Wong Hei Becomes Director

Many artistes broadened their career opportunities after leaving TVB. After leaving TVB in 2011 due to conflict with the station’s upper management, Wong Hei (王喜) spent time filming movies, traveling, and pursuing his interests in directing. The short film, Unfinished Conversations <說話未曾講> will be Wong Hei’s first directorial debut.

Unfinished Words is about a loving husband who is devoted to finding his lost wife. The concept of the movie loosely stems from Leon Lai’s 1996 hit single, “Unfinished Love Words” <情深說話未曾講>.

Wong Hei singlehandedly financed the movie, spending a six-figure sum to have the scenes shot in Beijing. However, his first directorial project was met with a bump when he decided that the lead actor was a miscast. Not afraid of challenges, he personally decided to recast a less experienced actor. When filming, Wong Hei often stopped the camera to go help the actor with the angles and positioning.

Taking the project very seriously, Wong Hei appeared at the production studios bright and early to ensure that the equipment was in place and ready to go. And appearing highly concentrated while filming, not a single smile was seen on Wong Hei’s face.

Confident that his movie will become a success, Wong Hei submitted his project to be included in the Taipei Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, as well as large film festivals across Europe. Speaking about his first-time directing experience, Wong Hei expressed, “The film gave me a very clear direction – if there are people you want to see and things you want to accomplish, don’t hesitate and don’t waste time.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Good for him! I wish him all the best in the future! It has been a while since I seen Wong Hei on screen. I hope he will continue making movies and acting in the future. Wong Hei Add Oil!!!! 😀

    1. Ditto, everything i wanted to say after reading this article. Good luck to Wong Hei.

  2. Egh, he was one of my fav actor back in the days. TVB was an idiot for letting him go imo.

  3. He strikes me as a bit pretentious, esp in the way he speaks. I feel like he’s always trying to make himself sound smart and appear serious. Anyway, back to this article…I do not envy the cast and crew who are working with him…he sounds like an obsessive possessive control freak.

  4. Well, he might not have the look, but he has got the personality that made him unique among other popular actors. To be honest, you can’t categorize him as good looking, but he is cute to look at. He can definitely act, hope he would excel in his new profession.

    1. Haha, I still remember the interview about his monolids or small eyes – it was something that separated him from other typical leading actors. His acting certainly makes him all the more charming.


      Anyway, good luck with your endeavours, Wong Hei~

      And on another note, I put off watching Twilight Investigation for a long while before picking it up a couple of days ago. Does anyone know when this was filmed? Info tells me the original broadcast was in 2010, but I was watching the drama and it just felt so… dated? Especially in terms of fashion choice. I thought they had made it around 2005, but then the show included puns on popular films/dramas after this time…

    2. He’s got a unique look that made him stood out from other actors. It’s the combination of his small eyes and cute smile that makes him cute. Hope to see more of him onscreen.

  5. Wong hei is awesome love him so much in the custom drama with jessica

  6. Great to see him doing so well. He is one of the cases that show that you do not need to be with TVB in order to succeed.

  7. One of my favorite actors on TVB. Especially liked him in Fa Mu Lan and Witness Protection Unit and the fireman one haha

    Indeed not commercially good looking but he could act and had charisma.

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