TVB Adds New Contract Clause Restraining Artistes’ Behavior

The clause, which will make its artistes liable for scandal-related financial losses, comes on the back of tightened Chinese media regulations.

Concerned about the image of its artistes, TVB is drafting a clause imposing limits on its artistes’ behavior, which will soon to be added to new contracts. The Hong Kong station’s move is said to be attributed to Chinese authorities’ heightened scrutiny of artiste conduct in recent years – as can be seen from film companies and online mainstream platforms being approached to include a contract clause designed to curb artistes’ misdemeanor.

Rising Trend of TVB-Mainland Collaborations

According to reports, the relevant authorities had to make a promise to ensure that performing artistes shall not be involved in behaviors such as prostitution, gambling, drug use, engaging in divisive speech and encouraging Hong Kong independence. The artistes would have to bear the responsibility for financial losses should their scandals negatively impact the distribution and premier of works. Due to many recent TVB dramas being either Mainland collaborations or having confirmed airing slots in China, it therefore needed to abide by Chinese regulations.

The report also highlighted how many TVB artistes had continuously landed into trouble due to their personal scandals. These included Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) affair with Andy Hui (許志安), which caused the station to lose $100 million Hong Kong dollars. Aside from being dropped from advertising contracts, Jacqueline’s variety program and drama Forensic Heroes <法證先鋒IV > had to be re-shot.

Ashley Chu (朱智賢) and married actor Jackson Lai (黎振燁), who were found cheating together on each other’s partners, were similarly frozen by the station, causing monetary losses of an unspecified amount.

Angering Chinese viewers due to her pro-democracy stance, Best Actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) was dropped from four dramas, public appearances and endorsements.

Nancy Wu to Be Among First Batch of Artistes Afflicted

As TVB wished to put a stop to similar cases, it plans to add a new clause to restrain its artistes’ behavior so as to prevent the company from bearing the brunt of related financial losses. After having consulted with lawyers, the station will draft a new contract with a clause stating that artistes who cause the company to suffer unnecessary financial losses due to their personal behavior and speech, including political views, will have to bear responsibility and also be financially liable.

The report also mentioned that two-time Best Actress Nancy Wu (胡定欣), who is slated to renew her contract with TVB, would be among the first batch of artistes who will be impacted by the new contractual clause. When contacted, Nancy replied that she was not sure about the matter and declined to comment.

Source: HK01

This article is written by JoyceK for

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  1. From a business standpoint, it makes sense. But from a human rights standpoint, it is restrictive. Being frozen should be enough of a disincentive, adding financial liability for human error seems to be extra cruel.

      1. @potatochip Celebrities are human too. It’s bad for their mental health if they cant even date. Asian culture is too conservative. These things need to change.

      2. @potatochip

        You can’t have it all. You’re in the entertainment business for wealth and fame. There are sacrifices in every job profession, and these are the sacrifices that you make in Asian entertainment. It’s all fair and square.

    1. @potatochip Prostitution, gambling, drugs I would agree is fair. Romantic affairs though is a little more of a grey area since its not really illegal…so kind of restrictive but I wouldn’t say too unreasonable given that they are expected to front an image as a person in the public eye.

      1. @megamiaow I agree, illegal should be penalized. Affairs are sticky, especially if it is actually a secret open relationship. Some of these marriages are questionable already, but that is between the couple. Free speech is also grey. Ali encouraging people to register to vote shouldn’t be penalized but hate speech (racism, sexism) should. It is so difficult to judge, that’s why a blanket rule giving the company all the power is unfair.

      2. @potatochip

        Free speech doesn’t entail you to make separatist remarks (at least that’s how the HK and CCP government sees it). They are entertainers. They have mass influence over the people. Stick to acting. Stay out of politics and religion then you’ll be fine. That’s what the governments want. This ain’t Hollywood (America) where they condone you to politicize everything. HK and China don’t want to be like America and will never be like the west in this regard. If they don’t like it, take a hike and pursue another career.

        In HK and China, you can’t reap the benefit of fame and wealth while saying and doing anything you want. This has been clear for a very long time.

        Don’t like it? Take advantage of Australia and British’s “free citizenship” handouts. I want to see how well they do with all the racial tension amassed in these countries when they “immigrate” (political refugees in my eyes) there.

