Jackson Lai is Forgiven by Wife

Getting involved with co-star Ashley Chu (朱智賢) while his wife is currently eight months pregnant, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) received severe backlash for his betrayal. The 34-year-old former Mr. Hong Kong had even allegedly asked his wife for a divorce in March. While Jackson left their home in the heat of an argument earlier, the actor has now made amends with his wife and regrets his mistake.

During the filming of TVB drama Zombie <食腦喪B>, Jackson grew close to Ashley. Two weeks after filming wrapped up, Jackson drove Ashley to a secluded area for a secret date. While the pair was eating cake inside Jackson’s car, the paparazzi walked in on them and exposed their affair.

At today’s press conference, Ashley made it clear that her involvement with Jackson is over. Ashley’s public apology may ease public pressure on the actress, especially since she has already been forgiven by her boyfriend, singer Brian Tse (謝東閔). However, Jackson may have a bumpier road ahead, and it will remain to be seen whether the scandal will cost him his acting career, although he signed a ten-year contract with TVB.

Marriage is Still Intact

Jackson and his wife met in high school, and they have been married for five years and together for a total of fifteen years. She had supported his dream to become an actor, even though there were many obstacles and financial difficulties along the way. Prior to getting involved with Ashley, Jackson had described his wife in an earlier interview, “I’m a very emotional person. She really knows how to handle my emotions. I can’t be without her. I’m truly thankful towards my wife for tolerating me all these years.”

Making amends with his wife, Jackson has already moved back to their apartment in Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate. While TVB management requested her to accompany Jackson at a press conference today, she backed out of the arrangement last minute due to stomach pains. To ensure the baby’s safety, the couple decided to rest at home.

According to a source close to the family, Jackson has reflected on his mistake and promises not to betray his wife’s trust again. The couple also made plans to move to Jackson’s parents’ home after the baby is born, so his wife will receive more help in her postpartum confinement.

Source: On.cc, hket

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Forgive but never forget. She’s only doing this so she doesn’t have to care for the baby alone. Very sad trust will take time to build.

    1. @oligodendrocytes well I’m sure she still can be strong without having her cheating husband around look at Shirley Yeung she raised her daughter alone as a single mother until she met her current husband.

      1. @cutie777
        You can’t really compare Shirley to Jackson’s wife. One was an established actress already with the means to make alot of money. The other is not.

  2. If she wasn’t close to giving birth, I doubt she’ll stay with him after this humiliation. He sounds like an irresponsible jackass.

  3. People don’t forgive that quickly nor do people change or self-reflect that quickly. The former is called saving face and later is called panic.

    Yes, forgive also doesn’t mean forget. You should always forgive because anger burns good energy, but don’t let ***holes have access to you again.

    People do change, but by the time they have changed, so will you. Joel Chan cheated and never went back to his first wife (she probably couldn’t trust him again) after he became a good partner. He married a new one and is a good husband to her now.

  4. ”… TVB management requested her to accompany Jackson at a press conference today,”

    Stupid tvb, why would you want to stress her out at this stage of pregnancy?? You know how the paparazzi would show no mercy.

    1. @charcoalmuffins TVB management obviously doesn’t give a crap about her health condition. All they want is a PR stunt. Nothing surprising from a lousy company that preys on its artistes for decades and paying them peanuts.

  5. For the baby she’s taking him back, Jackson really looks like a coward now for not coming to press conference. Why should his pregnant wife come, she did nothing wrong!

  6. It’s all publicity stunt to save Jackson’s career to put an end to this story. Behind the scene, I highly doubt she has forgiven and will never forget.

  7. His wife should not let the baby take his last name, he doesn’t deserve it

  8. The guy literally left his pregnant wife, we all know his management is the one behind this

  9. I wish Brian and Erin Wong were together they would make such a cute couple

  10. His wife is very cute and looks like a teenager, looks way better than that female dog…. Well, whatever damage control is useless….IF the much bigger star like Andy Hui can be brought down, much more the nobody like them.

  11. She has reasons to forgive him and give the marriage another go….
    Brian on the other hand, does not. It will not surprise me the forgiveness report of Brian and Ashley is just for Press and to salvage small part of her career/reputation.
    If their break up news is release as the dust settled, that will be expected.

    1. @hohliu I am not sure she has a reason to forgive.
      There are two ways to look at this:

      #1 It’s been over 15 years and she’s pregnant so there’s history and a child

      #2 It’s been over 15 years and she’s pregnant and the second he gets a little bit of “fame,” he leaves her when she’s carrying his baby

      At what point do you cut loss? Personally, if someone can do that to me in after 15 years and 8 months of pregnancy, that simply means those 15 years didn’t mean much to them so I might as well raise my child with less heartache

      1. @jesspepperwang i wouldve done the same. Raise my child alone. However, im raised in Europe and have government support. In China and Hongkong, they look down on single mothers. It will be more difficult for them to raise a child alone. Her family may also pressure her into forgiving because of face. A cheating husband is regarded higher than single mothers.

      2. @jesspepperwang

        Totally agree with both of you.

        Cut losses now, before he claims any stake to baby.
        Do not give the baby his last name at all – so NOT worth it.

        Or do this for the TVB gong show – sign on it, to claim maintenance he’s responsible for … and chuck him out.
        Better now, than later again down the road. 负心的人

        Once a cheater, always a cheater.
        How genuinely sincere is he, to head back to her? Forced to come back more likely.

        It’s toxic to herself putting up with it, and toxic for her baby-child growing up, to see such a relationship. between the parents

  12. Called it.

    Cant feel sorry for the victim once they condone affairs. Only have themselves to blame. The cheating will haunt her for the rest of her life but its her choice.

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