Ashley Chu Back at TVB After Cheating Scandal

Last year, Ashley Chu (朱智賢) and married actor Jackson Lai (黎振燁) were caught going on a secret date after being attracted to each other on the set of  Beauty and the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>. With their images in tatters, their jobs were paused for a year. With the drama airing on TVB on March 22, Ashley attended a publicity event, where she was confronted with questions once again about the scandal.

Both Ashely and Jackson play supporting roles in Beauty and the Boss, and their scenes remain uncut from the drama. Since Jackson was nowhere to be seen at the event, Ashley was asked if she has been in contact with him.

Quick to disassociate herself from the scandal, Ashley replied, “We need to look forward and move on. I won’t talk about what happened in the past. Anyway, I will work hard.”

Asked about her future career plans, Ashley looked nervous and said, “I am grateful for the company, and their arrangement to allow me to come out to promote the drama. I will wait [for future work] and trust the company’s planning. Of course, I want to quickly get back to work, but it’s not my call. I am ready to accept any jobs and will do my best.”

Ashely has reflected on her experience and wants to shift the focus to her career, “Now, the most important thing is to reach my goals and concentrate on my career. I want to tell everyone that I am a professional actress.”

Meanwhile, Ashley’s boyfriend Brian Tse (謝東閔) has continued supporting her since the exposure of the cheating scandal. Ashley shared, “We have always supported each other. We have a consensus and our careers are our priority.”


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Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu Caught Cheating on Date

Brian Tse Did Not Break Up with Ashley Chu

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  1. Jacqueline Wong must be so jealous of her after having cheated still able to come out and promote as a TVB artist lol

      1. @jesspepperwang not saying that this situation wasn’t bad but Jackson has no status and neither does his wife so the repercussions weren’t as bad. I understand the situation on paper is the same but these are celebs so status matters. JW is nothing special anyways so we aren’t losing a great actress

  2. Ashley is okay in this series doesn’t add value but doesn’t worsen it.

    I honestly really loved this series, I think I just really resonate with Ali’s character and I appreciated how she stood up for herself and they didn’t make her end up with Mo or Matthew like a typical love story. I think this is what makes ali special, her character is pretty generic but the way she did it made her special. At least to me. The rest of the story is okay. There’s also no bad shots of Ali in this show, so pretty

    1. @tt23 I must be her only fan that don’t find her very pretty. I think it’s very much like what she always say, she’s probably more like girl next door and that’s probably also why many like her, she’s not pretty enough to be hated by gals but good enough for guys to find her girlfriend-able

      1. @conan2209 hahaha nooo I was expecting a different answer from you! All good. She’s not unique so I get what you mean and everyone has their own opinions.

        Did you like the show btw? Not sure if I asked you before

      2. @tt23 I honestly will not recommend the show unless I know the person is a fan of the cast. Then again, I’m not a big fan of lighthearted stuff. My friends love this show.

    2. @tt23 I really liked this show and the ending as well! I really wish they kept the original name (Amelia’s Rhapsody) because it feels more true to the plot… it’s about a woman who finds herself and her journey into what completes her life. The romance with “the boss” was a catalyst for the change, but I don’t think it defined her in the end. Which is why she didn’t end up with either of them!

      I also really liked the friendships portrayed in this series. Good gal pals are the best.

      I also loved some of the wardrobe, and agree that Ali looked amazing.

      1. @sasamii you summed it up perfectly! and I agree with you about the name, they probably changed it to make it easier for most people to pronounce lol.

    3. @tt23 I am not going to read this thread to avoid possible spoilers, but wanted to say I am excited that Ali’s series is finally out in a language that I can understand. Lol. Starting to watch.

      1. @potatochip haha not major spoilers but yes don’t read it! Looking forward to hearing what you think 🙂 I’m also going to rewatch it as I personally really enjoyed it

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