Jackson Lai Doesn’t Know If TVB Will Give Him Another Chance

After his cheating scandal with Ashley Chu (朱智賢) shook the entertainment industry, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) has made amends with his wife. The 34-year-old Mr. Hong Kong winner admits his mistake may cost him his acting career, and is uncertain if TVB will give him any future work.

Wife is Worried About Jackson

Jackson was seen stepping out with his pregnant wife today. When reporters asked Mrs. Lai whether she has forgiven her husband, she nodded, “Anyone would be angry if this happened to them, but taking into consideration our baby and our long history together,” she decided to put the past behind them.

Mrs. Lai didn’t hesitate to put in a good word for Jackson, “I hope the company will look at his efforts over the years, and give him another chance.”

No Longer in Touch with Ashley

In her press conference, Ashley claimed that she got too immersed in her onscreen role in Zombie <食腦喪B>, which prompted her to fall for Jackson. He said, “I believe I can withdraw [from my role], and go back to being my old self from a weeks ago.” Jackson added, “We weren’t together for too long.”

No longer in contact with Ashley since the paparazzi walked in on their secret date, Jackson feels confident that he will be able to forget her. “I’m wrong, and I shouldn’t give myself any excuses. The most important thing now is to make sure my wife’s emotional state and health are good.”

Asked whether he has been able to gain back his wife’s trust, Jackson said, “To be honest, can we act like nothing happened after only two to three days? We can’t just pretend it didn’t happen. I will give my wife some time to fully digest this incident before completely forgiving me.”

As to whether he has promised never to stray again in their marriage, Jackson said, “It’s not just a verbal promise; I have to use my actions to prove to my wife. Sometimes, making such a mistake once in a lifetime is enough. One time is already too much.”

With the couple expecting their son’s arrival in May, Jackson hopes the media will not target his wife because of his scandal. “My problems shouldn’t involve my wife. Everyone, please don’t bother my wife. Give her some space as she is ready to give birth soon.”

Ready to Disappear from TV Screens

It has been rumored that despite his ten-year contract and rising recognition levels after OMG You Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> and Airport Strikers <機場特警>, TVB is ready to “freeze” Jackson long-term due to his negative image. Admitting that TVB had arranged for him to attend a press conference yesterday, he could not attend because of his wife’s sudden stomach pains.

Ready to deal with the aftermath, Jackson said, “I think I may not have the chance to appear onscreen anymore. With my son’s birth, I can’t stop working though. Even if it’s physically exerting work, I don’t mind. Even if the company gives up on me, I can’t give up on myself.”


Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Honestly what an a-hole. His wife got unnecessary bothered by the reporters I feel so sorry for her. He’s no Hugo and shouldn’t expect a second chance after playing the good husband card his whole career. Look at Jack Hui. He won Mr HK too and he worked hard to get bigger roles. This guy throws it away with another actress wannabe. Sorry but no one wants to see him again knowing his whole good guy image was a facade.

    1. @bubbles23 I don’t understand why and how Hugo Wong got a comeback. Can anyone explain why tvb have him another chance?

      1. @meilin tbf his scandal wasn’t a huge issue because he just had consensual relationship with his fan. IIRC he was harassing other people for sexual favours but tvb just froze him for a while and he came back. He didn’t cheat and never had the good guy image anyways. Also probably cause tvb is lacking male actors so they let him come back lol

    1. @jcc10 maybe they might have to reshoot them again so they can change the actor just like they did to forensic heroes 4?

      1. @cutie777 omg please don’t reshoot lol if they always reshoot because of a person’s mistake, it’d be a waste of time + $$. Maybe shelve the drama until everything is chill, since Jackson can’t be the main character, so what’s the big deal if he’s in the drama?

      2. @mi520 well these days you know how tvb is. They like to waste time and money for sure for example every time there’s a new drama comes out and already started to talked about having a sequel no matter it’s going to be good or boring I mean if it’s good then sure give a shot about having a sequel but if boring having a sequel? That’s crazy for sure.

