Hong Kong Artistes Show Support for Eye for Hong Kong Campaign

A few months ago, the Hong Kong government proposed to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, triggering public dissatisfaction and an ongoing protest against the amendment. It resulted in many bloody clashes between Hong Kong citizens and the police, including one instance in which a young woman lost vision in her right eye after the police shot it with a beanbag. The horrifying incident prompted Train to Busan <屍殺列車> Korean actor Kim Ui Seong (金義聖) to post a photo of his hand covering his right eye on social media to show solidarity with the injured woman.

After his photo caught on, Hong Kong netizens immediately launched the Eye for Hong Kong Campaign and urged everyone to follow the actor’s example. Many Hong Kong artistes showed support for the campaign, including Wong Hei (王喜), who previously asked demonstrators at the police station to disperse. After he posted a photo of his covered eye, he admitted, “My heart was beating really fast after I posted it. I was a little scared; I don’t know if there will be loose ends.”

Hong Kong actor Gregory Wong (王宗堯) also joined the conversation and said, “Hong Kong people have the right to live without terror.”

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Anthony Wong Yiu-ming (黃耀明) wrote, “Don’t let this cruel state of a machine blind us. Don’t be blinded by the brutal reality.”

Other entertainers who participated in the campaign are Chui Tien You (徐天佑), Tommy Yuen (阮民安), Joe Cheng (鄭敬基), and former DJ Leo Chim (詹志文). Even Fox Nation news anchors showed solidarity with Hong Kong protesters.

Source: HK01

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not only lost eye but her facial bones cracked, facial disfigurement. I saw her picture, very pretty sweet girl playing with kids.

  2. I thought they don’t know who shot her yet? How can they be so sure it is the police?

    1. @mooi
      Because police have been shooting protestors with those beanbags she was shot with?

      In criminal law, one need to consider motive (who had the motive to attack protestors?), instrument used to commit crime (who has been seen using that type of weapon?) , and opportunity.

      1. @ice006 have you seen the live tv from the news? There were no beanbag on her goggles at the time she got shot but from the still images there is.. so what does that say? Do you even know where she was standing outside the police station?

      2. @mooi
        1) I watched the video you linked, there was a noise at 2:48? The girl’s sister says she was peeking towards police station, between the advertising panels of bus station when she got shot (there are gaps between panels). As this is not a live stream and there has been some cutting and editing, sound or not, isn’t definitive proof.

        2) Reporter Richard Scotford notes a white projectile flew by his face (same colour as beanbag), dif colour from the balls that protestors were using.

        Source for 1,2 above:

        3) The projectile smashed through her goggles, that kind of force is more consistent with beanbag fired from shotgun, versus small slingshot used by protestor

        4) I understand a picture of goggles on ground isn’t that convincing, however in the video there is a beanbag in the goggles while the injured girl was still wearing them:
        https://vimeo.com/353636106 at 00:31

        Please feel free to respond, I’m not saying it was necessarily police, I’m open to discussion either way 🙂

      3. @ice006 the link I sent was actually a 3 screen live video. Let me link you to the original https://youtu.be/qJJb7dsOtcE at 00:40 you will see where that noise came from (bottom right).

        https://youtu.be/IV07LTaNCdY at 01:39 you will see no beanbag on her goggles. Even if it fell out.. it should be close to it right? The reporters will definitely capture it on live if it’s there.

        That video you link. It does kinda looks like there’s something there but it is kind of blurry. You would think there will be a better video or another angle since there’s so much reporters that day.

        Yes I’m open for discussion too!

