Hugo Wong Diagnosed with Panic Disorder

On August 12, Hugo Wong (黃子恆) announced on Instagram that he saw red flags in his health lately. After sharing his story regarding his brush with death, where he couldn’t breathe while sleeping, many netizens speculated that he was infected with a strange disease. Today, Hugo attended the promotional event of the new TVB drama, Justice Bao: The First Year <包青天再起風雲>, and accepted an interview to delve into the details of his illness.

The actor explained he was diagnosed with panic disorder. “Beginning around February or March, I often got dizzy and even fainted. But I didn’t specially treat it at that time because I was fine the next day,” Hugo revealed.

It was only when he was sent to the emergency room after struggling to breathe at night that he finally saw a doctor for his condition. The doctor told Hugo that what he has is not a virus, but a panic disorder. Thus, Hugo is still taking sedatives to control his disorder. “At the beginning, the doctors gave me strong medication that made concentrating and memorizing difficult, but I still had to take them. Later on, I asked the doctor to prescribe me something that wasn’t as strong.”

Although Hugo faced side effects after taking the medicine, he still insisted on going to work. “My condition will worsen if I don’t work. I can see more people at work, and I can also invest in my role to forget reality. I am evading reality, but it can’t be helped,” he expressed.

Hugo believes immense pressure caused his panic disorder, but he said, “The first thing is to acknowledge the areas that need improvement. You must know what the problem is to improve.”

Source: HK01

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  1. then i think u should rest instead of working i mean come on ……..working in the entertainment doesnt that make it worst with mixed emotions u have to play in a character??? i dont see how will it helpwith the panic disorder you have!!!!

    This guy is working so hard to build his fame back up he’ll do anything there a chinese saying very thick skin on his face!!!

  2. his role in justice bao is just like his real person – disposed his family for another woman and fame/money.

  3. Chan Sai Mei is already the douchebag of all douchebags but kudos to Justice Bao The First Year which manages to make the king douchebag as the immortal douchebag that when I see Hugo, I see douchebag and that is in reference to his role, not his personal life. I quite enjoy the series even if the stories are hampered by terrible awful unforgivable bad editing that made the series choppy. I read in another article that people complain it feels dated? I quite like the dated feeling of it. Nostalgic in a way. And Shaun Tam is in fine form even if his Justice Bao needs to relax his errmmm.. behind more. He makes justice bao quite attractive in a way.

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