      3. @cutie777 I doubt they’d reshoot. They only reshot scenes in FH4 because it was big production and was released in China too. This drama would surely be shelved.

  2. Well, was their affair stopped early right before any sexual/physical involvement? This seems to be an emotional affair, as they were getting to know each other and eating cake like friends.

    Whereas Andy/Jacqueline’s affair was more physical. Does anyone know if Andy/Jacqueline did more than just the fondling/kissing in the car, as in do you think they had sex?

  3. Honestly both the wife and this guy look bad. What kind of woman with self respect would take back a man who was cheating on her while 8 months pregnant? She should have cut her losses and raised the baby alone.

    This Jackson guy is real scum for cheating and he barely had a career to start off with anyways so bye bye

    1. @karina Agree that cutting losses could be a solution; however, being pregnant and all, she probably needs someone by her side, and that makes sense. I don’t see her as a woman who lacks self-respect. Despite the footage, this forgiveness appeared to be a temporary answer so the paparazzi can receive a reply. She sounded pretty pissed still, so who knows? Maybe when everything is settled, breakup announcements would be made.

  4. Cheaters repeat, not repent so I don’t believe his sincerity. If they were not caught red-handed and fear of losing their careers, the relationship would have continued even if it means hurting others. So the wife should really wake up, this douchebag didn’t return because of her or their unborn child but because of his career and maybe that cheapskate homewrecker cut their relationship. He only loves himself.
    While I don’t agree with her decision, her actions are predictable because of what she said – their unborn child and the years of being together. And maybe she tried to convince herself that he didn’t slept with that cheapskate homewrecker (maybe that’s how he tells his story, be it true or otherwise). That’s how some wives tried to talk themselves out that the cheating is “less” cheating. However, cheating in any shape and form is still cheating.

  5. He will probably divorce his wife before he goes into another relationship. Therefore he won’t be cheating anymore. Sucks to be his kid… what a crappy way to be welcomed into world.

    And also, had Jackson succeeded with cheating, he would’ve had a very wealthy GF to insure his future. He’s not dumb, but he definitely was gambling on high stakes. And as with all gambling, house usually wins.

  6. Feel sorry for the wife to put up with all these whilst heavily pregnant….and all the lies!!

    Once a cheater…..hmm so we’ll see how their marriage will pan out with the extra stress of the upbringing of their child and minus income.

  7. I really feel sad for the missus…about to give birth and husband had affair. after delivery, staying at in-laws’ place. it’s going to be hard to forget what he had done.

  8. She did a really good job in that clip staying calm and collected. The key message from her was her plea to TVB to have regard to her husband’s contribution over the years and give him a second chance. My guess is TVB will shelf Jackson otherwise they will be criticised for condoning inappropriate behaviour. He can do modelling (which was what he did in the past), be a personal trainer etc.

  9. What a joke, he better not have another chance. If he really cared about his baby and wife he would not have cheated!

  10. He need to help himself for people or even tvb to help him right.. Helping himself not to make silly mistakes so that tvb give him chance to perform..

  11. He really screwed up. I read somewhere that he has a 10-year contract with TVB. Either they terminate it for cause (assuming that such behaviour is a ground for termination) without having to pay damages for breach of contract or let it run its course but not give him work. He seems pretty screwed either way…

  12. Good Riddance, honestly. Sorry for the wife, hope she’s making the right decision staying with him.

  13. I’m honestly pretty surprised by the people in here comparing the actions of Hugo and Jackson Lai and making some sort of false equivalency. Make no mistake, what Hugo, Jackson and Show Luo did are all on some levels of despicable and dishonorable. Hugo –
    allegedly caused an abortion. Jackson cheated on his wife. Show cheated on his 9 yrs GF. There are degrees in severity of nastiness, but none of them are good men.

    If you dislike cheating or disrespectful people in general, then you will find all of them unlikeable in that aspect. It has marred ALL of them.

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