Wong Hei Directs Traffic Amid Hong Kong’s Ongoing Protests

As a result of the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong, the traffic lights in a busy intersection in Mongkok were damaged. Seeing the impact to pedestrians and cars, former TVB artiste Wong Hei (王喜) took the initiative to help direct traffic for two hours. His efforts were praised by many netizens.

Before his career the entertainment industry, Wong Hei joined the police force in 1986 as an airport officer and subsequently joined the Police Tactical Unit in 1989. He is known for his sense of righteousness and outspokenness.

Speaking about being a good Samaritan in guiding road traffic, Wong Hei recalled, “While passing the areas around 4:20 pm, I saw an untrained young man trying to direct traffic in a heavily congested intersection. I took the initiative to cooperate with him and used my training from the Royal Hong Kong Police Force to serve the pedestrians and divert traffic.”

Continuing his account of the incident, Wong Hei shared, “At 4:45 pm,  a police car arrived and they took the men to the alley behind Shanghai Commercial Bank. I left the intersection to go to the alley and saw the young man being questioned by the police. The young man took the police’s advice to leave the area and I did too.”

However, after Wong Hei left the area, the police did nothing to help and the scene reverted back into chaos. Wong Hei filmed the area and posted the clip on Facebook. Some netizens criticized the police for wasting taxpayers’ money and not doing anything. In reply, Wong Hei posted, “This is what makes Hong Kong unique.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

Wong Hei’s Loyalty to Deceased Lover

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      1. @msxie0714 It is not or should not be a zero-sum. You can be anti-violence AND HK-supporter. Similarly because you’re (you as in general term, not you-you specifically) a rioter, it doesn’t mean you’re pro-HK-democracy.

      2. @jjwong
        protesters refused to condemn the violence in solidarity of their goals.

        An article on this forum sometime last year talked about Wong Hei’s pride being Chinese- anathema to pro-rioters

  1. Netizens scolded the police for wasting taxpayers’ money by not doing anything? This is hilarious!!! Well, to start with …it’s your stupid own HK rioters who are wasting the taxpayers’ money for destroying all the public amenities to start with!! And you expect the police now to direct the traffic, an extra work for them, when the traffic lights were supposedly working fine in the 1st place. The police might as well reserve their energy for the night time drama is better, they’ll think 😉

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