      3. @kuks

        Same as the UK. They already have a refugee crisis from war-torn countries in the Middle East, have few jobs available (due to refugees and garbage economy), lack of healthcare access (due to refugees, and lack of medical personnel) and they will be treated as second class citizens (due to refugees and a long-standing superiority complex among local rednecks that they are better than everybody else), but HK’ers will have their “free speech” to say anything they want. ;D

        If the UK and Australia do move forward and actually have the balls to hand out citizenships to HK’ers. It will get a whole lot worse for them as China will cut off economic ties making their current situation worse to unbearable. Their citizens will not be enthusiastic about taking in millions of refugees, already sharing the limited resources that they already have.

        Will HK’ers be actually better off moving to these countries? Time will tell. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

      4. @anon “lack of healthcare access (due to refugees, and lack of medical personnel)” The lack of healthcare access is not due to refugees. They make up a very very small minority and its this type of thinking that people using health tourism to sponge of the NHS that gave Brexit ammunition. Theres not enough medics for sure, but refugees should not be labelled as a problem for lack of access.

        The UK has a racial problem, as does every country on the planet. I have been on the receiving end moreso during this Pandemic. But for every lowlife who calls me names, I remember that there are way more people who are not racist and are good people.

        I would think those who want to accept citizenship here value freedom above all else. Even then, it will be difficult for them to come anyway as China has a right to block the application. The actual numbers able to take up the offer will be nowhere near the 3 million thats ellegible even of they wanted to.

      5. @anon Huh? Just because it’s always been that restrictive doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for something better. It’s this type of thinking that makes it impossible for people to progress. I don’t expect change to happen overnight, or even in a few years, but if more people speak up against wrongs, perhaps things will finally change.

      6. @potatochip Yes true, when they slowly add more and more things they expect you to do or not to do it will become almost like they own you. Most of these Korean kpop contracts are no different than slavery contracts. They literally work for free most the time before (and if) they make it big.

      7. @megamiaow

        These artists ALL have a choice to continue or leave. These companies invests millions of dollars like an investment in hopes they will be big. Most of them fail while they eat and sleep from the company’s expenses. These companies lose millions in investments in their artists too.

        How else would they recuperate their investment if they don’t limit their salary and work conditions? They need to protect their investments. Obviously they would be on slave contracts and work conditions until they are free from their contracts. It’s the same everywhere else in the entertainment world.

        While Weinstein victims didn’t have a choice to be raped.

        Some even have the rationality to say they are both the same. Lol

  2. Kinda surprised that they didn’t already have this in their contracts given how stingy TVB is. Would have thought that maybe they had their bases covered. They got lucky that both Forensic Heroes IV got its ratings due to lockdown and Finding Her Voice was well received. If only in HK the production company was separate from the network, then maybe we’d get a wider variety of cast members.

  3. You see here we go again claimed they’re loosing money but they afford to pay Linda that much money for a comeback who can’t even act right. Tvb needs to stop wasting money on those who can’t even get their job done saved up those money for a better actor and actress. I don’t get it about Nancy why is she on the list? I thought only for scandal?

    1. @cutie777 I think it’s just saying since Nancy will be the very first few signing the new contract, she will get the new clause added, not implying she had/will have scandals.

      I wonder how will TVB approach those who had signed 10 years contracts without that new clause? Will there be future negotiations to add in the clause?

      1. @anon Linda attracts a younger audience imo. The thing with Linda is she has charm on-screen. Although her acting is not superb, she’s pretty fun to watch. I remember when I first saw her in Heart of Greed, she was the prettiest then. I do feel like her acting is repetitive. Linda’s singing is probably better than her acting as she has some good songs. Her live singing is decent too

      2. @luye that doesn’t leave much for her acting if her singing is better.

        A song of hers came on my Spotify and it hurt me so much I had to find out who it was and shut it down!

        I don’t see Linda’s appeal either. Probably is the young kiddies who like her because she exudes the ‘perfect girl next door’ vibe.

  4. Just think of how the stars used to be in the 80s and 90s. People didn’t know much about them and that was what made them so intriguing and mysterious. Shifting gears to 2020, though not by choice but it’s back to where they were.

