Ashley Chu, Jackson Lai Remain Jobless After Cheating Scandal

After actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢) and married actor Jackson Lai (黎振燁) were caught on a secret date together last month, both have been frozen by TVB and do not know when they will be able to return to work.

While Ashley gave a press conference to apologize for her actions, the station gave her a two-week break from her hosting entertainment news program, Scoop <東張西望> in an attempt to quell the public’s backlash. Idling at home after she completing Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界Ⅱ> and Zombie <食腦喪B>, Ashley had wanted to resume her hosting activities but discovered that TVB does not have any concrete plans for her return. It appears that TVB is concerned for the public outrage and decided to tread carefully.

Growing restless without work for over a month, Ashley eagerly reached out to TVB to ask when she can return to Scoop. To no one’s surprise, TVB was unable to provide an answer because they are afraid that Ashley will drag down ratings. The station decided to wait a few more months before arranging her to return to work.

TVB had used a similar strategy in halting all of Jacqueline Wong‘s (黃心穎) work after her cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安) was exposed. At the height of the scandal, Jacqueline left Hong Kong for the United States to avoid the media, and TVB waited seven months before releasing Jacqueline’s drama Finding Her Voice <牛下女高音>.

Based on how the station had handled Jacqueline’s scandal, TVB will likely freeze Ashley for several months. Without any work for the time being, Ashley was seen going to the gym with her boyfriend Brian Tse (謝東閔) and updating her social media more frequently.

Jackson Lai Awaits Baby’s Arrival

To the dismay of many people, soon-to-be father Jackson Lai was discovered to be cheating on his wife of 15 years with Ashley Chu last month. Despite earning his wife’s forgiveness, Jackson remains on shaky ground with TVB and will likely remain jobless without pay for a lengthy amount of time.

With his wife due to have a Cesarean section in June, Jackson will focus on taking care of his family first and deal with his job issues later.


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Ashley Chu Apologizes for Dating Jackson Lai

Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu Caught Cheating on Date

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  1. Before any backlashes or comments gets too extreme (i.e. He should never be able to do X again), can I ask why someone’s personal life should destroy their professional career? So if a man who worked his whole life through undergrad and went to law school, which means $200K+ in debt, and has won many cases for low-income families, should never be able to practice law again because he cheated in a relationship? I am not condoning cheating in any way, but does this mean his JD doesn’t even count or get utilized anymore? Why is the entertainment industry especially in Asia so vicious and intruding? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got to act again right? Eva Longoria got to act again right? Even Winona Ryder, who didn’t cheat but stole, got to act again right? Shouldn’t we as knowledgeable citizens not add to the fire? AND separate professional from personal?

    1. @jesspepperwang
      Firstly the entertainment industry is different from the typical job. Image is important and these celebrities are supposed to set a good example for people especially children. These are very small time celebrities who can’t compare to the credentials Hollywood stars which have made mistakes. The culture and traditions of the countries have to be respected as well as the audience who are indirectly contributing to celebrities finances. In Asia, the full package including a clean private life is expected. Plenty have lost careers involved in cases of crime or drugs so losing a few through cheating scandals wouldn’t be totally unbelievable…

      1. @jimmyszeto It’s not that is not believable, it’s toxic. Especially when a woman cheats. If this is about respect, then shouldn’t someone’s personal life be respected albeit the fact that they are a celebrity?

    2. @jesspepperwang I think your comparison isn’t on the same level. If you want to fairly compare, you should either compare a potato actor with an average lawyer, or a famous actor with a successful lawyer. Jackson Lai is a potato actor. His acting is average (I personally think he’s mediocre). So let’s say if he worked hard in the entertainment industry for many years and gained a lot of praise and recognition for his top-notch acting. Do you think he would receive as much backlash as he’s right now? I personally don’t think so.
      And suppose that you’re going to see a doctor, but you discover that he smokes (smoking is a personal choice, is not illegal but you know it is bad), would you still trust him as much if he didn’t smoke, and see him again next time?
      I don’t think we should separate personal and professional lives, but look at the character and principles of a person in a whole. I think that whatever you’re doing, during your personal time or working hours, is a reflection of yourself as a human.
      I am sure that many who cheated can still accomplish their work well, but if I had the choice to choose between a lawyer who cheated and one who didn’t, both with the same level of potential, I would choose the one who didn’t cheat and judge in my head the one who cheated.
      Moreover, image isn’t important only in the entertainment industry, but also to ordinary citizens like us. How people perceive you can dictate your future. If you want to be respected then be respectable. Don’t go hurting others, especially your loved ones and people who love you.
      P.S. I’m just sharing my thoughts, no hard feelings 🙂

      1. @fatchoy totally agree. Look at Jackie Chan for example, people often forget as a husband and father he is a total douche. His movies always sells and adored by millions.

      2. @sev2 Exactly, that’s a good example. I think backlash is relative to your success. In this case, success is inversely proportional to the backlash; the less successful you’re, the more backlash you get from your cheating scandal and vice-versa.
        The good somehow balances out the bad and waters it down. I guess when you’re really good at something, your bad side can be overlooked because it makes it easier for people to swallow it. They can say “Hey, at least he’s good at ___, so it’s not that bad.” In the contrary, if that person hasn’t done anything worthy of recognition, then you don’t have much good to say about this person. Your esteem for him was already low to begin with, so with an act such as cheating it will only make you lose all respect for him.

