Text Messages Revealed: How Hugo Wong Tried to Bed TikChi

TVB actor, Hugo Wong (黃子恆), is an experienced flirt. Admitting to sleeping with a Mainland Chinese fan in their second meeting, the OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> star apparently likes to use text messages to set up hookups. Hong Kong singer, TikChi (迪子), revealed that Hugo had texted her four times while trying to bed her.

After getting involved with married woman, Hiromi Wada (裕美), and later breaking up with her, Hugo set his sights on having a fling with long-time friend, TikChi, whom he has known for over 10 years. At the time, TikChi had just released her music video, which had a S&M feel and showcased her  voluptuous figure.

The following text messages were confirmed to have originated from Hugo’s cell phone number:

Invites TikChi to Go to Hotel in October 2016

Hugo: “Let’s celebrate the holiday, and find a place to have a human-devil battle.”

TikChi: “Where do you want to go?”

Hugo: “Do you have any suggestion?”

TikChi: “No, my brain is not functioning.”

Hugo: “Actually the hotel rates now are pretty cheap. But I’m afraid that if I go out so late at night, they’ll ask for ID.”

TikChi: “But I’m not interested in  a SP [sex partner] relationship.”

Hugo: “I understand, so let’s wait and see what happens later…. I can go now. I’ll be outside your home in 45 minutes.”

TikChi: “What? You’re coming over?”

Hugo: “To pick you up.”

TikChi: “I’m not going to the hotel with you.”

Hugo Wants TikChi’s “Services” 

TikChi was surprised by Hugo’s invitation since they have known each other for so many years. She even wondered if he was joking, but in another conversation, Hugo invited TikChi to go to his home to provide “services” in February 2017.

Hugo: “As for ‘services’, they’re not just something you provide for me. It’s also about communication. You’re good; I’m good. We’re both good.”

TikChi: “I don’t need it. I only service my boyfriend.”

Hugo: “I don’t need service. I only need communication, in which we can tightly hug [each other].”

TikChi: “Your highness only needs one boyfriend.”

Hugo: “But I don’t need a girlfriend.”

TikChi: “That’s why I’m not suitable for you. Best that you go find someone’s wife,” referring to Hiromi Wada.

Hugo: “F**k u, bye.”

Wants TikChi to Drink with Him at Home

Although Hugo’s attempts at bedding TikChi failed, he didn’t give up. In December 2017, he texted her again:

Hugo: “It’s so boring. Come over to drink.”

TikChi: “Where?”

Hugo: “My place.”

TikChi: “No, if you want to drink, let’s go outside. Also my tooth is not done yet, so I can’t drink.”

Hugo: “You know it’s troublesome for me to go outside.”

TikChi: “What? How troublesome is it?”

Hugo: “If I go outside to drink and get photographed, they’ll say I’m picking up girls again.”

TikChi: “If I go to your place, that’ll attract even more suspicion. No.”

Hugo: “We won’t get photographed by anyone. Alright…”

Making Music Together

Hugo still didn’t give up and texted her in January 2018 using a different tactic.

Hugo: “I have an idea. Concept: let’s sing live. [Big Big Channel] allows guests, but need you to sing and play music at the same time. I can only sing but not play music. It opens a few channels at the same time. Are you interested? The place is my home. Hope it can feel like a cafe show.”

TikChi: “Only you and me?”

Hugo: “Headline act. Two people…if one hour is too long, we can make it 45 minutes. Of course, we can also chat. Or we can also have a guest, that’s why I’m asking for your opinion.”

TikChi: “Hey, you have a keyboard by the edge of your bed. That’s strange.” After pointing this out, TikChi still refused to go over to Hugo’s home and the 36-year-old actor stopped contacting her since their last exchange.

Confirming the incidents, TikChi spoke with the press today and said that Hugo is not a man and doesn’t even have basic respect towards other people.

Hugo’s Response

When the press reached out to Hugo for his response over his texts to TikChi, he said, “My company didn’t have any instructions yet, so I can’t do anything. Thank you.”



Sources: Nextmedia; HK01, HK01

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com and was last updated on December 6, 2018 at 11:13 a.m.

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  1. Not the first time this guy has been exposed for pestering women with messages for sex. Married actress, fan and then trying to bag a singer. It’s amazing that it hasn’t affected his career. His acting has been improving recently though…

  2. Woah this is pretty damning. His career is ova. It’s one thing if it’s just speculation or maybe consensual s3x, but this is solid proof of his wandering & immoral ways. TVB won’t keep him.

    1. @coralie Yup, he’s done…TVB already confirmed that after he finishes filming his current series, they will “not be arranging any more work for him” (aka he’s going into the freezer…). This is actually one of the few times where I agree with TVB’s actions, lol!

  3. Wang Bao Qing got new movie come out at out came news about him hitting his ex. Now, Hugo’s star his rising and out came this news. Last year, Vincent Wong became popular and out came news of his infidelity. Actors who want to make it big better be careful of your conduct or this dirt will come back to bite you.

    1. @kidd Woah! WHAT!! Vincent wong cheated on yoyo chen??? how!?! whats the point of cheating when your wife is already so pretty!!!

  4. YOur going down the drain dude!!! ITs good that they exposed his nasty antics never liked him from the start he dont even catergorize as being handsome well at least on my point of view and girls go gaga over him dont know what they see

    1. @jcc10
      yeah, me too. i thought he was pretty hot but then all this negative news. i guess what people say is right, showbiz is probably full of people like him.

  5. It’s just men being men. Though I agree that hitting on married women are off limits. Everything else is fair game.

  6. Dudes are just thirsty. IRL, I’ve met my fair share of them who don’t understand boundaries. That makes me respect them way less than if they had just kept a respectful distance.

  7. All he did is have sex with a groupie really… Can’t comment on whether the baby is his or not. But she really took down his career.

  8. I bet lots of stars gets such texts all the time from different interested parties. If they publish a book on it, it will be in volumes.

  9. Wow.. he sounds like another Edison Chen. He does have the look and he may be a good actor but the way he ruined himself like that not sure how long he still can kept his job.

  10. He somewhat good looking and thinks he can sleep with whoever he wants. TVB should fire him on the spot for all these past and current behavior.

  11. There are so many men like him in and away from the industry. The only difference is that he got caught and others have not.

  12. This is tragic. He’s in TVB for so long. From being a cameo to a now supporting actor. He’s got good looks, some acting, and opportunities. If all these are true, I don’t know what he is thinking lool Does he believe that he won’t be exposed by treating these girls in this way?
    I’m actually disappointed in him. -________-

  13. Sigh why are all the newer handsome actors such perverts. Frist Nathan Ngai and now him. Disappointed. You’re done Hugo.

  14. She rejected him a few times, and he never gave up. She is not someone far away too but his long time friend. I doubt he didn’t do this only a few times. He must have done this so many times already.

  15. His tvb career is over they will probably freeze him and cut off most of his scenes from the current drama he is filming.

  16. Stop beating around the bush and being nice to him, Tiktok should of block his butt, if she was really annoyed. Seriously I block men all the time. Some people don’t get it until you BLOCK them.

  17. He should be very careful not to mess with the wrong person. I knew a coworker name Ben, who had similar personality like him. One day the HR at work wants us to donate money to buy flower for Ben because he was in the hospital recovering from an assault at a party. A group of men broke his arms and legs and Ben ends up in a wheelchair. He never return to work, don’t know what happend to him. Moral of the story is no one is invincible.

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