Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu Caught Cheating on Date

Although already dating Brian Tse (謝東閔), TVB actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢) was recently caught cheating with married actor and 2016 Mr. Hong Kong winner, Jackson Lai (黎振燁).

After participating in Miss Hong Kong 2013, Ashley has appeared in variety programs such as Fun Abroad <3日2夜> as well as minor roles in TVB dramas. Recently filming drama Zombie <食腦喪B> with Jackson, it’s speculated that they secretly started seeing each other despite both having significant others.

It’s an open secret that Ashley has been dating Brian for quite some time, and Jackson is already a married man. Originally known as a loving husband, Jackson and his wife has been together for 15 years already and are expecting a baby.

Secret Meetup

Although Zombie completed filming two weeks ago, Jackson and Ashley were seen driving to a fairly secluded place recently and were caught sharing a cake inside the car. When the reporters spotted them, Jackson and Ashley quickly separated from each other and stated that they were only friends. Getting out of the car, Jackson said, “We’re just getting ready to go to work. We’re not together, please don’t misunderstand.”

When reporters spoke to Ashley, she expressed that she knows Jackson is married and stated that they are only colleagues. When asked about Brian, Ashley also stated that they are only friends and are not in a relationship.

Social Media Accounts Turned Off

After the news got out, TVB management allegedly asked all parties to keep quiet for the time being.

Privatizing her Instagram immediately after going home, Ashley told reporters that she is unable to respond to any questions at the moment.

Jackson also turned his Instagram private and deleted all his content. Although he was supposed to make an appearance to promote series, Airport Strikers <機場特警>, he was nowhere to be seen yesterday.

Despite the media being unable to contact Brian yet, it’s speculated that he was unaware of Ashley and Jackson’s secret relationship.


Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I liked Jackson Lai’s onscreen presence. I thought he would have a promising future at TVB. In past interviews, he spoke about giving all his salary to his wife, and thanking her for supporting his career choice despite his struggles. They all seem like lies now…how can he cheat on her while she’s pregnant and when they’re ready to start a family?

    1. @jayne
      Jackson always mentioning he would give that full tiny salary to his wife. He started his acting career late. Now it is over before it has even started…

    2. @jayne From this series, he have gained popularity and it seems that TVB intend to promote him. Oh well, blame himself ‘sui hamsap’. TVB have a lot of young actors now, so he’s pretty much refrigerated for the time being. It also depends if he have any backup from management = look at Hugo Wong making a comeback and having a tailor-made Mr. Perfect role for him in Airport Strikers.

      1. @sehseh
        This guy Jackson has no backup unless he has slept with management. He is a nobody, married and old so can’t be an idol. Never led a series and is now a cheat. What a failure!

      2. @sehseh
        The Hugo Wong role isn’t a comeback role. He filmed during the time of the scandal. The series just got released a couple of years late hence the outdated feel to it. Eddie Kwan is really unlucky. His Ruse of Engagement series also was delayed for a few years due to its terrorist theme…

      3. @jimmyszeto I see. But still, TVB did not reduce his screentime. I think the worst luck is Owen Cheung, having problematic co-stars all the time.

      4. @sehseh Hugo’s acting is versatile and he never banked on a “good guy” image in dramas. He can fill in variety of supporting and villain roles.

        Jackson’s image was built around being a good husband, so he is on more shaky ground.

      1. @megamiaow Jackson was married for 5 years, but he’s been with his wife for a total of 15 years. If they already decided to start a family, he should have resisted temptation. They do have a lot of history together and even if his wife may be willing to forgive, Jackson allegedly asked for a divorce in March.

      2. @jayne if there is so much backlash and this fake guy finally realise he was actually a nobody and will be a has been due to this scandal, he may miraculously ‘awaken’ and claim to realise how important wife and soon to be born baby is. After some grovelling and public apology, his wife will most probably forgive his lapse of judgement.
        Don’t all these seem familiar?

      1. @jimmyszeto
        I don’t know for sure but isn’t it super weird to drove to a secluded place to celebrate someone else’s birthday without the birthday boy/girl?? They were eating the cake NOT waiting with the cake. Or isn’t usually baby’s celebration will takes place AFTER the baby is popped out from Mommy’s womb?? Beside isn’t it more appropriate to have the celebration with both Mommy and Daddy NOT ONLY with Daddy?? Well, maybe they have it differently in that part of the world….hehe

      2. @jimmyszeto Only the two of them caught eating cake at the backseat of his car… in a park. It seems that Apple caught wind of this affair for some time and waited for the perfect time to caught them in the act. Bet they were expecting something saucier lol.

      3. @sehseh
        Zombie is recent so probably relationship just started. Good luck to them on finding an explanation of secretly sharing cake in a secluded area.

  2. Who’s birthday is it haha. Pity to his wife of 15 years… who’s 8 months pregnant too, wow… no words.

      1. @jimmyszeto I would feel sorry for her if she didn’t know he was married. Obviously, she knew, and she was cheating on her BF herself so no pity. Seems like she’s selfish and only cares for herself to get a man no matter who she hurts along the way.

