One Year After Cheating Scandal, Ashley Chu and Brian Tse Break Up

After Ashley Chu’s (朱智賢) cheating scandal with married actor Jackson Lai (黎振燁) in April 2020, the actress was frozen by TVB and only slowly clawed her way back into the entertainment industry recently. Although Ashley’s boyfriend, actor-singer Brian Tse (謝東閔), readily forgave her at a press conference after the cheating scandal, it is speculated that the two have now parted ways.

At the time, Brian had blamed himself for working too much and neglecting Ashley, which prompted her to go on a secretive date with her co-star, Jackson Lai. “I feel that I’m too inexperienced in acting. I’m not professional enough to withdraw from my character. Thanks to Brian for being by my side at this time. I know he put up with a lot, and felt more hurt than me,” Ashley said.

While the couple tried to patch up their relationship after the scandal, it is said Ashley moved out of Brian’s home three months ago. The last time she was publicly seen together with Brian was at his birthday celebration in December, and the pair is now speculated to have broken up but remained friends.

Resuming work activities this March, Ashley took part in promotions for series Beauty and the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>. Since then, Ashley has been actively accepting job opportunities and focused on rebuilding her career.

Aside from the split, there are rumors of Enson Lau’s (劉頌鵬) active pursuit for Ashley’s affection. Enson, who is a regular on variety program Young and Restless <后生仔倾吓偈>, is said to have paid extra care to Ashley while she was a guest on the show.

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  1. They probably never even got back together; he was just playing the supporting ex role per his own character or TVB’s orders

    1. Exactly, management wanted to save her image and forced Brian to play the part. He’d have to be pretty dumb to forgive and keep dating her….
      Are there even photos of them together since the event??

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