Wong He and Flow Leung Have Nothing Good to Say About Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu

Earlier this week, Hong Kong actors Jackson Lai (黎振燁) and Ashley Chu (朱智賢)—costars in TVB’s upcoming drama Zombie <食腦喪B>—were caught on a date. Both have significant others: Ashley is dating fellow TVB actor Brian Tse (謝東閔), while Jackson is married, with a baby on the way.

Needless to say, the cheating scandal broke the Internet. To clarify the issue, TVB immediately called on a press conference the following day. Jackson and Ashley’s jobs have been suspended. Their suspensions have not affected the filming of Zombie, as the show had already completed filming two weeks ago.

In an interview with Scoop <東張西望> following Ashley’s press conference, she apologized once again to all the people involved. She also said, “I admit that my job as an actress was the reason why this happened. I am not experienced enough. I wasn’t able to separate the two. I couldn’t get out of my character.”

Jackson and Ashley play a couple in Zombie, which also stars Matthew Ho (何廣沛) and Kaman Kong (江嘉敏).

Many found Ashley’s reason questionable, and called it an excuse. Several celebrities have commented on the scandal including actor Wong He (王喜), who went on Facebook to give his two cents.

“Can’t get out of character? Ha~ if your character likes to eat sh*t then wouldn’t your mother save a lot of money on food? Your company has so many experienced actors and veterans, all who have set good examples, yet you still have’t shown any improvement. How are you going to continue ‘stealing food’ (cheating), oh, sorry, I mean ‘looking for food’ (earning a living)?” Wong He’s post garnered over 10,000 likes at the time of this article.

Jackson’s fellow Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Flow Leung (梁裕恆), also has nothing good to say about the cheating couple. Flow, who has always been very outspoken on social media, called out Jackson as a person with “no bottom line.”

Flow, who lost the throne to Jackson in the 2016 Mr. Hong Kong Competition, was also Jackson’s costar in TVB’s Airport Strikers <機場特警>.

“Remembering how you pretended to be a good man [back during MHK] really makes me want to throw up,” said Flow on Instagram. “A bunch of Mr. Hong Kong and Miss Hong Kong contestants were just chatting, but he had to personally step aside and say ‘I can’t chat with other girls because I don’t want to deal with it if my wife minds.’ He made sure the staff could see him. He made sure the executives know about it. It was really [too much]. It was just a group of people chatting together, doing some normal socializing. They weren’t telling you to secretly meet up in the middle of nowhere to share a cake. What was the problem?”

Flow continued to say that Jackson had managed to maintain his good guy image for a while, but now the secret is finally out for good. “Now you’ve resorted to cheating while your wife is pregnant with your child. The a**hole of all a**holes . . . if you wanted sex and you really couldn’t hold it in, just get a hooker, but clearly these two have more than just a sexual relationship.”

Flow ended his rant by saying, “A good man won’t have to always mention that he’s a good man.”

Source: HK01.com (1, 2)

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Don’t know who Flow is lol what a name but agree with his last statement

  2. Wow I’m liking this guy flow. That was the exactly what we have been thinking when this Jackson guy historically kept on boosting on giving his wife his full measly TVB wage to display a good man, great husband and look at how silly this looks now. One day once his entertainment career is over, he will dump wife and seek rich girl elsewhere. This is a fake crap of a guy we have here…

    1. @jimmyszeto I totally agree with what he’s saying about Jackson, but I am wondering how come the only time I hear about this Flow Leung guy is when he’s commenting on other people’s relationship scandals? It kind of feels like he’s just flying out of the wall for some recognition.

      Jackson Lai really set himself up for the worst failure. If he hadn’t been bragging so much about being a good man, would we care as much about his cheating now?

      1. @cherie
        We probably wouldn’t care since everyone concerned are nobodies but it’s the craziness that someone self proclaiming to be perfect husband would cheat on pregnant wife. Also a mature woman cheats on her boyfriend knowingly with a pregnant woman’s husband. If it was just a guy cheating on his wife then will be forgotten quickly..

  3. This Flow dude is one of the Airport Strikers guys. Except that it looks like he’s there just to make up the numbers, not a significant role at all…

    1. @summerdale I’m on the last episode…which one is Flow? I don’t remember seeing him LOL

      Wasn’t this Flow guy on Jacqueline’s side, saying that Jacqueline and kenneth were just on screen couple?? Such BS. even Jacqueline herself didn’t agree with that or else why did her apology letter included Kenneth’s name??

  4. flow’s last statement about good man, there are a few who i can immediately think of. ET biz so shady….

  5. To me, it seems Flow has some rooted hatred for Jackson to go off like that, sure everyone has an opinion and likes a good rant, but his seem to hold a degree of anger.

    Also, he says all this but was sooo quick to defend JW in her scandal, almost twisting it and putting the blame on Kenneth making out she was neglected by him.

    Clearly this guy isn’t getting enough attention and is clinging onto other people’s scandals just to get his name out there..

    Wong He response is 10/10 though, love it hahaha!

  6. Well, the news must be slow.
    Lai must be a foe.
    Why didn’t Flow comment on Show?
    No matter, he’s just a Joe Shmoe.
    You reap what you sow.

    Lol. Just being in a silly mood. These guys have chosen such odd names.

  7. Actually, both this Wong He & Flow Leung are nobody as well no? WH – I remember his face but what does he do now?? FL?? And for them to comment like this? Sounds like they have beef w/him for a while and this is the perfect timing to let it all out. lol…haha…Some of those Chinese metaphors fit them perfectly but I can’t seem to remember which one exactly.

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