    3. @jesspepperwang This is showbiz. Celebs’ value comes from their IMAGE (not how much education they have, or lives saved). Jackson’s image all along was the caring husband, so of course how they conduct themselves in their personal lives matter. While for true professionals like doctors, lawyers etc their social live isn’t as scrutinized but they still have ethical standards to uphold. I guess you can say not cheating is of those things in Asian showbiz. Also, it’s not like these two have well established fan base, as in they are easily replaceable by another actor. So why shouldn’t the producers go find someone with a better image. Until they can show that they care about what other people will think about them (yes, this is entertainment industry, people will judge), why can’t we as the audience determine their “entertainment value”?

      1. I see where you are coming from. The entertainment industry is different indeed. What I am trying to get at is this: especially because they are not big names, why all the hysteria? Actors such as Wong He weighed in and call Ashley “a liar and trash.” I can see the former, but the later is harsh. She’s not a worthless human being and we don’t know her personally. You get me? I feel like the public is just waiting to react or something. I personally wouldn’t be laughing if Ashley hurt herself because of these harsh comments.

    4. @jesspepperwang
      I agree with you many celebrities have cheated like Adam Cheng, Anthony Wong and others but they now passed that and are still enjoying their career. The most famous one is of course Jackie Chan who not only cheated but had a kid and discarded her completely. But I think the big difference is that they are way more famous and powerful and with time, people tend to forget and move on. However, these 2 are nobodies and this is fairly recent so maybe time will allow the audience to forget too. Who knows?

      However, as many have mentioned this is the entertainment industry where image is a part of your job too. Being a public figure, everyone is eyeing your every move. One mistake and you can be done for. Joel Chan got lucky and got a second chance so maybe they will too.

      1. @hetieshou Well said on the “everyone is eyeing your every move.” If you are selling an image, you just did yourself in by showing a character flaw.

        People do tend to forgive depending on how big you are and how long it’s been and especially if you are a male in Asia.

        What I was trying to get at: viewing everything through an objective and realistic lens. Don’t hold people not even celebrities to some godly standard. No admiration or infatuation, but simply watch a movie and say “Good acting” and don’t say “Good husband too!” I think it is when this line gets muddled that people react more strongly if celebrities f-ck up in real life. You get me? I still think Jackie Chan is a POS because he has fully discarded the existence of a daughter from an affair albeit the fact he said she is his biological daughter. Ouch.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        Exactly and celebrities are people just like us too but they just have the fame and fortune that we do not have. I never expected anyone of them to be perfect but at least be a good role model for the future generations.

        Jackie Chan is just really bad for disregarding his daughter like that. Anthony Wong and Adam Cheng may have cheated but at least they took responsibility for their children and tried their best.

        People tend to forgive if you have a status and are male. Time is a big factor too. I still remember about Jacqueline Wong and she is probably hoping that the public will forgive and forget so she can move on and make big bucks. She is so naive and stupid as she is pretty much a nobody too.

  2. Ashley came from a rich family so it doesn’t make any different whether she’s got a job or not unless her family doesn’t care about her anymore. About Jackson I don’t know about him because he’s not from a rich family so it’s hard for him without a job especially he’s going to be a father soon so he better find himself another job so he can take care of his family. I remember Steven Cheung he have to find himself an odd job too because of a cheating scandal.

  3. Look. I think they are still people and should have the privacy to be left alone to their own lives if they are not in the entertainment circle. They should not be yelled at or cursed at when walking in the street or when eating out. And I don’t want to seem them hit as well.

    However if they choose to stay in the industry, then they have to put up with the harsh criticism of being a celebrity which comes hand in hand with the paparazzi and gossip, whether they are popular or not. You can’t take the spotlight then refuse judgment.

    Celebrities sell image, some people think it is hypocritical because normal people are flawed, but don’t assume that everyone is a cheater. Most normal people are quite decent in relationships so it is understandable which they don’t want to support a person who has different values from them. The audience likes to watch nice people. Most people are decent and probably won’t. And the industry is commercial so they have to use artistes that will be watched and bring up ratings.

    Ashley and Jackson did not commit a legal crime, but they have been immoral to their partners and lied about it. And they think after a sloppy insincere apology that they can pretend everything has been forgiven and they go back to their previous lives is naive. Opportunities in the industry are slim so why should they be given to these two who don’t have anything spark that makes them irreplaceable but have thrown away their chances for a moment of lust? There hardworking people who have worked hard from the bottom for years that deserve those resources more.

    There are cheaters (like Joel Chan) who have been forgiven but it took time for people to see that they have worked hard to turn their lives around. Forviginess needs time and sincerity remorse, which Ashley and Jackson have not yet shown. (Neither can I see in Jackie Chan, Chapman To, Andy Hui, Jacqueline Wong,etc) If they do come back to TV, I don’t mind seeing them but don’t expect people to vote for them or support them as leads.

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