Hugo Wong Attracted to Wide Variety of Women

Many are speculating that TVB actor Hugo Wong‘s (黃子恆) career may be over after he admitted to sleeping with his fanHis suggestive text requests to singer, TikChi (迪子) also hint at a promiscuous lifestyle which have disappointed TVB management, who allegedly will not be giving him new work. Many wondered why Hugo wasn’t more discrete in his love life, and instead risked his acting career which took 19 years to build up to his current status. The truth is, Hugo has always been attracted to a wide variety of women and aggressively pursued his targets.

At the age of 17, Hugo entered TVB’s acting class and played many minor roles before receiving increasing screen time four years ago. Despite his meager salary for many years, he lives in a luxurious apartment and dresses in stylish clothes. His mother is a successful feng shui master and owns several properties, thus Hugo didn’t have to worry about providing for his family.

Working at TVB, Hugo was partnered with many beautiful actresses who evidently attracted his interest. In 2014, he set his sights on Ali Lee while filming Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk <Sunday扮嘢王>. The pair were photographed having a candlelit dinner in Sai Kung, and tabloids claimed that they dated for six months before Ali was unable to withstand Hugo’s flirtatious ways. But Ali denied the relationship, claiming she only went out with Hugo because he had a lot of acting experience to share.

In 2015, after filming My Spiritual Ex-Lover <倩女喜相逢> and Angel in the Making <實習天使>, Hugo and Jinny Ng (吳若希) in grew close. Jinny was even spotted picking up Hugo after work and driving to the Stanley district for dinner. Hugo praised that Jinny was a wonderful person and didn’t deny they would have opportunity to advance further, but Jinny replied, “Just had dinner with a friend, nothing special. We’ve known each other for many years and he’s like a big brother.”

In 2016, Hugo had an affair with married woman, Hiromi Wada (裕美). She was photographed airing her bra in Hugo’s balcony at home. Afterward, Hugo claimed he didn’t know Hiromi was not officially divorced yet when they got involved. Although they eventually split after six months, Hugo almost risked his career due to the bad press he received from the affair.

That same year, Hugo fell for co-star Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) after filming Recipes to Live By <味想天開>. During filming, Hugo and Rebecca grew very close and would play badminton together. The were even photographed having a three-hour dinner together at a hotel. Many were surprised that Hugo was bold enough to pursue Rebecca, whose admirers include TVB Chairman Charles Chan (陳國強). At the time, Hugo seemed disappointed that his date with Rebecca was interrupted by the paparazzi.

While filming OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>, Hugo got along very well with Louisa Mak (麥明詩). Aside from portraying an onscreen couple, they also had good chemistry together off screen as well.

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  1. What’s wrong with a unmarried man being attracted to a variety of woman? It’s not like he’s married or he assaulted any of them. They are all of age women that are able to make their own decision, which is to go out with him or not. I don’t really see this as a problem at all, the media is so nasty. I’m not a fan or his, but it’s honestly sad for him to work 19 years in an industry and finally when he’s able to make a name for himself, some bitter ex comes out to bite him in the ass. I honestly don’t understand what mistake he made… the pregnant thing is unconfirmed plus he admitted to sleeping with her, big deal! Everyone sleeps around, welcome to 2018!
    This guy is an actor, he can act and that’s all I look for.

    1. @citygal Ya. He just slept with a groupie. He’ll learn not to text message anymore, the crazies are out to get him. No comment on the pregnancy until more proof is provided.

    2. @citygal

      Well, tvb are raising good boy images and false reality with their miracles and happy endings. House wives, their main target audience would turn off the tv if they see a fake good boy like him. Very brutal. Also, he tries to drag married women or women in relationships to commit adultery. He knows the consequences as an actor and love the thrive and tension of not being caught by an ex, paparazzi, as well as possessive nature of stealing something that’s not his. I mean even Disney fired multiple people for anti pc/liberal tweet like James Gunn. Their theme park attracted less people to Gotg exhibit because of this as well. Kevin hart lost his Oscar host gig for jokes made years ago online. It gotten worse unless you’re not a super big shot.

      Double standards? If this was Eric tsang, wong jing, or Jackie chan again, it’ll be hell for them. Hk are jealous hypocrite and pretentious religious prude. Girls associated with him Are better playing the victim and gender card than be label as human toilet and other profanity foul nick names used by their netizen and news outlet. The women aren’t pseudo models that thrived on the thirst of middle age or teens donating money to see them dress provocatively and act promiscuously, so that’s a point to their defense. It’s still not okay for this scumbag to go around asking for quick and pity sex because he got the money. Not to mention married women. Honestly, tvb guys are probably cheering for him before this. Also, with recent drug, tax, sex scandals from A listers along with the mimics of Weinstein or cosby like sexual harrassment allegations movement, this D list prick will be forgotten and forgiven very quickly. With the age of Internet today constantly exposing the true, people just take it as normal like the crimes and sins of Donald Trump.

  2. he must have stepped onto some big-shot’s toes with connections to the media. that person must hold some serious grudge against hugo….

  3. He’s only interested in getting into their pants, however their personalities is not a concern for him as he would move on the second he achieves his goal >_>

  4. @littlefish

    You’re pretending like women don’t sleep around for the joy of s*x. This male blaming, female victimization thought needs to stop.

    1. @anon lol I’m not pretending. I’m saying the fact? If it was an actress with such an article’s name, I would say the same? The article is saying he’s attract to a variety of actress, and if one, disregarding of their sex, likes to sleep around, it’s not because of the personalities of the opposite sex that they are attracted to xD you need to get off your all high and mighty moral chair xD

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