Nancy Wu Renews TVB Contract, Confirmed for “Big White Duel 2”

Nancy Wu (胡定欣) had been on a management limbo after completing 2018’s Justice Bao: The First Year <包青天再起風雲>, the last drama in her TVB contract. Nancy has since had talks with EEG and Louis Koo’s (古天樂) Sky High Entertainment, but sources are confirming today that Nancy has decided to return to TVB, renewing her contract for a set number of years. This decision was reportedly due to career stability.

Her first drama as a returning artiste will be the upcoming Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II>, costarring Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and new cast member Moses Chan (陳豪). According to sources, Nancy will be playing a doctor, a first in her two-decade acting career.

“It’s definitely refreshing for me as I rarely play professional roles,” said Nancy in an interview. “I’ve been doing a lot of research and my knowledge in medicine has also improved.”

The script is currently still in the works, and Nancy does not have many information about her role yet. “In the meantime, I’ll focus on doing more homework,” she said. “I’ve been watching a lot of medical-related films.”

Rumor has it that Nancy’s new role will come in between Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong’s relationship. Nancy laughed and said, “I’ll be waiting for more arrangements by the producer, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to break this couple apart!” Producer Marco Law (羅永賢) clarified in a later interview that Nancy’s new role will not be part of a love triangle, stressing that she will be playing “a cool doctor with personality.”

Pointing out that Kenneth, Nancy’s old flame, is now dating Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Nancy said, “I’m very happy for them and I’m looking forward to working [with Kenneth] again!”

On collaborating with his ex-girlfriend, Kenneth said, “We’ve known each other for many years, and we are good friends. I’m hoping for a good script! This benefits everyone.”


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  1. i like nancy but feel that leaving tvb would have been a better choice for her. i understand why she stays with tvb though

  2. Given the current instability of the HK film industry partly due to COVID19, it is a smart decision to renew her contract with TVB

  3. Where else would she go? She’s an average actress and she’s not popular enough outside the Hong Kong market. Her last drama was horrible, she was too old for the role and her acting was dull and tired.

    1. @seriously
      Yup Nancy is an average actress at best. She is largely unknown outside of Hong Kong and she was forgettable in all of the roles she’s played. It’s no surprise that she’s returned. She doesn’t have a market beyond TVB.

      1. @anon Yup, none memorable!!! Exactly, not everyone have market in the mainland she’s prob just good for TVB the comfort zone.

      2. @luye
        A Fist Within Four Walls was one of the rare dramas that I happened to watch. Though her character was popular, her acting was average at best. The series only gained popularity in HK – unheard of in the Mainland.

  4. Happy to hear that i’ll be seeing Nancy again in future TVB series. It is a good decision to renew her contract with TVB given the current situation, while i also agree that Nancy hardly have a market beyond TVB.

    By the way, i do think Nancy’s acting is better than Ali, but she is not as younger looking as Ali to play certain roles. Anyway, Nancy playing a cool doctor in BWD 2 sounds interesting…looking forward to the show.

  5. Guess the contract with louis koo company fell through. She is not movie actress material anyway, stay on the small screen, that way she still can become a leading lady, otherwise would have to be reduced to ka le fe on the big screen.

  6. Nancy Wu has made a right decision to renew her contract with TVB due to the current instability of film industries in Hong Kong.

    Moreover, Nancy Wu is just a decent actress, and not an amazing one. Her roles are not as broad as some pretty actresses who are good in both looks and acting, and she is not young any more.

    Agreed that Nancy did not seem to have a memorable role after she became a 1st lead actress. She did a lot better when she was in her supporting roles.

    1. @orchid123 If it weren’t for COVID-19 further rattling the HK film industry, I think Nancy may have left TVB as she was rumored to be in talks with Louis Koo’s film company. Former TVB artistes who left have signed with Shaw Brothers, but the studio’s web drama output has only been a few projects, or gone to work in ViuTV dramas. For its marketing muscle, TVB may be the best option for Nancy right now.

  7. Wow TVB is really an a-hole. First you drop Ali (your newly crowned TV queen btw and one of few who can carry a series by herself), and then you freeze Nancy cause she wants out. AND THEN, you cast Nancy into a role probably meant for Ali??? That’s so bitter. I’m so mad for Ali.
    Also, Nancy as “a cool doctor with personality”… that sounds so boring. I can already see her resting btch face. I sure hope MaMing and Roger Kwok can save this series.

  8. Would’ve preferred Ali over Nancy. But Nancy did make a good choice to come back to TVB, don’t see her surviving in the film industry.

  9. I guess despite if her contract is good or not, there’s no choice for her but to go back to TVB. Otherwise she has to start from zero again if she ventures out to China.

    1. @megrim
      I don’t think she even has a place in China. She’s old, can barely act, and don’t even have the solid connections that her peers do. In China, there are way better looking, younger and better performing actresses than her. These qualities are a dime in a dozen in the mainland. There are many actresses that bring way more to the table than she can. Nancy never even had a memorable role at TVB. If you can’t even shine at TVB, what makes you think she can shine in China? She’s not a desirable commodity beyond HK.

      1. @anon totally agreed. Even actress like Charmaine only manage to get 2nd/3rd billing, where would Nancy be. She manage to rise in TVB because those other fa dan left.

      2. @sev2

        Yup, when Charmaine left TVB for the mainland in 2013, she was a more popular actress in both HK and the mainland than when Nancy left TVB for China in 2018. Charmaine is an overall much better actress than Nancy too. Charmaine also starred in the original Line Walker series that helped propel her popularity as that drama had one of the highest TV ratings in China. Both her acting and character is what really made her a household name in the mainland. Yet ever since Line Walker, Charmaine was only able to get 2nd/3rd line supporting roles in the mainland TV industry.