  5. I wonder how TVB ends up being when China dominates and fully takes over HK. Hell even the entire HK entertainment industry etc.
    Having watched TVB since childhood it’s really been a big part of my life, I would be devastated when all hell breaks loose.

  6. Don’t agree but not surprised.

    I hope Ali bounces back. I love her – she’s such a good actress and there isn’t many good ones in TVB right now.

      1. @conan2209 Ali has been the only actress to actually give off a fresh feeling on every role she’s taken. Each character she plays gives off a well defined different vibe. Now that’s talent + effort. She deserves better.

      2. @bubbles23 unfortunately, while TVB markets its show globally, China market and Chinese investors are all that matters to TVB. I can only pray hard Ali will have a comeback and will emerge stronger

  7. This is nonsense. This is setting these women 100 years back. This nonsense has continued for too long. In Chinese entertainment world, the actors, models, hosts, singers etc are supposed to be these perfect beings who entertain us. One strike and they are crucified, thrown under the bus by sponsors, studios, fellow colleagues, friends , so called fans, society in general and even family. I guess we are going to have celebrities trying their best to live perfect , angelic lives, hoping they don’t commit any “scandals” for fear of losing their career and any means to live in an already tough economic society. No one should have to live like that. Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland, Korea, Japan, need to learn that the entertainers are not perfect, they make mistakes and should not be thrown under the bus and judged too harshly for these mistakes. This is way Jurassic and cold. I still can’t understand how Korean managers control the celebs to the point where they can’t date. No wonder they are committing suicide on a regular basis. To treat the celebs like that is inhuman. Only last year, two Taiwanese actors were ordered to stay away from each other by their managers because the two developed feelings for each other while filming their BL drama. The two young men were outright told they are to not date each other. They really fell hard for one another. Things like this should not be happening. These men are 29 and 30 respectively , imagine that. This TVB prison law should be flushed down the toilet, where it belongs.

    1. @renren I don’t think this kind of control only exist in Asian entertainment industry. It happened in entertainment industry all over the world, even in US where everyone thinks they have freedom.

      Just look at the Harvey Weinsten case, the pedophile cases in Hollywood, these are all just a different way to control an artist. And sometimes that is the price they have to pay to get that fame and success. Even Taylor Swift was not allowed to voice her political opinion when she was with her old management.

      It’s not right, but that’s how f***ed up the entertainment industry is. All these images the celebs have to uphold depending on where they live.

  8. I am disgusted by the horror that the victims went through at the hands of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby and others. That sort of treatment is belittling to women and is telling them they are the property of these powerful sexist men. It is an insult to these women , and in some cases, men as well. No human being should be subjected to such disregard and treatment. However, these victims in Hollywood do not have to live their lives wondering if they have to be fined and let go from their studios because they find themselves in a scandal. What TVB is doing is just as traumatizing and wrong as what Weinstein did to those unfortunate women.

    1. @renren

      “What TVB is doing is just as traumatizing and wrong as what Weinstein did to those unfortunate women.”

      Wow somebody has their priorities straight.

      1. @anon +thank you+. We should all have our priorities straight. Try to have a happy week, I know I will, peace out.

  9. @m0m0 Also to point out back then that’s when you had HK movies that made triads look cool, certain entertainers became stars due them starring it cat 3 movies such Shu Qi to name one. If they didn’t have that kind of freedom back then when making those movies/shows we wouldn’t have had the stars now as well as the good HK movies back then. With PRC putting it’s control on how a movie/show should be, you can bet that the quality and the creativeness of the movies will most likely go downhill. Heck they kind of are now…Also I’m probably being bias but what good creative big6 movies/shows are there that’s willing to push the limits…
    @oligodendrocytes It will be interesting, look at it now TVB is airing shows that they shelved 2-3 years ago such Life After Death…It’s a good thing I have a bunch of older tvb shows that I have yet to watch and can watch those when TVB is totally being pulled by the PRC strings…
    @pompidur Very true regards to Hollywood, heck some have fallen off the wagon take for example Robert Downey Jr. Was a alcoholic and more…sobered himself and now he’s better then ever….at least Hollywood can be forgiving, and yes these people that perform are not perfect…at the end of the day they’re just performers. They should never be treated as influencers, role models and etc….When people do that, they weren’t educated correctly then IMO….

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