sequel Forensic Heroes V <法證先鋒V>.


Source: HKet Topick, Yahoo! HK

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  1. I think she’s pretty but her character is so damn annoying on the show. I can’t stand her.

  2. She succeeded in making me actually HATE a character in a tv series. Her entire character is so despicable, arrogant, obnoxious, annoying, immature; basically all the negative words that you could possibly imagined, combined into one.

  3. She’s not bad at acting. Normally these kinds of character make it so easy to overact and find the actor annoying but I don’t dislike her self. The character is so immature though

  4. I stopped watching cos her character is pretty annoying. Does it mean she has succeeded in her acting? Can tell cos I kinda switch off every time I see her.

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