Gordon Liu Regains Health and Good Spirits

Martial artist Gordon Liu (劉家輝) has made significant progress in his health and adjusted to his new lifestyle. The fifty-eight-year-old shared photos of a recent gathering with friends, looking stronger and happier than during his more troubled days.

After Gordon suffered a stroke in 2011 that left him partially paralyzed, he checked into a nursing home and became estranged from his immediate family. His wife and two children were allegedly after his inheritance, and his former assistant Eva Fung (馮映華) also added to the conflict by withholding his 2 million RMB in assets.

In 2013, close friend Amy Fan (樊奕敏) was officially confirmed as Gordon’s new legal guardian and became responsible for his physical and financial welfare. On his behalf, Amy successfully petitioned the High Court to order Eva to return all of Gordon’s money. Acting as his primary spokesperson, Amy provided updates to the public and played a part in raising awareness to Gordon’s dire issues.

Although he initially refused to attend physical therapy, Gordon eventually developed optimism regarding his condition and accepted treatment. He has slowly regained some mobility and is now able to communicate in simple phrases. More recently, he has been seen meeting with friends in the public, seemingly ready to return to a normal life.

Gordon Liu friendsDue to Gordon’s sensitive situation, many good friends must first obtain his lawyer’s approval before they are allowed to meet him. Actor Wong Hei (王喜) has been one of the first to submit a request and is a frequent visitor. He recently met up with Gordon along with former TVB executive Stephen Chan (陳志雲). The trio shared a pleasant time at Gordon’s new home and made plans for future outings. Now able to feed himself without help, Gordon has put on a few pounds, a welcomed change from his previously pale and frail frame. Surrounded by sincere and caring friends, Gordon cracked a big smile for the camera, his eyes lit up once again by hope and determination.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hope Gordon Liu will be able to walk and lead a normal life soon.

    1. Yah, Wish that he progresses daily. Be strong enough to fight in getting back his money that was denied him. How ridiculous!!! [ Over here in the States one can counter sue. But no need to do that! ] However, some one apparently take full advantage of him & it is not right!

  2. Great to hear that he is doing better. Hope he can get back to living a normal life.

  3. Also good to know that Wong Hei and other friends are visiting him. Hope that more friends will come and see him.

  4. Glad to see this and I hope his situation continues to improve!

  5. i miss him in tvb series. he’s a great actor. wish him the best~~

    1. yep.. he’s definately a great actor..
      and good to see wong hei and stephen visiting him 🙂

  6. Good to hear that he’s feeling better and seeing more visitors.

  7. Aaawww… Glad & happy he’s better (physically & mentally) 🙂

  8. Is really happy to hear he’s doing well keep it up Gordon really miss seeing him in TVB series tho…

  9. It is fantastic to hear that Gordon is better, and that things are looking better for him. (After all that inheritance, wife, assistant fiasco…) Hope he gets well soon! ^^

  10. He’s always been a remarkable martial artist and actor.. Hope he will be fully recovered soon.. Shame on his family! What is in their head?!

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