Reel Life Mirrors Real Life for Jackson Lai and Ashley Chu in “Beauty and the Boss”

Since his infidelity scandal with actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢) last year, Mr. Hong Kong Jackson Lai’s (黎振燁) contract was terminated early by TVB, ruining his future as an actor. Beauty And The Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>, which stars both Jackson and Ashley, started airing on December 14, and a recent episode saw Jackson’s onscreen artist character behaving lasciviously, in a reel-life-mirrors-real-life situation.

Jackson’s Character Targets Three Women

In one episode, Jackson targets three different women. He approaches Karlie Chung (鍾晴) as his model for a sketch session. Karlie is seen posing topless and using her hands to shield her chest area, while Jackson’s artist character is seated nearby drawing. Searching for (Jeannie Chan 陳瀅) at her home while drunk at night, he behaves affectionately towards her and closes in with touches and kisses. A later scene shows him on the rooftop, behaving intimately with a different female character.

Ashley in Tough Career Woman Role

On the other hand, Ashley plays a seemingly snobbish and sharp career woman, who has several face-offs with Moses Chan (陳豪) at their corporate workplace.

Just starting to get noticed by viewers in recent years for her roles, Ashley’s relatively memorable onscreen performance in Beauty and the Boss would have aided her rise, but the high-profile cheating scandal left the actress’s image in ruins. While her contract remains, it appears TVB has suspended casting her in future projects indefinitely.


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  1. Omg hahaha I was thinking the same thing when I watched the episode last night. Both of them are pointless in the show especially Ashley’s character who is hella annoying.

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