        Nancy has none of these qualities and accomplishments that Charmaine had when she left, so her chances of getting 2nd/3rd line supporting roles are even slimmer than Charmaine in China.

      3. @anon yeah totally agree on that. Charmaine definitely is more popular and her acting is superb. She has what you call “audience luck” too ? Nancy doesn’t have that. Not judging her by age or anything. I think we should all admire or give credit to an artist based on their work and acting instead of judging them by age. But unfortunately that is how the entertainment industry is. Sad. Ada Choi is doing pretty good In China too I believe ?

  10. i do like Nancy and also think that she is a better actress than Ali. But currently, I enjoy watching Ali more. Ali has beauty and charisma that most actresses lack nowadays. Ali still has room to improve, she sometimes seems like she reacts a second too slow or is a bit blank. I am disappointed that she isn’t in BWD2 because her character was the most interesting for me in the first one. Oh well, hopefully this Death by Zero brings her buzz back so she can be in more series. I am interested to see her in a tough lady role since she has been more damsel like in most of her other ones.

    For Nancy, she has hit a plateau. I watched her in the Justice Bao series, where everyone was miscast and she was quite dull. I think her in BWD2 may bring back her spark since she has not played a doctor before. If they had both Nancy and Ali in there (and lost Natalie or even Kelly), that would have been much better.

    And for goodness sake, some more realism in their appearance would be appreciated. Doctors don’t go running around with perfect hair and high heels. And where were their stethoscopes?

    1. @potatochip I agree with your last paragraph, whats up with them sleeping with full makeup on they can’t possibly wake up like this,its not realistic at all

  11. From all the comments you’d think Nancy is super old…. she’s actually just a year older than Ali…

  12. Well I’m glad Nancy is with TVB and we get to see her series, as the current crop of actresses are mediocre.

    Ali Lee is the only decent actress TVB has and looks like she will be killed off in this sequel…

  13. Expect Nancy will return to TVB. Not easy to make it to China market & she’s not young either.
    TVB producing part 2 for so many dramas this year… might be disappointing next year as usually drama part 2 not as good as the original drama

  14. Why so many people are complaining about Nancy being old? Ali and Nancy are just one year apart so what’s the different? Look at Tavia she looks old in that drama too the on call 36 hours? I wonder anyone complaining about her being too old in that drama? Especially her long nose makes her looks so old. It’s called people choice so if she’s back then she can kept her job that’s it.

    1. @cutie777
      You know why. Ali Lee is pretty while Nancy Wu isn’t (at least to me). Nancy is just decent looking, but not the pretty type.

      Personally, I think Ali has a good built (even on the skinny side) and she looks good in any types of outfits, esp the fashionable ones, but Nancy is really too skinny.

      Ali has aura and charisma to be a 1st lead actress, but she needs to improve on her acting. Nancy acts better, but she may not be good in any types of roles as a 1st lead actress.

      I used to like Nancy Wu’s acting in the past, but she was in supporting roles. After she got promoted to act 1st lead roles, I had not found a good drama series that she did.

      1. @orchid123 she was very good in supporting but I think she got handed rubbish roles when she became lead. Not to mention the overall quality of dramas were on the decline anyway.

  15. I like both Nancy and Ali. Nancy can carry some roles very well. I hope she can do better and better. Nancy is not ready for other platform yet.

    Ali is pretty and sweet. Somehow I feel her acting skill and talking tone has room of improvement. This series she carried the role very well. Well done.

    Hopefully Nancy will give audiences another surprise. I think it is a good idea to add her.

    If can remain both actress in this series will be great.

  16. People have low standards these days. Nancy is very average and it proved in the ‘Deep in the realms of Conscience’ where she also looked aged. She is already past her peak…

    1. @jimmyszeto Exactly! People are actually glad about her being back. haha lol…. Pretty soon they will all be like ‘OH thank god that Grace Chan/Linda Chung are back cuz TVB is so lacking in faces and talent. Nancy Wu already looked old in that Fist Fight series w/Ruco not sure if it was her makeup or whatever simply awful all around. The only fighters I like in that overrated series was Grace Wong/Philip Ng.

    2. @jimmyszeto It’s unfortunate that she’s only getting lead opportunities now, even though her peak (in terms of looks) was many years ago

  17. Tvb should put Nancy and Ali into a drama together…

    Make Nancy the antagonist and Ali the protagonist

  18. Wow! 90% of these comments are mean, targeting her age. Sadly that’s the reality of showbiz in Asia where any actress past 35 should be consigned to playing only supporting roles as the main lead’s mother.

    1. @pisces2019 Actually just noticed so many were about her age. Shes still in her 30s and TVB dont cast leads that are in their 20s. I dont see how she is “too old”.

  19. Just glad that Nancy is doing another drama in TVB. Wish that Charmaine will make a drama comeback soon in TVB as well

    1. @cloo887 Me too. I enjoy watching Nancy. Hopefully her character will be interesting. I feel like the roles she got after A Fist Within Four Walls were boring.

      I’ve been watching Line Walker and Charmaine & Raymond are so funny together. I wont be too surprised if Charmaine films something for TVB. In an interview, she said it’s hard to film in Mandarin but also hard to say her lines in Cantonese because she needs to make it possible for her lines to be dubbed. That’s definitely an obstacle & extra work on top of memorizing lines.

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