Wong Hei’s Loyalty to Deceased Lover

He still lives in the Mongkok apartment he used to share with his deceased lover.

52-year-old actor Wong Hei (王喜) has always openly shared about his daily life on social media, posting updates of his single life in recent years, such as of himself cooking and dining alone. However, there was a six-month duration in his life from December 2016 to May 2017, when he had distanced himself from the public glare. This was the time he was mourning the passing of his lover, Ming Jai.

Came out 

Wong Hei and his close male companion, Ming Jai had spent 15 years of their lives together before the latter succumbed to illness. In 2002, the two started cohabiting in a residence at Victory Avenue in Mongkok, spending much of their time together at work and training at the gym. In 2015, Wong Hei shared a photo on his social profile where he was looked to be holding Ming Jai’s shoulder, captioning “We can journey to the end of our lives this way,” seemingly making his homosexual relationship public.

with Ming Jai

In 2016, the then thirty-something Ming Jai became gravely ill. Wong Hei stayed by the latter’s side and was his primary caregiver, even spending a six-figure sum every month on medical fees and seeking the help of various doctors. However, Ming Jai eventually lose the fight, and at his last public appearance looked emaciated and was so weak he needed help even while walking outdoors.

After Ming Jai’s demise, Wong Hei continued staying at the apartment which they had shared. Posting about his life on social media, the hashtags he used such as “home is where there is someone waiting for me to return” and “looking for the next home” revealed Wong Hei’s solitude and longing.

A Loyal Friend

Aside from his lingering love for his former lover, Wong Hei is also a very loyal friend. He shared a friendship with former TVB General Manager Stephen Chan (陳志雲). In 2010, when Stephen faced corruption charges, many in the industry broke off ties with him. However, Wong Hei supported him publicly and never failed to turn up in court hearings to show his support.  After 84 long months in March 2017, the High Court approved Stephen’s appeal unanimously and cleared him of all charges. Tearful whenever he mentioned this episode in his life, Stephen expressed joy that his “inhumane days” were finally over and thanked all the angels who had been by his side.

Source: Sky Post

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I praise Wong Hei’s loyalty in love and friendship! Though I’m a bit confused by Ming Jai’s age. If he was 30-31 in 2016, and the two began cohabitation in 2002, wouldn’t that make him 16-17 at the time? That’s awfully young!

    1. @tvbrama I agree, it is lovely to see such love but I am also confused by the ages. If Ming Jai was that young, this story is no longer as sweet.

    2. @tvbrama lol…Sometimes we don’t know such age differences until they died and it is a always a bit shocking. Like Paul Walker I love that dude but never followed his news until he died. People find out his g/f at the time he dated was also underage when they first dated but they have been together for a while. I have always like him and I always find him HOT giving his age haha but I can understand when people shaking their heads finding out about the age thing afterwards. I guess this phrase comes in ” You can’t stop love and age doesn’t matter when it comes to love ? ” hahaa….lol….Although personally I think dating anyone over 10 years older is way too much let alone more than that. lol…

      1. @wm2017 Yeah, I don’t often keep up with too many celebrities’ love lives so sometimes I find out they dated someone while they were underage and it completely shifts my image of them no matter how much I loved them before haha.

        And honestly, I disagree with the phrase because age affects things in a relationship – not always, but it can. And to me if the other party is underage it’s the older person’s responsibility to be the adult and turn them down…

    3. @tvbrama it said 30-something, so could totally be 39 at that time, and it make him 25 when they were together. Let take it in the middle, and he would be just over 18 when they met, and totally legal and not underage. Also the thing about this is one party is gay, and possibly quite preserve, need a young mind to be daring and be in the relationship with another man, just my theory

      1. @littlefish Oh, when I had commented it just said then 30, not thirty something, so that’s where I got my numbers from. And yeah, an older person might find it harder to come to terms with their sexuality, but there’s still limits to how young the other party should be, no matter the relationship. As long as the other party is both consenting and not underage, it’s fine in my opinion.

      2. When Ming Jai got ill, he was thirty-something. So he must have been in his early 20s when he started living together with Wong Hei. Still pretty young. I’m sure Wong Hei already regarded Ming Jai as his partner on a similar level as a spouse, since they were co-habiting for such a long time.

