Gregory Wong Gets Fit with Street Workout

Hong Kong actor Gregory Wong (王宗堯) was recently chosen as the official ambassador for the Limitless Challenge 2015. To prepare for his upcoming two-kilometer run, Gregory preferred to exercise outdoors rather than being confined in the gym for hours.

Using park playground equipment, Gregory’s routine consisted of push ups, L-Sits, squats, and other exercises to build muscle and gain strength. The 36-year-old bachelor sees exercise as the best hobby, offering health and mental benefits.

Due to his lack of experience in running competitions, Gregory plans to enroll in Muay Thai boxing classes to enhance his stamina. Gregory shared a past incident that sparked his interest, “I ate some contaminated food and suffered from the stomach flu for a month. After I got better, I met Hong Kong Muay Thai champion Bomber (Pak Wing) Heung (向柏榮) during an interview. I started looking up to him as a teacher.”

Prefers Athletic Women

Leading a very active lifestyle, Gregory’s favorite activities including boxing, running in parks, and soccer. With a love for active sports, Gregory prefers dating athletic women. “If she sleeps until 3 to 4 p.m., plays mahjong upon wakening and eats while playing, then it’s not possible to get along. I’m the type that can’t sit still – it would be really hard to accommodate her.”

Looks Up to Nick Cheung and Justin Chong

Unfortunately, Gregory had to forego some of his favorite foods while training. In order to build muscle, he cut out fatty snacks and carbohydrates. “I love to eat, especially French toast and fried chicken. Fresh oil is the most fattening. However, to accommodate a role, I don’t mind working out relentlessly such as Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Justin Cheung (張建聲) did before. An actor’s high demands on his performance is a good thing. In the past, I had drastically reduced my weight to portray a sick patient.”


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