      4. @mooi
        So this was the video that was most convincing for me: https://reddit.app.link/WxI3PFOUqZ at 1:09
        I tried to find a better source but too many things on Apple Daily lol

        I saw the 3 screen live shot link you shared. I think the footages were taken live at the time, however when shown to audience, it’s after editing, since the 2 female commentators’ voiceovers seem to have been added after the fact. (They were discussing details of shooting even when it was chaotic/not exactly clear what happened/before it actually happened? ) So based on this I’d say I need more evidence to be sure they didn’t (accidentally or otherwise) mis-synchronize the 3 streams, esp since it seems they used audio from the TST location only and muted the audio from the Wan Chai streams, based on comparison of sound with the 1 site streaming video. I also wonder if beanbag shooting would be audible in that (noisy) environment?

        Thanks for sharing the links and hope to hear from you soon!

      5. @ice006 hihi.. ahh I know what you mean! I’m trying to find the original again but too much videos on YouTube lol

        I think you would still hear the beanbag sound since the police station is just right behind?

        Thanks for link! It does look like something was in her goggles.. it is still a bit blurry though. Don’t know why the other video I linked doesn’t show the beanbag in the googles.

      6. @mooi
        Hmm maybe in some of the other videos, beanbag could have been taken by someone (it could anyone, protestors , pro-CCP, someone wanting a photo-op, accidentally kicked aside), we might never find out. I’m ok with using the term of alleged police shooting for this case if you are! I guess I just feel super sad for this girl who had her whole life ahead of her still, and regardless of if it can proven the police shot her, I don’t approve of police brutality and continuing to shoot people with those lead beanbags and tear gas. Protestors are human too 🙁

      7. @ice006 sorry didn’t have time to reply sooner. Hey, I feel sorry for the girl too! I saw her new video today but no mention of what had happened. I know she might be scared to come out to report what happened to the police but what’s weird is not even one reporter went to the police when they say they got all those pictures and saw it from their own eyes. I’m not saying police is right.. they should do better but now protesters are beating up people when they’re not agreeing with them.. I think that is wrong. Do you think that’s right?

      8. @mooi
        Since I’m not from HK, I have not heard of any inside news. Is the girl a member of the protest or was she a passer by? Also has it been proven that it was the police who caused the injury?

      9. @jimmyszeto hello~ she was a protester. There was a picture that looks like her showing her giving out money to protesters too. I’ll try to find a pic for you. Of course I know it shouldn’t cost her an eye. That’s sad. But as of yesterday, it’s still not proven that it was the police since the girl and the reporters didn’t go to the police. That’s what I don’t get.. why no reporters though? They always try to make the police look bad. Will see if anyone comes out~~

      10. @mooi
        Thanks. From the glimpses i’ve seen in reports so far, quite a few earlier headlines with the world ‘passer by’ but then the from the clothes and mask she wore, it looked like she was one of the protesters. Yeh, agree that type of violence cannot be condoned but who did it can determine which side has gone too far in the events so far…

  3. This article assumes it was the HK police involved with the victim’s injury when the perpetrator had not been arrested and it could be ANYONE at this point. It could even be a “pro-democracy” protester. Rubbish article!

      1. @anon everyplace has its corruption but at least in most western place, theres law n order n basic human rights. Rule by human means more corruption and not knowing whats going happen tommorow. If those human goes crazy then the whole country goes crazy with them, like north korea. Not to mention the horrific things thats happening in china everywhere now. Look u can be in denial all u want but look at the facts.

  4. Read somewhere that it washer fellow protestor who accidentally shot her with catapult. She refused to lodge police report despite the police requesting her to do so. If she was shot by police, I bet she would be screaming for compensation and revenge. She was standing at a bus stop facing the road. Her back and sides wete protected from the police station situated at the back of the bus stop.

    1. @mangotango
      Hi! I can’t claim to know the truth…in response to your comment, however:
      ~protestor was using a slingshot, which isn’t as strong as a catapult
      ~according to her sister, she was peeking in between the gaps of the bus shelter (looking towards police station)
      ~since she believes police shot her, she might not trust the police to carry out a fair investigation

      Actually mooi provided a very good video above! https://youtu.be/F_nzYHOVUe8 Can see the slingshot and the holes in between panels of bus shelter. Cheers ~

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