  2. OMG. Cheat a young guy to be lover?
    But he has no loyalty to HK police since he is a police before.
    He is supporting HK rioters

  3. i didn’t know he was gay. omg just read another article, he supports polyamory? ew

    het polyamory is bad enough… but gay polyamory – that’s the first time i’ve heard of it

    1. @miyabi I think it’s always been known that he is gay and also Bowie Lam too I think. But BL we just don’t hear from him that much.

    2. @miyabi I think gay polyamory is better than heterosexual because there usually is a power differential with heterosexual polyamory where the women serve the man. With a gay relationship, that would be less likely to happen. And if there is no power differential, happy adults choosing to be in that type of relationship does not hurt anyone.

      1. @potatochip i disagree. nearly all of my gay friends have had some form of relationship abuse by their partners, either physical or emotional. the desire to dominate the other person will always be present due to innate personality traits. kinda dislike the false assumption that gay relationships are better than het ones, because they’re just as likely to be dysfunctional.

      2. @miyabi Um, really, all your gay friends have abusive relationships? Most of my gay friends and family members are in wonderful loving and equal relationships. But like all relationships, hetero or homo, there are going to be some bad ones.

        And I have never heard that people assume gay relationships are better. I am just wondering why you say gay polygamy is worse.

      3. @potatochip yeah, nearly all of them have went in and out of abusive relationships. both gay and het friends. i think you should read again what i replied to littlefish. the physical aspect of a gay polygamy relationship is just too gross and bizarre to imagine for me. if it isn’t for you, then cool. but i’m not gonna change my mind. i guess ppl are free to embrace the risk of STDs in a polygamy relationship – also studies have shown that gay relationships have higher instances of STDs. all these are just bleugh to me

      4. @miyabi Of course if it is not for you, that is perfectly fine, just like how a het relationship is not for a gay person. The tone of your post sounds like you are disgusted, which I think is hurtful. It further stigmatizes gay relationships. This population is already so vulnerable, no need to add more shame.

        I don’t expect you to change your mind about being in a gay relationship (that would be ridiculous of me), but consider how your tone affects the feelings of your gay friends and family.

      5. @potatochip i repeat. i definitely am disgusted by the physical concept of polyamory. also can ppl on this site stop making assumptions on how i treat people in general? i don’t go out of my way to offend gay friends and family members by telling them, yo your relationship is gross bc i don’t like the thought of a dick going up an anus and then the same dick going into other anuses. same with het polyamorous relationships. i just don’t say that to them. doesn’t mean i don’t think about it. because the truth is, that’s what happens. congrats on allowing hpv to proliferate, everyone.

    3. @miyabi the thing about Gay is that it’s not easily assumed. Even in the west, it’s so suppressed, and so most gay people feel their broken, and wrong, having multiple partners give them multiple supports, because unlike normal people, who has friends and family to support them, many gay people has no one but LGBT people to support them. And with that, the emotional line is quite blur and often hard to control. I wouldn’t judge the whole gay polyamory thing, maybe I’m light on them, but I don’t feel I’m in the right to judge them on their partner/sexual needs, as long as they state it right at the start of the relationship, they are not hurting anyone

      1. @littlefish that’s not true. that’s just generalizing most gay people. people who are into polyamory may not necessarily be gay, and may not necessarily be broken. it doesn’t make sense to simply put forth the assumption that “most” must have some kind of tragic background to practise this form of relationship.

      2. @miyabi I’m not saying all polyamory is, but it seems to be a common thing in gay people and im simply giving my thought of it. You see more polyamory in gay people than in normal people, why is that? Could it be the circumstances I said? And even if it’s not, why is it a crime? If you let your partner knows before you start the relationship, how is that a crime? You might not approve of the relationship but some people needs multiple support system (physical desire or mental desire, whatever), I.e multiple partner. Simply looking down on another person just because he/she has a different POV in relationship without finding out why is a bit harsh

      3. @littlefish dude, where in my post did i ever say it is a crime? i definitely look down at the ~sexual and physical aspect~ of it – personally, to me it’s gross. period. i never made any comments regarding the morality aspect on polyamory. perhaps you would want to re-read my posts again.

        plus i only reminded you that jumping to conclusions about any person’s needing support and making assumptions without facts IS generalizing.

      4. @miyabi lol, I’m sorry if you feel offended when I say “it’s a bit harsh”. And also it’s just to point out that why it’s harsh to just look down at one’s choice in their sexual life

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