      2. @thht
        The reporters were great this time. ‘Do you know you have a wife?’ Do you know your wife is pregnant? Is this how you prepare for work? Jackson was so smitten in love that he did not spot a huge army of reporters before it was too late.

  3. Hmm…if this Jackson guy is cheating, i would say he is worse than Hugo Wong because he is married in the first place. & all these while he has been portraying himself as a good & loving husband, but yet he’s cheating when his wife is expecting their baby. What a liar…

    1. @diana80 Hugo is not that bad, maybe the fan who accused him of playing her was actually the one who wanted more when he didn’t. I know so many regular guys who are a million times worse players than Hugo.

    2. @diana80
      never considered hugo’s incident was a big deal. everything was one sided and his scandal w/ that married woman was from a long time ago. for jackson, his career was just beginning to pick up and now this. he’s married. he’s probably going to be in the freezer for a few years to wash up his cheater image.

  4. TVB New Gens are so trashy and irresponsible. I don’t remember my generation of fa dans and siu sangs enduring big scandals like cheating.

    I mean Sonija Kwok’s relationship with Michael Tao was a blockbuster for gossip, but otherwise TVB’s former pageant winners/fadans were mostly well behaved.

    1. @hazel My thoughts exactly. Honestly I just think it comes with privileged people (“celebrities” in this case) becoming more selfish and only caring about their individual freedom and not thinking about consequences. Depressing

      1. @karina at this point, i am just waiting for more people or exes to come forward to blast more of these celebrity philanderers lol.

    2. @hazel
      Paparazzi wasn’t a thing in the past and the celebs had better connection with the media. They were good friends. Nowadays, celebs could promote themselves without the media’s help so the relationship broke. They were partners before G’s now enemies almost.

      1. @m0m0 Paparazzi has been ubiquitous in HK Media since forever. I’d argue that social media and connections have made it easier to expose cheaters and philanderers.

        Sonija Kwok’s image was tarnished after her relationship with Michael Tao was exposed. The media were ruthless with their reporting and camped out wherever they appeared.

        In Jackson and Ashley’s case, somebody must’ve tipped off the paparazzi of their whereabouts. I have to laugh at reports saying this was some sort of “shocking news” cause they’re C-listers at best. This scandal will blow over in a week or two.

  5. Hmm both sitting back seat eating cake like a candle lit dinner. Just normal friends. Nice explanation Jackson…

  6. Cheating with a B, oh sorry, with a C actress. Really?!?!?!?

    Too bad for him. He will be frozen by TVB. And the C actress? Can’t even remember her name…

    1. @loekie
      Unless the girl is rich and he thinks he can scrounge some money then it’s stupid career suicide. At least Joel fell for a rich high profile girl…

    2. @loekie I don’t even know who she is. haha lol….Him – I recognize from the Airport series which I stopped after 5 episodes. Her – No clue which series she was even in.

  7. Fact: Ashely (33) is rich.
    Fact: Jackson (34) is not.
    Fact: Jackson separated from his wife in March.
    Fact: He was caught in April.
    In NO way am I helping him, but I do believe where he went wrong was entering a new relationship immediately after OR better said, he left his wife for Ashley.
    I think he was simply grateful towards his wife and not in love–how many of you have married your middle school girlfriend or boyfriend? Is there a chance Jackson and Ashley were already all lovey dovey before he separated from his wife? Absolutely!!!!!! Should we feed them to the lions like we did to Jaqueline Wong? I just don’t think they deserve the death penalty and having people blow this out of proportion. PS Jackson was never humble and kinda already showed douchey-ness, his IG is “the.handsome.jacksonlai”

    1. @jesspepperwang i absolutely believe ditching his wife is related to his new beau’s wealth. he hardly knows this new girl and he’s ready to dump the preggo wife of over 15+ years for her? nah fam.

      now I ain’t sayin’ he’s a gold-digger, but he ain’t messin’ with no broke daughter.

      oh well, if he succeeds, at least his future kid’s child support is guaranteed.

    2. @jesspepperwang If he really did leave his wife for Ashley, why has Ashley not made it clear with Brian? It seems that Brian is totally down to support Ashley and are still together.

      If that’s the case, why are they both going back to their relative partners instead of saying that they have divorced.

    1. @m0m0 Exactly.. their birthdays are in early March and late June.. no other holiday approaching/passed too

  8. Total popcorn material. This is the stuff the hk paparazzi live for!! They must have been together for some time to celebrate having cake. Don’t tell me two people each with their respective SOs will go have cake alone in the middle of nowhere.
    Jackson Lai what an absolute a-hole always talking about his wife. Feel bad for Brian

  9. am i the only one that is confused as to….why the heck…. who drives to a secluded area to have a legit whole cake?!?

    i quite enjoy his acting…shame that he’s forever frozen (or atleast for a longggg longggggggg time)…sucks that his costars will have to deal with the consequences too of having their series on the shelf.

  10. I think Jackson is pretty hunky. I can understand why Ashley was attracted to him. Ashley is very pretty both. Both succumbed to the temptation of the flesh! Having cake in the back seat in a secluded area in broad daylight is just the dumbest thing ever. Wanting to divorce his wife so far into her pregnancy is just not something any decent guy would do. Will his career end here? Let’s see…

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